My Life At Home

It is rather quiet here right now. I am currently washing a load of laundry and having my Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials drink.

This breakfast substitute is high in protein and I’ve been having it as my first meal of the day since ankle surgery. It fills me up until I make a smoothie at mid-morning or so.

There is a 15% coupon you can apply to this purchase if you want to try it.

In My Life At Home, Ivy is playing with an interactive toy I bought for her.

My Life At Home:

It has surprised me that I don’t want to get out and about. I thought I’d be climbing the walls by now. But that didn’t happen.

It’s actually quite nice to know I don’t have to go anywhere. It is freeing. I can order what I need online and so don’t ever have to go without.

I’ll probably be ordering a grocery delivery soon, though I only do that every few weeks or once a month.

Otherwise, Steve from next door will go out and fetch us something to eat several times a week.

Phone Problems:

Lately, I’ve had trouble with both my home phone and cell phone not always working. I have no idea what could be causing it.

One day both phones are fine and the next day service is quite sporadic. I’ll attempt to call someone and there won’t be a ringtone.

I’m not even sure at this point what to do. I suppose I could have my internet checked, but the internet works fine when I’m online. However both phones use the internet. So it’s a mystery.

Ivy & Shadows On The Wall:

Ivy is sitting in the dining room staring at a shadow on the wall. She’s flicking her tail back and forth as though she’s getting ready to leap at it.

She becomes fixated on shadows on the wall and it seems to entertain her.

Ivy laying on the living room floor.

The other day I got a small box that something was delivered in. It was about two inches wide and 10 inches long.

Once I took what I’d ordered out of the box, I wadded up paper and crammed the pieces inside. Then I gave it to Ivy to play with.

It kept her occupied for some time, as she loves paper and digging into boxes. She had fun reaching inside and dragging the pieces out one by one.

Still Streaming:

I’m still streaming the show “A Million Little Things.” I’m watching the last season on Hulu. I understand that ABC will be making the final season of this show.

What I like about this particular show is the exploration of all the societal problems that have come about.

Amazon Prime Discounts:

I didn’t know before this morning, but I just read that seniors can get Amazon Prime for just $6.99 a month if they are currently enrolled in qualifying government assistance programs.

These programs are TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, and others.

So if you or someone you know could qualify under these programs, you might want to check to see if they know about this reduced price.

Otherwise, the price of the Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 a month or $139 a year. And Prime Video Membership is $8.99 per month.

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  1. I remember the first time I got in the car and drove after being in lockdown in the early days of the pandemic. I actually felt a bit nervous driving just a few miles, and I saw how confinement had altered my way of life in such a short time. It scared me, so I made it a point to go out frequently after that, even if it was a short drive to nowhere. The brain adapts to being alone; and staying at home, so what matters is whether or not we are content with keeping it that way.

  2. We are blessed to have a roof over our heads and good food to eat. My new little towel is embroidered with the saying So happy to Bee 🐝 home. It makes me happy to look at it everyday. And that’s how I feel everyday. Ivy is adorable and good company for you, Brenda. I love cotton yoga pants and tunic tops everyday except for the very hot days when cotton dresses are nice. I am embracing the simple life more and more. I have decluttered to a point but with the way prices are I am keeping some extras.

  3. Since March 2020 when Covid struck, I have stayed home most of the time.
    I was beginning to fear I had agoraphobia, and felt guilty & lazy. Kept telling myself after working 42 years while keeping house and raising a family I deserved a quiet life. I do miss travel and excursions tho – just too much hassle. I confess this isn’t how I envisioned my golden years.

  4. I love staying home. It’s my happy place. My favorite day is when I have a day that I don’t have to leave the house.

  5. We do not go much either…I get us food to go..we got so used to that during covid it seems like the norm…our two small dogs and our new kitten keep us entertained…that and a good book…speaking of good books I just read Don’t Look For Me byWendy cannot put it down…it is a gripping very good…our new kitten is doing well..already sleeping by the dogs in our bed lol…glad we took the plunge as she is a joy…continued blessings to all💕

  6. Sometimes I get bored just sitting at home, but when I have a million errands to run, then I dread it and get stressed out! I much prefer having things delivered too. Thanks for the info on Amazon. I’ll look into that to see if we can get any discounts. Every little bit helps, right?

