My Fall Decorating Is Done

My fall decorating is done. It came about in fits and starts. But finally I got in the spirit and got it accomplished.

My fall decorating has been waiting in two boxes in the wicker chairs for days. I would start and stop. Put something up then and take down. I just wasn’t in the mood I guess. 

But after I piddled with graphics that I bought on Etsy (they’re cheap and fun!) the other day and ended up with a fall banner, I knew the decor had to come next. 

I love how the mirrors always seem to reflect the quilts on this wall. But then how could they not, when the quilt show clearly came to town in a big way? I look at it as good insulation for my walls.

This morning I guess I was in the mood, for I got it together. Edited, added, edited. There’s not a lot of places to put things.

So you have to edit or you won’t see anything for the cumulative affect of trying to get everything into play.

I figured out pretty quickly that I was not going to actually be able to get everything put out. So I put some of my fall decor back in the boxes and back to the dark closet they went.

As it is, you can see that I did get a lot in. Don’t I always? Some call it clutter and some call it art. Sometimes I call it both.

I didn’t really put anything fallish per se in this tiny little area. Here it’s all about the coffee.

But I did find some of the hooks that go to the potting bench and put up a wicker basket filled with cloth napkins.

Nothing speaking of fall in the dining room either. I did locate the runner a wonderful friend sent me and added it to my table though.

This area is so hard to take photos in. One of these days maybe I will get a wide angle lens.

I can’t do a post involving the living room without revealing my symbolic gallery wall that means so much to me.


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  1. I never get tired of seeing your pictures and the addition of Fall dΓ©cor makes it even lovelier! Fall is my favorite season.

  2. I'm loving everything on that first pic, can't you just throw a cloth over those boxes and use them as a kind of a plinth?? Personally I don't do any kind of seasonal decorating, not even for Christmas, but I do like to see what you do πŸ™‚

  3. Awwwwwwww… This friend is glad her wonderful friend loves the runner! πŸ˜€

    That first vignette knocked my socks off! Adore it! Those sheep in the truck! So cute!

    Everything looks great, Brenda.

    I love seeing you enjoying your new nest…


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  4. Your knack to combine objects and color is a real gift! You could make loads of $$ going into homes, going through their stuff, and do what you do! Cozy, warm, and it just invokes happiness.

  5. I love your decorating. Love the blue pumpkins. I have allowed myself one new pumpkin each year for a few years now…getting quite a few…haha! Adore the little truck & sheep. I have a small radio flyer wagon and a miniature wheel barrow that I use to set a mood in the fall. What jumped out at me was the white sewing machine drawer on little bun feet. I have collected drawers for years and use them many ways and places. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  6. Gosh, your decorating just keeps getting better and better. You could have your own brand. The mix of modern and vintage is done perfectly. Abi, with one ear up and one ear down, could have been a star in "The Little Rascals", just like Petey.

  7. Your home looks lovely with all your touches, Fall and non-Fall! You make everything look so inviting, "Welcome to Brenda's world." Love the coffee filters in the coffee tin too. The other day, I notice some vintage tins I had put away in a cabinet. I got out the Nabisco Saltine Crackers tin and put my Nabisco Saltine Crackers in it and then I thought, "duh!" So then I got out the Gold Medal Flour tin and guess what I put in it? Lol. Sometimes it takes me a few years to figure things out! Sometimes I never do!

    I have not decorated for Fall yet but I have noticed that everyone in blogland seems to be of the same opinion this year, less is best. I'm all for that.

  8. Love your decorations and your new blog banner. I won't be doing fall decor until later in September. Here in Toronto, it seems summer has just arrived! A cool rainy summer and now the weather is perfect!

  9. Love your decorations. I won't decorate till October. For me that is when fall starts and the weather cools down. Although I have started cooking more, which is wierd for me considering I live by myself like you. I just have one BIG dog not two small ones.

  10. Everything looks gorgeous, Brenda! I love that blue pumpkin. I may spray paint my faux one! I don't go crazy with fall, you have to sort of rest your eyes on something to see it around here. And that's only because I don't have a lot of "surfaces". I may fiddle with the mantel. I did a beachy theme for summer and that looks totally out of place right now.

    Love that Abi!!

    Jane xx

  11. I've always loved the pumpkin you have that has the little houses painted on it. It looks like the Warren Kimble prints I have in my living room. I got some of my fall things up too, but it has to be simple this year with new kittens in the house. Everything becomes a toy!

