I was on the Wayfair website a few weeks ago and saw that I had bonus points toward my next purchase.

I went searching (doesn’t everyone want to use those free bonus points?) and came across a barn painting that I fell in love with.

It had the colors I wanted, the theme I wanted, and on top of that it had daisies, my favorite flower.

My farmhouse themed bedroom

I thought I wanted to get away from the farmhouse look briefly, but I have so much decor in the farmhouse theme that that would be hard to do without starting over.

And I like the casual simplicity of the look, which I imagine is what attracts a lot of folks to it.

I love barns and even have a whole Pinterest board on barns.

My farmhouse barn painting

I had the red poppies canvas painting over the bed before, but I decided that was just too bold for a space where the idea is to relax.

Before that I had the dark cow painting. But it seemed too dark for this space between the patchwork wall quilts.

From my spot on the couch where I work on my laptop, I can fully see the painting above the bed.

I wanted it to be more muted. And so now it is.

My farmhouse themed bedroom

This is how I dress my bed for everyday use. During the summer months I often just sleep on top of a soft throw with a light blanket for cover.

I prefer three pillows on my bed. Two bed pillows and one throw pillow.

Barn painting on canvas

I am thinking about making a few changes in the dining space. I think I’m going to change up the wall above the table.

Last week I took everything off that wall and filled the nail holes. Now it’s ready for a different look.

Lately I’ve been collecting a few canvas paintings picked up here and there that I might use in that spot.

I’m also considering painting the yellow kitchen table and little pantry the same blue paint I painted the hutch. I haven’t made up my mind yet though.

Now that I don’t have the blue coffee table, the blue hutch kind of looks lonely.

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  1. I love the coziness of your bedroom. I love to sleep with layers.

    The painting/print is something I just love…good for you!

    I’ve been missing you at my blog. Are we oaky?


  2. What a beautiful barn painting, Brenda! The pale yellow tones pick up the yellows in the quilts and in the throw on your bed so everything looks really tied together. I really like the barn painting. I love old barns in general. I wish I had pictures of the barns on the farms that I lived on when I was growing up. It never occurred to me to photograph them then and they are both gone now. I have to check out yours on Pinterest.

    I always find it so interesting when you start changing the decor around in your apartment. It always gives me ideas and inspires me to do something to my own space. Can’t wait to see what you to the dining area.

    Give Charlie a pat and a snuggle and yourself a hug. ‘Til tomorrow!

  3. Very good choice, Brenda, for a relaxing mood -love those lamps, too. They could go with any theme at all! Praying for a safe cataract operation and recovery on Wednesday.

  4. Brenda, like you, I find that I am sometimes wishy washy about my theme and want to change. What theme would you switch to, if you hadn’t invested so much into farmhouse?

  5. The old barn painting reminds me of the old barn on the farm my sister and her husband had, many years ago in rural NewYork State. And daisies were a common and beloved flower that grew in the pasture behind our home. Feeling a bit nostalgic lately. Your room looks very peaceful. Wish you all the best with your cataract surgery.

  6. I really love the barn picture, everything about it. You and I must have the same taste in decor, because I have some of the same things you do.
    I think the blue paint sounds like a great idea! I’m including you and your eye surgery in my prayers this week.

  7. I love that barn painting; such soft, muted colors – perfect for a bedroom! Love it and love that extra touch of the yellow-mustard throw. It all really brings together the bedding colors, the quilts, etc. Lovely. Can’t wait to see what you do with kitchen too.

  8. I absolutely love that picture…love the colors and daisies…I, too love daisies…the entire look comes together nicely….I enjoy seeing all of your decor postings…you have such a talent with rearranging and it always looks great….I have such a hard time changing things up…probably, more due to laziness…lol

  9. I think your painting fits that spot perfectly! It’s alot of fun to decorate your place, isn’t it.
    Have a great day!

  10. That is really cute Brenda. I love it with your quilts flanking on the two sides of the bed wall too.
    Looks great all together.

  11. I really love that painting! I too have a farmhouse theme in my bedroom, with a large framed photo of an old KY tobacco barn covered with vines. I also have an old tobacco basket from KY.

    You do such a great job of decorating; can’t wait to see your future projects!

    1. I really like the barn picture. I want to peek inside barn and see what is in there! The soft colors are just right for a bedroom, but it would look good anywhere you put it. I love your yellow table and I think painting all of the pieces blue will be a bit cold looking. But with all the heat lately, I guess it would help you feel cooler! You could put yellow placemats on the table to warm things up in the winter. Have fun, whatever you decide to do. Good luck with your surgery.

      1. Whoops — I put my comment here because I meant to say something about Ann’s comment and then forgot to do so. I live in Kentucky and think it’s fun to hear that someone is decorating with symbols of Kentucky agriculture. Not as much tobacco is grown now so a lot of the stately black barns are starting to get in disrepair, with vines growing on them just like your picture shows. But some people are turning such barns into venues for weddings and other events, and the old tobacco baskets are used as decorations.

  12. So pretty and so comfortable looking. The barn picture and the bedding compliment one another. You have a great eye for color and texture.
    I look forward to seeing any changes you make to the kitchen. Hope you are having a restful day — just you and Charlie.

  13. Love the barn painting! The colors are my favorite…so serene. I’m coveting the mustard yellow blanket/throw! I’ve been looking for one! Any suggestions where to find one in that beautiful color?

    1. I found the gold throw last year at a clearance sale on the sidewalk in front of Kirklands. I paid $10 or less, can’t recall exactly.

  14. Brenda, everything looks wonderful. Cheerful, coordinated, restful, and inviting. You did a great job.

  15. I love that barn picture and the color palette is very soothing for a bedroom. Daisies are just so cute.

    Carol and Molly

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