1. I also am a Shipt Shopper. Keep an eye on social media – sometimes they run membership specials for $49 for the year.

    Also, Shipt is owned by Target. Target items don’t have an up charge. But I wanted to say thank you for explaining the upcharge.

    I love shopping for Shipt. The company has amazing customer service. And shoppers really shop to give the best experience for their customers. It is very fulfilling to deliver to the homebound, sick, injured, and exhausted moms.

    With your account you can have your items delivered anywhere and to anyone. It is common for a cake, balloons, or flowers to be sent across the country. We deliver to work, parks, hospitals, beach houses, and non profits.

  2. Brenda thank you so much for writing such a kind review! It was such a blessing meeting you and getting to see your beautiful gardening. I love the time you took to tell me about the various different herbs you grow! I am inspired to branch out and start doing more! I can’t wait to deliver to you again! You’re such a pleasant person!

  3. I use Shipt all the time. I first used it to send groceries to my Mom in Texas. Then I used it when I was at home after surgery to remove cancer and now when I have the grandkids and dont feel like taking them all to the store. I have had only good experiences with Shipt. I hope you like it to.

  4. I can order groceries from my local Kroger store but they have to be picked up–no delivery. Which is okay–it’s the trudging around the store that tires me out. A couple of things I don’t like about the system, though, it that even if you indicate no substitutions they somtimes do so anyway. The other thing is that I prefer to pick out my produce myself. But in a pinch it’s a handy system. You pick the time slot that you want to do the pick-up.

    I’ll have to check out the Shipt system and see if we have it here. Glad you found it and hopefully it will prove to be a good thing for you and especially Charlie.

  5. I live in a small town and we have one independent grocery store and Walmart both of whom have shopping service. I’ve been ordering online from Walmart for several months now and my store does a wonderful job. I was hesitant at first to order meat or produce, but they actually do better than I do. I’ve yet to get a wrong product and the one time they had to substitute because the size dog food I wanted was out of stock they gave me a 24 pound bag for the price of a 4 pound bag. Not sure if that’s policy or a mistake but it was a surprise. I’ve tried to tip the fast and friendly people that bring my order out to the car but they aren’t allowed to take tips. And as someone else mentioned, it stops impulse buying so it saves me time and money.

  6. I work for shipt and it’s an amazing company to work for… And I love shopping for people ?

  7. My neighbor uses WalMart also and loves it. She cooks a lot so she orders a lot. I think they have a minimum of $35 an order don’t they? It’s a wonderful service for the elderly and just about every grocery store does it now. But $14 is too much to pay when most other groceries are free and charge the same price as what’s in the store. You need to try one of the others Brenda and save some money.

  8. I have a friend who works for this company and I also see the Shipt shoppers in Meijer all the time. I could see how this service would be convenient for those who are house bound, for whatever reason. I’m out and about a lot anyway, plus I’m very picky about the freshness of the produce I buy, etc and I also need the exercise of walking around the stores (I actually walk around more than I have to just to get more exercise in). I think if I ever had to order groceries online, I’d just order them from amazon. We’re Prime members, so we’d get our orders free.

  9. I will check it out. I’ve never heard of them. I usually order online from Walmart and pick-up in the mornings. I like it much better than shopping in the store and I’m gone literally less than 5 minutes.

  10. Sounds great, but the $14 a month fee is a little too high for me. I would love to do that though. I think Walmarts do that don’t they… you shop online and they deliver for free? Don’t know if that includes groceries though. Will have to check it out. The convenience would be awesome as I hate grocery shopping too, as always buy more than I plan to… too many things that jump right into my cart! My store is only 1/2 mile away, so wouldn’t really save on gas, but the hassle and carrying everything would sure be nice for someone else to do!

    1. Shipt offers a free two week trial! After that yiu can choose a monthly plan or a yearly plan. Shipt has been running a special on yearly plans for $49!

  11. I’ve been shopping online at Walmart groceries and picking them up. They bring them to my car and put them in my trunk. They will do this free for orders over $35, and you pay the same as in the store. I still have to get them in the house but it’s only me and there aren’t a lot if I order them regularly. They also have a home delivery service.

  12. Ooooo…can’t wait to find out what you think! Thank you for doing the research for all of us. ?

  13. Hmmmm, I may look into that further. I checked and they do deliver from Meijers and Target for groceries, which is what I would use them for. I used Insta-Cart 2 times during a particularly nasty turn in the weather this winter when we were under the dreaded Winter Vortex for what seemed like weeks and it was 30 below zero and icy outside day after day! I normally walk the half mile or so to the Pick ‘n Save (now owned by Kroger, used to be Roundy’s) to shop and then hike back lugging 20 pounds (10 lbs. per bag, one in each hand) and get my “workout” in that way. I won’t lie, it’s not pleasant in the summer when it’s humid and hot outside.
    But in the winter it can be especially tough since I’m paranoid about slipping, falling, and breaking something, and the weather can be brutal. Insta-Cart charges $11.95 that includes a $2 tip, although you can choose to tip more if you like. But that’s each time you use it. If I used Shipt twice a month, that would make it worthwhile at a $14 monthly membership fee. But then I wouldn’t get my exercise. I do get all of the sales prices and Pick ‘n Save members discounts/specials through Insta-Cart. Hmmm….. It’s great having these options.

  14. I have not heard of this service, I will check it out! I am sure that it saves money because in my case I will only be buying what I actually need and not all of the other good stuff I see when at the store.

    Have a great day!

    1. I have been using shipt for about the past year and I have been very satisfied with their service. They service three grocery stores in my area and I can shop to see which hasthe best prices

  15. I have done that with a market I go to in Pasadena, CA. It is convenient, fast, and they are very polite. They also chose nice produce–better than I could do! When you don’t feel well enough to go out, it is such a help. So many places are offering those services. I hadn’t thought about it being safer, but you are right. A well-deserved luxury for everyone.

  16. Our grocery stores and Target etc. all have this kind of delivery service too. My mom uses it occasionally when I cannot get her to the store. It makes life so much easier for those that don’t drive or cannot get out.
    Happy New Week.

  17. Interesting!! I wonder if the additional fees are balanced out by the time and gas you save? We don’t have that service here….which is a shame, since I detest grocery shopping!

    1. Most of the pay increase on the grocery bill goes to the pay of the actual person that deliver’s your groceries as shoppers are paid a percentage of the order and work as independent contractors.

  18. I will check into this ,less stress ,and sounds very convenient .
    I hate grocery shopping and so does my spouse !
    We are living in a very different world now ,it is much more dangerous now out shopping you can be shot in store or parking lot .
    The best and safest place to be is home !
    Also if you are not feeling well like me and my spouse it is a great way to shop .
    Thanks for sharing !
    All tips from you are appreciated to make our lives more easy and manageable !
    Have a great Monday !

  19. Sounds like a great deal. I’ve been useing instcart and love it, I too always tip them well. They deserve it..
    this will take a lot of stress off of you having to go out and about but gas money saved..?

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