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  1. Good Evening Brenda – I hope your physical therapy for your back went well today!
    Have a pleasant evening.

  2. Brenda…we bought that same fountain from Wayfair…it is beautiful and the water makes a very soothing sound. I am listening to an audio book that I read several decades ago…
    Shogun by James Clavell. It is based on a true story about an English ship pilot (1600’s) who is shipwrecked in Japan. The best part of the book is the way the pilot is willing to accept a completely different culture, and I love the characters too. Take care and I’m happy you are starting therapy. I hope it helps.

  3. Fountains are so nice to have! We got one about 3 years ago and had to bury the cord in a plastic pipe, underground, to go to an outlet on the other side of the yard. What a pain it was! But now it’s there and we’ve enjoyed it every summer. I love it! We too bring it in when Fall hits, as night time freezing temps would crack it, even if it’s drained. We had that happen before with a different one. I like the electric pump as we can just plug it in whenever we want to use it, and then unplug it, right next to our garage door. I thought of solar powered but read alot about if the water runs dry, it burns up the pump, so I opted out of that! This pump recirculates the water, and I just put water in it every few days when I water the flowers. We have the night time LED lights which I love too. Enjoy your pump, but remember to take it in if you still have freezing temps! We will have nighttime freezing temps for at least another month! Marlyn

  4. I love my solar powered water fountain, but I’ve had nothing but problem after problem with pumps not working correctly and getting clogged even when the water has been pre-treated and is clean. I found product at Amazon that can be used in fountains and bird baths that helps suppress algae growth and it works well, so I don’t have to worry about changing the water daily in the solar bird bath, which holds a lot of water (about 2 1/2 gallons). The regular shallow concrete birdbath I usually have to fill a couple of times a day because the birds are constantly using it and when they bathe they splash the water all over the garden and almost empty out the basin! Because of the pump problems I’ve had with the solar powered fountain was why I was considering buying an electric powered pump, but hearing you’ve had the same issue with trying to figure out why the pump isn’t working even after it’s been cleaned, that’s discouraging.

  5. Your fountain is so pretty. I would love to have one on my patio, but we have nowhere to plug it in. The only outlet is on our front porch and our patio is all the way towards the back of the house. We’d have to run an extension cord all the way around the side of the house and up and over the front porch. And there’s no way to hide the cord, so it’d look really ugly, especially going across our front porch. Oh well.

    Glad you’re starting PT today. One positive step in the right direction. Be well!

  6. I hope the physical therapy helps your back so you can enjoy working in your garden!

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