My grocery store now serves delivered meals from their Brookside cookhouse.

They will fix you a plate and add it to your grocery order to be delivered by Doordash. This is a new development.

Yesterday I ordered groceries through Reasor’s online rather than use Shipt. Someone working in the store prepared my order and cooked meals.

What I Got Delivered Yesterday:

Since my order was placed late in the day, not many of the cooked meals were left. But I got a meatloaf meal for two with 2 sides. And another with chicken (for 1).

I cut the meatloaf meal in half and put it back in the fridge for later. The price: $12.99. If I need to I’ll freeze some of it.

And I didn’t have to go get it. I just paid Doordash $9.50 for delivery along with a tip.

My Grocery Store’s Cooked Meals Prices:

The meal I wanted was barbecued ribs with 2 sides. Their ribs are good. I know because I’ve had them before.

The price for ribs and 2 sides: $6.99. You can’t beat that. Next time I order I will call early in the day or the day before.

Their daily meals vary.

Before COVID:

Before COVID, sometimes I’d sit in their little restaurant section and eat lunch at the cookhouse.

Other times I brought it home. The store is only 3 miles away, so the food is still hot.

I’ve decided this is how I’m going to get my meals when I’m not preparing something at home.

It’s hot and miserable out there. Plus the COVID variant is on the rise.

Staying Home:

I eat too many drive-thru meals because it’s easy.

Plus my car is over 15 years old and I fear I will get stuck somewhere if it breaks down. This will limit my driving even more.

This is how my neighbor I took to get vaccinated gets much of her food. She’s the one who told me about our grocery store’s new delivered meals policy.

She gets her second vaccine on August 19, which I will take her to get. It’s only a block or so away from us. She has not been out since July 19. I figure if she can stay home most of the time then so can I.

I certainly don’t need to shop at Tuesday Morning every week! And I order everything else.

My Neighbor’s Car:

Her car is a 2003 Volkswagen and has about 10,000 miles on it!

So she more than beats me, as I have a 2006 SUV with 55,000 miles on it.

Before she retired, my neighbor was a long-haul truck driver. I guess she’s tired of driving at age 85.

We only recently got well-acquainted. I don’t know why we didn’t in the 7 years I lived here. She’s lived here for 25 years.

Her Son Just Lost His Home To The Wildfires In California:

Last week her son and daughter-in-law lost their big piece of land, which had a big house, a cabin and a mobile home they rented out on it, to the wildfires.

They were retired and had not insured the place in a few years due to the exorbitant price of insurance there. The son and daughter-in-law got out with the shirts on their back.

In other news, the new neighbor who now lives between us is very quiet. We think she works at night. I haven’t heard a peep out of her.

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  1. I get it completely. I’m retired. I live alone… options are eating out, ordering in or preparing for myself. As others have mentioned, the advantage to preparing your own is control over the ingredients…but even when you buy one package of mostly anything – a head of lettuce, a package of cheese….everything seems to result in leftovers. After day 3, I am done lol…and my freezer is small and I crave variety….so…I get it. It works perfectly for small households.
    I am so sorry for the couple who lost their home and buildings. At least the land is still there for them to rebuild or sell…or to put a new mobile home on it….wishing them peace.

  2. Brenda, I’m glad you got a quiet neighbor. In case you are still interested, I know the real estate market suddenly nose dived in Texas in August and is close to the old normal again, without big bidding wars. You might keep your eye out for your favorite complex again for something to go for sale.

  3. WOW!That’s a great service, I don’t pretend to be a cook, never have,wish we had that here.

  4. I’m glad ordering meals in works for you, but we’re much too particular about food quality (we eat mostly organic – plus prepared foods are sky-high in sodium) to do that. I prepare as many fresh meals as I can here at home. It’s also much cheaper than ordering out. Sometimes we do eat out but never at fast food restaurants. We want to stay as healthy as possible, especially now that we’re getting older. My mom is 81 and prepares all her meals at home too, with quality, organic ingredients. She’s in perfect health!