  12. Love Abbi's ears. So funny.
    Not decorated here yet. Trying to decide what to do With the house on the market I won't do Halloween til the week of. I have lots of pumpkins so I think I will just use those and some blue canning jars with candles. Blue/orange, we'll see. It has to be neutral.
    Yours on the other hand, looks perfect as usual. Love just the subtle touches. I love the gallery wall.
    You always amaze me with your decorating.

  13. I love your home and what you've done with it! When I enter a room that is sterile and cold with no signs of it being a home, it makes me uncomfortable and I want to run as fast as I can. Yours – I want to look about, enjoy and have a cup of coffee! I have the same little "house" sugar container! I LOVE the quilts on the wall…brings back so many memories of home and Mama quilting on the big "saw horses" in the living room early each morning. Happy Fall, Brenda!

    Blessings to you!

    1. I use to sit with a group of women at a church in New Braunfels, TX around a quilt frame set up (blocking on the word) and we'd all of us, a group of about 8, quilt away the afternoon.

  14. My house is not yet decorated for fall, but the gnomes have in my miniature garden have set out their pumpkins and even put out the cauldron with the witches feet sticking out, in front of their little cottage!

  15. Abi's ears always make me smile. One up and one down is just too darn cute!

    It's always challenging taking a picture of something in front of a window in daytime. Try putting the blinds down all the way and maybe slowing down your shutter speed and/or cranking up your iso a tad.

    I just posted about a console I painted that's pretty much the same color as your dresser. It too was hard to photograph being in a narrow hallway and near harsh light to one side. A wide angle lens would be nice!

    1. Sorry, I don't know diddly about shutter speed or iso. Not in my vocabulary. I just put it on Automatic, turn off Flash, and shoot.

  16. Everything is beautiful Brenda.. You're ready for fall and cooler temperatures..

    I was wondering how your green buffet would look/fit under your gallery wall. I see a picture with a green vase full of flowers that looks like it is the same color as your buffet.. I think maybe the light from the window does not do the beautiful color justice. Just a thought/suggestion. Strictly your decision.

    I love your blue pumpkins and the little sheep in your red truck.. The area with your washboard and plants is lovely. The way you've put tea cups in various places looks like you've had company or are planning to. Sooo cozy and inviting.. The white pumpkin with the saltbox houses is adorable.. I'd love to find one like it..

    I found a red truck on QVC.. It's not antique like yours but I doubt that I would find one any where else.. I think I'm going to put a cow and some small bales of straw in mine.. I have a little scarecrow sitting next to the back wheel.

    My decorating is finished.. I have placed and moved. Looked again and did some more placing and moving and changing. THEN, my sweet son comes in and says that he'd be happy with just a centerpiece on the kitchen table.. What's a mother to do ? I enjoyed putting my fall/Halloween things out and I consider that I did it for ME. Don't plan to do as much next year, but then again, I always say that.. Don't know how much I'll do in the way of decorating for Christmas.

    It's always cute to see Miss Abigail Rose Kula posing for a picture.. She's the star of the show !

    We are being blessed with cooler weather and lower gas prices in our area..
    I'm wishing for the same blessings for you !.

  17. It all came together so well! It takes talent to bring it all together, not just anyone can. I haven't done any fall decorating yet. I may have hints of it in my upcoming posts but really it is just too hot to feel fallish. Is that a word?

    1. I love it too. Every woman should have her own room. And every woman should have her very own symbolic gallery wall. Good for the soul.

  18. No decorating here. I dare say, I probably couldn't get to the tub, with all my fall decor, without completely emptying my shed. I just don't have the energy for that so I guess my sunflowers will have to suffice. I keep those out year 'round so unless I manage to make a penny rug or two, there will be nothing new for me.

    Grace & Peace.

    1. Well, who wants to empty a shed to get to the goodies? Better find a better spot. Mine was bad enough to get to up on the closet shelves.

  19. Brenda I love your house. I say I will do simple but we just go crazy every time but of course you know I have lots of help with the hubby. Wish we were neighbors so I could come over for a cuppa. I'll being the sweets I promise.

  20. It all looks so crisp and clean and cozy too. I love how you always have the most creative decor no matter what space you are in that makes us feel like we could just sit right down and have a chat over a cuppa. πŸ™‚ Happy almost Fall!

