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  1. Brenda, I’m hoping all goes very well tomorrow with your appt. to see your ankle doctor. I think you’ve made it through the worst part of the repair and healing process and hopefully progress will be forthcoming. I’m imagining your mobility increasing greatly in the next few weeks. Best of luck. I’ll be thinking about you and sending hugs and healing energy.

  2. Sending you all good wishes for tomorrow’s appointment! I sure hope that cast can come off and that all is doing just what it should be.
    My kitty Max spends a lot of time close by like Ivy does. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

  3. Wishing you good news from your Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I know you are chomping at the bit to get into the patio but please be careful. A wilting plant is not worth a fall. I am glad you have your family and neighbors to help you out. Have a nice evening.

  4. Please pay attention to your cast feeling tight. Could be an indication of swelling. I ignored that sign when I had an ankle cast on as no one had told me it could mean you have a blood clot. Which I did. Was the most terrible pain I’ve ever experienced. Just a friendly warning. Take care!

  5. Hope all goes well at your doctor appointment tomorrow and that you get the cast off. I’m sure you’re going stir crazy. And casts are so uncomfortable.

    It’s been a beautiful summer here in IL so far, not too much extreme heat and humidity, but it’s coming back this weekend and then we’ll be back into the 90’s and humid. I dread it. I don’t mind the 80’s, but the 90’s, especially when so humid, is awful. I shouldn’t complain though – I’ll take this kind of weather over winter anytime!

  6. Best of 😊 Brenda for tomorrow’s 1st doctor’s appointment!
    I’d imagine things will be fine!!
    Of course, even though you love your new place ,,,,,, you are very antsy being in that apartment so long. Easy to understand.
    Soon you shall have freedom!!!
    We are all anxious to learn the results!!
    Have a nice, cool 😎 day!
    It’s terribly hot everywhere.
    Here in Illinois for sure.
    We do our best to 🏡 stay inside.
    Keeping calm and carrying 😌 on!!!
    Take care ❤️ Brenda AND be very careful.

  7. Girl!!!!!!!!! Could you imagine being back at your old apartment now? All the disastrous things that happened there? From lack of management, to tree roots, to mice and collapsing fencing, whatever. I know you liked your patio, but I feel looking back like it was jail or something!

    I’m SO glad Ivy is happier with things to occupy her curiosity, and you have good neighbors and people to interest you (as much as you’d like or not like). You were worried about people being so noisy in a shared building etc. but it’s been ok! I rather like you are making the garden area better slowly, with a walk way and design. Ivy is curious about her surroundings and watching, and you’re curious about your surroundings too.
    I’m glad you’re seeing your girls and grandchildren.

    SO much is SO pleasant right now, and there is hope for the ankle. Who knows where that journey ends now, but there is HOPE!
    All was unknown a year ago, and now you know and it’s all ok! You and Ivy will BE ok there.

    Sending so much love always,


  8. Good luck on your dr’s appt tomorrow Brenda! I hope everything goes well and your cast comes off!

    I’m so happy that Ron is getting better after having pneumonia! That’s what he needed being home with Pat, fresh air and being around all his surroundings and friends!

  9. It has been very HOT this year here in North Texas. We have at least two or three maybe six of over a hundred. Now it is ninety one and feels like one hundred two. It may be one hundred four later this afternoon. The power company is asking us to conserve energy. I have the thermostat set at seventy seventy and use a ceiling fan and my Dyson oscillating fan. I stay in my smallest bedroom on the north east side of my house. There is one window in this room.
    It will be good to hear what your doctor says.
    You have made lots of progress. Just think you ankle and foot have, too.

  10. Am sending positive thought waves into the Universe about your doctors’ visit and outcome tomorrow. I checked the weather in your area out of curiosity. It is HOT in your area today, it looks like your high may be 99 or higher, and 60% humidity, and the Heat Index above 100. There is a heat advisory and judging from the predicted temperatures for the rest of the week that heat advisory won’t be going away any time soon. The dew point, which is what makes the heat and humidity feel even worse, is at 71! That’s in the “tropical/miserable” range, when you sweat and it doesn’t dry off even in a breeze. But as a fellow gardener/lover of my home, yard and wild critters, I understand wanting/needing to go out in heat stroke weather and checking the welfare of your annuals and perennials, watering where needed, and if you have a bird bath, keeping it supplied with fresh clean water for the birds and squirrels. During the recent mini-drought for 3 weeks here, I put extra plastic containers of water out around the back yard for the critters and refilled them every morning because the critters came at sunset and after to drink, bird baths refilled at least 2x a day during that period.

    1. Jan, I am so glad to read that you are putting water out for the critters. The high heat is very hard on them too. I’m keeping my birdbath filled with fresh water and also have a weighted pet bowl on the ground with water for the squirrels.

      Brenda, I’m sending good thoughts your way for a good report from the dictor tomorrow.

  11. Hopefully tomorrow you and your cast will part never more to be together again!! The rubbing must be very irritating.

    I have started rooting five stalks of the sedum autumn joy for you. They will take awhile to get good roots and then will mail them to you! By then you should be up and about and be able to tend to them. I’m anxious to hear how your plants are. I know with the heat this year I’m having to water my crepe myrtle trees I had planted last fall every other day or their leaves get very sad. And this week will
    be a hot one for us.

  12. Good luck tomorrow and we will be here to hear the outcome. It’s good your car was started as it sat for awhile and needed to be run. Smart kids you have!

  13. I, too, am praying for good results at your doctor’s appointment tomorrow.
    I know you’re very anxious to be able to move about and enjoy what you’ve been missing.
    Have a wonderful day.

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