    Our cars have lots of miles because we are out and about a lot. And my husband drives a lot of miles back and forth to work. He has a 2008 Toyota Corolla with 270,000 miles on it! We hang onto our cars until they “die” and so far, so good with this Toyota.

    So sad about the wildfires in California. My son lives in Los Angeles, but he’s in an apartment.

  5. Nice to be able to get good meals delivered reasonably-priced. I wonder if they use organic ingredients. That would be a requirement for me, but not everyone feels that way. My daughter orders most of our food delivered from the local Meijer store down the road and her fiance cooks most of the meals. I prepare my breakfast and lunch from whatever is in the frig. I write my daughter a check each month to cover the estimated amount I eat. It’s worked out okay but sometimes I do miss doing my own grocery shopping, especially picking out produce. If I’m feeling well enough I do sometimes go to my Kroger store myself and pick up things.

    I’m glad you are finding your long-time neighbor enjoyable. Sounds like she’s not intrusive and yet pleasant to interact with from time to time.

    Love those zinnia photos! One of my favorite flowers.

  6. Boy! That prepared meal delivery from your grocery store is a great deal! I wish I lived close to town so I could take advantage of that sort of thing! Glad to hear your new neighbor keeps to herself.

  7. My husband and I both had appointments yesterday afternoon, his was a medical test and he had to fast before it. We treated ourselves to takeout pizza, at our favourite spot. It was more expensive than usual, but we don’t do this regularly. If getting food delivered works for you, enjoy it with a smile. I am thankful for such services and when I was cooking for one, a delivered meal would have been wonderful. The fact you can make two from one is great. We each spend our money on what is important to us, and good food ranks right up there. I am also glad you have been able to strike up a friendship in your neighbourhood and your new neighbour is quiet, a big relief for you. Often we expect the worst, so are happy when that doesn’t come true.

  8. I read on NPR news that they caught the arsonist Gary Maynard.
    he’s a former college professor. when they caught him (Sat I think)
    he said he would kill them and that they were all f***ng PIGS.
    he’ll no doubt claim mental illness. in the meantime he has destroyed life and wildlife and acres and acres of land. he had apparently been suspected by authorities but they were able to capture him after he set the last one.
    it’s sad beyond belief. too bad he couldn’t get caught in his own inferno.

  9. HAPPY news…your having a very quiet neighbor next door!! We rejoice in our newer neighbors who are oh so much quieter than the elephant was before them (upstairs)!!

  10. It’s wonderful that you have a new neighbor who is quiet as a proverbial mouse. Your peaceful existence in your apartment with the lovely patio garden can continue. I expect that as the economy grows back to whatever the new normal will be, we will see more changes to the way the food industry sells groceries, prepares meals, serves meals and delivers meals. My guess is that because fewer people are returning to the jobs they used to have in the restaurant industry (multiplied across the country), there will be a downsizing in the restaurant industry along with a merging of functions with other food providers, like restaurants inside of supermarkets, many of which now also offer delis, which customers have come to expect. It makes economic sense, but will be painful for many small business owners. Who knows – maybe we’ll see something like meal-prep and delivery co-ops formed among former restaurant owners and employees. That is something I could get behind and support with regular orders.

  11. Sounds expensive to me. Also you need to watch if your meals are sealed with a sticker or stapled shut. I’ve heard many stories of drivers helping themselves to bites of food. Dirty hands, dirty cars, etc. How are they handling the temp of the food that’s prepared during delivery? Some people have to work that stay in your complex, and maybe they don’t have time or want to talk to neighbors.

  12. I am much too fussy to order meals in, being vegan I can still find places that do this but I hate avocado and that always seem to be a side and sweet potato I dislike with a passion because it is sweet. I have to say I love Indian food and yes I can and do order that in occasionally.

  13. I’m so glad you have a neighbor to talk to. I’m sure she enjoys it too.

    I’m about ready to go back to ordering my groceries for pickup again. Hot, hot, hot here.
    And Louisiana’s cases have skyrocketed.

    Where did you put Ivy’s head!?🥰🥰🥰

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