My Last Christmas In This Apartment

I just had to add a bit more Christmas decor to my apartment yesterday. Realizing that it would be my last holiday season here, that fact made it a little bittersweet I suppose.

I’ve lived in this apartment for close to 8 years.

For old times’ sake, I dug around in the bins and brought out a bit more holiday decor for Christmas 2021. It’s probably my last farewell-to-this-place effort to sprinkle a bit of joy and color around.

In my Last Christmas In This Apartment, I created another holiday vignette with my small trees and decor.

I brought out the two sheep and piggy ornaments. Can’t recall where I got them.

Rag wrapped balls I bought a few years ago in my old vintage bowl

Next year the kitties and I will be in a different and bigger home. I’m curious how it will be to decorate for the holidays there.

I’m sure it will be fun to have new nooks and crannies to decorate.

In my Last Christmas In This Apartment, I brought out the red and white Santa to join the decorating fun.

Shiny Brite Ornaments:

I don’t have many Shiny Brite ornaments left. Less than a dozen. And I’m being very careful with them.

One of you sent them to me long ago. You wrote on the card that everyone should have a few Shiny Brites in their Christmas decor. And oddly enough, I’d never owned any Shiny Brites.

They’re so whimsical and cute I just had to add them. Just a few Shiny Brite ornaments scattered here and there.

Another look across the living room to where I have my tabletop tree in a galvanized beverage container.

Gracie’s 1st Christmas:

I’m surprised that Gracie hasn’t tried to knock the Santa and the Christmas trees above down to the floor.

She’s pretty much ignored them except for one incident. And thankfully there was no breakage!

In my Last Christmas In This Apartment, I brought out the Shiny Brites and created another colorful vignette before I move soon.

I filled this old vintage bowl with rag-wrapped ornaments I acquired a few years ago.

Seems I tend to decorate in this one spot a lot lately. That’s probably because Gracie hasn’t figured out how to get to it yet.

I added some small gold ornaments to a vintage Mason jar.

In all the years I’ve written this blog, I’ve tried to show you that you don’t need to live in a large space to be happy. Happiness comes in all sizes.

You just have to be creative and think outside the box sometimes.

It will be fun, I’m sure. Decorating a new place. After moving, that’s what I look forward to the most. That and resting!

I’m seeing my ankle doctor this afternoon at 3:30. I want to be as strong as I’m able to move me and the kitties to the new place.

New Memories To Be Made:

Me and Ivy and Gracie will make new memories at the new-to-us place. We’ll take what’s familiar and place it somewhere else.

And make it home.


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  1. It sure doesn’t seem like you’ve been there 8 years! A lot of memories but there will be more to come. I’m looking forward to your new adventure news.

  2. The coziness of your current apartment shines through your photos. No doubt, you will achieve the same warmth in your new home, because you have the most important ingredient to start with – love!

  3. Your holiday decorations are delightful. I am happy for your excitement at prospect of a new home that brings new interior and garden design possibilities. What better time to make the transition, out with the old and in with the new as we begin a new year.

  4. I know moving will be hard – physically and emotionally. But once you get settled into your new place and start to decorate, you will love it. It will be home. I think you’ll really enjoy more space, too. Good luck at the ankle dr today!

  5. When we moved into the mobile home from our previous house, I didn’t know what it would look like either, until the day it was delivered.
    We had it custom built, from the factory, but we saw the blue print and the width and length of each room, and where the walls were placed between rooms.
    The basement in our house had ,my studio space in one area, with the rest of it empty and large. So what I did, was draw out lines on the basement floor with chalk, the size of the rooms, in the mobile home, and measured with a yard stick, where I wanted to be sure the furniture would fit where I wanted it. It really worked out good. There were things I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep, and the grand piano was one of those items, that I had to sell. I knew that before hand, and I still miss having it, but just about everything else worked out fine.
    Anyway, I never thought I would be happy in a smaller space, but I truly love where I am, in this stage of my life. Christmas here is a 5′ table top tree, not a huge nine footer, but even tho it doesn’t have room for all the vintage ornaments, every branch holds my shiny brights, and mouth blown santas and angels. There is always room for “happy” no matter where you live. I know you are going to love your new home. Hugs from Cold, 10 degrees WI.

  6. Good Luck on your move. I’m sure that you and the kitties will love having a larger space to call home!

  7. I’m sure you will miss the good and happy memories of your apartment, but it is time to go and make more memories with your fur babies! I wish you all the good luck and happiness in your new home!

  8. Love all of your decorations and the way you place them but my very favorite ones are the pig and the sheep.
    I have moved many times but have always looked forward to my next adventure. I am sure you will love your new place Brenda and the kitties too.

  9. I’m sure your new home will be as beautiful, eclectic and comfortable as your prior homes have been. You’ll have more space to bring out the wonderful items and decor you’ve bought over the year that are now stashed in your closet(s).
    You’re one of those people who has a real knack for decorating in a way to make wherever you are feel warm and cozy while not lacking for style. I hope you will have plenty of help moving and please do not overdo and reinjure your ankle or strain your back or other muscles.

  10. You don’t get to actually see inside til the day you move, right? If so it will be like getting a big surprise package and opening it! 🎁. You will make it warm and inviting in no time💞

    1. I get the keys the day before when I sign papers and write more checks. So I guess I can see it then. Otherwise, yes, it’s like a new gift to open.

  11. Having gone through a move in the recent past, one of the things I did was to take a copy of the new floor plan, measurements, etc. and arrange furniture on paper. The movers arrived before me and my daughter and her husband were fabulous in putting furniture, beds, etc in the designated places. I also put different colored tape on the outsides of the boxes to indicate what room they went in, saving a lot of aggravation and confusion. Hang onto everything as you will be moving from a smaller place to a larger place. You can always donate later. Enjoy your Christmas with your babies!!

  12. I’ve lived in fourteen houses in the last 53 years, and I absolutely love moving! It’s that feeling of having something new, and it’s your space to use any way you decide. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  13. Brenda, moving is bittersweet, at least it has been for me. There are memories made good/bad at each place that shape us and make us the beautiful women we are. I don’t miss my old house, I miss my friends but not the house. My new place is still more than we need but it is all on one level and it is at ground level, something that is hard to get in this hilly area.

    Enjoy your time with the kitties in this beautiful cosy space you created. When you move and rest you will have all the time in the world to create a beautiful new space.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

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