  7. I just had total knee replacement surgery (two weeks ago) and thought I’d be going out of my mind not being able to drive or get out and putter around … but I’m finding that I’m quite content at home with my books and projects and don’t feel the desire to get out “there” right now. I’m sure I’ll be glad to get out and about when I’m stronger and feel more confident but for now I’m a happy camper. Ordering what we need online makes life a lot easier.

    1. I thought I would be going loony tunes. But well over two months later, I’m very content at home and don’t even think about going out anywhere. I have everything I need here.

  8. I’m just the opposite, I like to go out and see what’s new in the grocery stores. I like talking to ppl too or helping someone find something off the shelves.
    I bought a ton of clothes last yr on sale so I only bought one dress this summer. I only buy things on sale with free shipping online.
    I’ll prob buy some sweaters and a few more hoodies and sweatpants for the winter.

  9. Oh the joy of having things delivered or to be able to drive to the store and they bring it out. I hope this never goes away and I seriously doubt it will.

    I’m in So Cal and it has been terrible heat wise. We have water restrictions and now flex
    alerts and requests to
    conserve our appliance and electrical uses 4-9 pm, to turn your thermostat up. Its been up to 110. 103 again today. Saturday a hint of rain and finally cooler weather.

  10. Since the pandemic I have been staying home except for doctor visits and grocery. I will go into a store maybe once a month and order things to pick up otherwise.
    I have reached the point where I do not need clothing unless it is on sale or replacing something that needs that. My decorations are less for each season. Now I am clearing my desk again. This is after a big clean all summer. It has taken a long long time. Cleaning papers is inexpensive.

    1. I have lots of clothing I could wear if I wanted to: tunics and leggings. They’ve been sitting there for a couple of years and I haven’t worn them at all. Probably covered with dust. I dress simply and order everything online. I’m very cheap about clothing for every day.

  11. Boy your post is exactly how I am too with being content at home. Every day since Covid happened, I am grateful to have a decent home, access to fresh foods and grocery stores. Basic necessities like water and everything else like our continued access to electric and heat when needed. Consider ourselves lucky we don’t need the hype of travel, cruises, concerts, etc. as we have plenty of socializing with family, friends who share our hobbies, and church friends who continue to help those less fortunate. We aren’t extravagant so can afford meds, gas and pet foods. It makes me happy you are also grateful to appreciate the good in your life today.

    1. My daughter Kendra has Covid. Kasi had it months ago. As far as I know, I haven’t had it. But who knows? If I did it didn’t have symptoms. After Covid, I think we’re probably going to have to have a yearly immunization just like for flu. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. I never really cared for eating in restaurants. Cheaper to have someone pick it up. I was cleaning everything anyone touched before Covid.

      1. Oh dear poor Kendra. I hope her symptoms are mild. Most vaccinated people we know who catch it have been fine. If a yearly vaccine keeps us with less severe illness I will continue getting a booster. I agree about restaurants….I prefer dining in quiet areas. The restaurants who have survived thru the pandemic seem to be the ones who adapted to the changes patrons want.

  12. I’m wondering if the heat dome to the west of where you are could be affecting telephone and internet transmissions intermittently? I heard a report just a little while ago that the heat is so extreme in parts of California and the west coast that various energy grids are strained to the max, there are also equipment failures due to the extreme heat, and it that heat dome is expected to linger for several more days.

  13. Good Morning and Happy Wednesday to you and Miss Ivy!
    A few days ago a friend and I were chatting about having little to no desire to go anywhere. She even sold her car to her daughter. She stays busy in her home with her interests/hobbies and enjoys having things delivered. There’s no timeline or schedule but her daughter and granddaughter take her if she absolutely has to go out. We’re amazed that neither of us miss going out and about – it’s become bothersome when we have to. LOL
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda!

    1. I so agree! With car insurance going up and up, I’ve thought about not having a car. It’s just been sitting there for months, except when Steve takes it out just to see that it’s still running.

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