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  1. I’m sure your apartment needs complete remediation by now. I’m worried that this will exacerbate your health issues. In a perfect and caring world- I wish they would relocate you to a nice clean dry unit. All expenses paid. How much can one person take?

  2. How about suggesting to Maintenance that they place sandbags up against the slider and any other area where the water is getting in. I live in the mountains and sandbags are used frequently when we have “big” storms. In fact our local fire department supply the bags and sand.

  3. Very beautiful Brenda! Love the purples and yellows and everything looks like it’s the middle of summer already! I do like galvanized containers for flowers. I may get one this year as my yard is mostly gravel, so perfect for setting containers on. I wish you could take Ivy out on a leash! I just moved recently and though they had been outdoor cats where I came from, I wanted to keep them in for at least a month here to get used to my place before venturing out. So.. I got them both collars with their name and my phone number on it, just in case… and put them on them, which they amazingly didn’t mind at all! They are 7 and 8! And then got my little leash and clipped it on and took each one out separately. My female was really good on the leash, though she had never been on one! I would walk around the yard with her, around the home and then up on the porch, then go inside. Then take the other one out. Now my male didn’t like the leash! So going out with him only happened a few times. In time, they are now both used to my place and which one is home and which porch is theirs! I love that they can go outside and watch the birds and feel the warm sunshine on their fur! Marilyn

  4. Your tubs of flowers are gorgeous! Do you plant the flowers directly in the tubs or just set the pots down in the tubs?

    Hoping your flooding issues get resolved ASAP!

  5. Well you may not find you have the size flower garden you would like but what you have is absolutely gorgeous Brenda! I love million bells as well, one of my very favorites. As for the hydrangea, I doubt very much you will kill it with your green thumb! Another of my favorites.
    Hopefully your water problems will be a thing of the past very soon.

  6. Brenda …

    I’m so very sorry you’re experiencing all that repeated flooding in your cozy apartment.

    I recall when you had your landscaping redone, the guys had removed some paving blocks from your path. Do you think that may have resulted in redirecting the water runoff toward your apartment instead of away from it?

    1. That’s right! There were some pavers that they said were put there due to drainage issues. Oopsie! Hope it’s a coincidence.

      Your garden is looking so lush. Love the colors. Stay safe an hope issues are resolved soon!

  7. Hi Brenda – I’m glad you can get some enjoyment from the garden amidst your flooding difficulties. The plants are beautiful, and the bunny is so cute!

  8. Glad you are keeping your flowers closer to home this year and not venturing out as far. So much safer for you, and looks like you have plenty of beautiful flowers! I like the purple, yellow and white combo that you have this year. Very pretty. You certainly have a green thumb.

  9. Did you recently write that you put your name on the waiting list at another senior living facility? Great decision if you did. And if you didn’t, maybe you should.

    1. I did not because one is Section 8 and the other doesn’t have patios or washer/dryers.

  10. Happy May Day Brenda, about the flooding, but at least you have the joy of your gorgeous garden.. does Ivy get to go out & explore? Take care

    1. No, Ivy is not allowed to go out. The rescue I got her from made me sign an agreement about not letting her out.

  11. Beautiful flowers arranged so beautifully. Is it safe to live in a flooded apartment with electricity turned on?

    1. I don’t know. The restoration people have been here and sopped up the standing water. More rain is coming.

  12. Happy💐May💐Day! Beautiful flowers lift everyone’s spirits! Thank you for the pictures. I am so excited about my dwarf knock out rose and my lantana. Makes me happy that my friends and I are selling plants at our yard sale for far less than the stores charge. Sending light and love your way!

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