  21. Brenda you fall decor is so warm and perfect for your little space. I'm also finding I have fewer places to display things and so I'm editing items each time I open a new bin for holidays or seasons. The less is more attitude I'm trying to adopt! Your wall with the sign 'Simplify' keeps jumping out at me! I think I need a sign here to remind me of the same thing!

  22. I have not decorated for fall just yet. Closer to the end of Sept. I will bring all the goodies out.
    I guess I am just not in the mood to celebrate the change until the A/C is turned off permanently.

  23. you always make your home pretty and cozy.. I hope it makes you feel as good as it make me just to look at it…

    no fall yet, heck no decorating of any kind and I've been here 9 months.. everything is in storage containers out in the garage . If I dont do something decor wise with it soon, I just need to get rid of it.
    its sorta sad having this amazing home and not doing a thing with it.. I keep saying "I'll do it, tommorrow" but then I dont.. hoping my decorating mojo isnt gone for good..

  24. I just finished a fall wreath I sewed and worked a little on my mantel. I love how you "fallabfied"your home. I got to tell you if you ever tired of the gorgeous rose picture at the top of your symbolic wall…please, please send it my way! I've got to finish up some canning and head back to the mantle!

  25. Your everyday color scheme lends itself well to the colors of Fall. I haven't started decorating for Fall yet because it just doesn't feel like the season here yet. It has been SO hot! I will wait for it to get a little cooler before I add any pumpkins or wheat stalks.

  26. I will wait til almost October and then put out my Target/Walmart fall decorations. It's not much, a few faux pumpkins etc. but it goes on the mantle and that's about it. Except for a small flag and wreath outside to let the kiddies know that our house gives out candy on Halloween.

  27. We just finished ours and the empty plastic tubs are back in the attic. Whew, How I wish that attic was easier to get to. I am grateful for the large storage space but wish we had a real staircase instead of that scary pull down ladder. Thehubs gets so excited when the outdoor lights are finished and we light up our neighborhood! Sometimes I wonder if the astronauts in the space station can see us!

  28. As far as your green buffet looking weird, I think it's probably the outdoor daylight being just too bright. I'd take that picture at night, with no lights on. Just the light from your flash. I have a couple of things I must do that with. Also, maybe the hutch needs its top… don't know if you still have it, or maybe it's because it isn't red. πŸ™‚

  29. No fall here, it would just get covered in dust…hopefully soon! You have an eye for vignettes Brenda, your home is so warm, cozy and colorful…I love red too! Your wall of art is so pretty, love the red flowers, are those geraniums? And also how the mirror reflects your quilt, perfect placement and your red truck is just so sweet…great fall touches!

  30. Looks great Brenda!! I haven't done a thing yet, it's still too hot for me to think of fall. I like the votives in the muffin pan! Too cute!

  31. Coffee filters in the vintage coffee tin… I love it and would have never thought to put them together. Sometimes it's all about the small things.
    Your decorating looks great. So cozy and cheerful.
    I haven't been to the attic to fetch my fall bins yet. Too hot. I, too, will not be buying anymore. Instead I plan to pare it down considerably. We're getting too old for hauling all of that stuff up and down the stairs.

    1. I couldn't do it with my ankle. I found a mum plant at Walmart this morning while grocery shopping! $3.98. I've heard some that got them cheaper, but I can't walk all over the place.

  32. I love your use of red and yellow–to me that's autumn! I don't tend to like lots of trendy decorations that are clearly holiday or season oriented. I think that colors and textures do a far better job of decorating for the different times of year than anything purchased at a department store. Thanks for inspiring me!

  33. Brenda..you just have the touch..you could take a pile of mud and sticks and make it look good honey..lol..You manage to fit so many things in a space but it never looks cluttered..and I love your symbolic gallery wall..maybe we should all do one of these..one wall just devoted to our thoughts and memories and things we love..A tribute to ourselves..

  34. Brenda, I love your gallery wall and the coffee corner. I wish you could come redo my house. :):) It's cooler here today…you know that fall is so very near. Blessings for a great week. xoxo,Susie

  35. No decorating yet. It's over 100 again today. Love your blue pumpkins! And I've secretly coveted that little red truck forever! Have to keep my eyes open when out and about looking for one. The runner on the table is very sweet!

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