1. That just looks wonderful! I had thought of getting something like this for my back patio, but opted for a large umbrella instead, as I get shade on the far end from a tree. I need some sun for my plants. I may do this in the future though! It's nice to be able to sit outside but not fry!

  2. What a calming, zen-like space! I love the canopy cover with the matching chairs. Your green Buddha is a wonderful touch as well. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Brenda. I haven't commented on your blog in ages due to my work schedule not giving me much time for reading blogs. But I had the chance to visit today, and I am so very happy that you have had the resources and the help to make some wonderful changes to your outdoor space. I've been trying to catch up and I see you've made some changes inside as well which are delightful. I am happy for you. I know that you are not someone who has money to toss around on such changes, but that you have worked very hard to support yourself and your pups, and that you do without many things in order to acquire the items that will make life more comfortable for the three of you. Rather than being someone to envy or feel resentment toward, you are someone who is a real inspiration because you have endured much physical, emotional, and financial hardship, yet you have not buckled under the pressure and given up. To think of what your situation was like a couple of years ago when you found yourself moving into that plain little apartment, having previously lived in the big house in Texas and then the little blue house, both places you had to leave under sad circumstances. But you've kept going and you didn't let it turn you into a bitter person. Instead, you've continued to meet your hardships head on — including financial struggles in the short time you've been in this location, brought on by someone stealing your blog visitors. I'm so happy to see what you've been able to accomplish. Thank you for sharing, because your posts give me hope that if I keep on keeping on, I too can see some dreams come true on my life. Thanks so much!

  4. Looks great Brenda. Great to have someone to help with those jobs that are hard to do. And I have to say that I really like the greek key rug. I love greek key design. sheila

  5. Brenda.. this out door space is gorgeous.. You , Israel and Papo did a great job.. I know you and the pupsters will enjoy this space so much.. Love that you chose green.. It blends with all your beautiful flowers.. Just a perfect place..
    Enjoy.. and I look forward to the water works in progress.

  6. I saw this in Facebook and had to say that this is a wonderful idea. You're going to benefit a lot from it. I hope you'll get the shade needed especially in the summer and that it helps keep things a bit cooler. That is so nice that you have gotten this help from Israel and his son.

  7. This is so beautiful Brenda! I would be out there every waking moment. I know how much you love your outdoor spaces, I can just see you outside enjoying the birds and flowers 🙂

  8. Oh gosh it's perfect! I love the green. I have several big green umbrellas for my patio. You have the perfect sized space there! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  9. Hi Brenda, Love your new edition to the patio! Can you tell me if it's water proof? I assume it is because you plan on sitting out there when it rains. I was looking on Wayfair, but could not find one that looked like yours. Would you happen to have a link? Israel is a very talented and very nice man…so happy you two hit it off and have become good friends.

  10. Brenda, I cannot even tell you how much I love this!!! It's beautiful and so perfect to be able to sit outside. Do you have any lights yet for the evenings? 🙂 You have the absolute perfect space for this and I know the dogs will enjoy their time out there. I'm so glad you have Israel as a friend and helper! That means so much when you're a female living alone. Can't wait to see all your beautiful flowers!


  11. Wow Brenda, this is so great! I love it and I know you love it 100 times more than I do and I just know your pupsters will love it as much as you do. I'm so thrilled and happy for you. You really do have a cozy little house now with an outdoor room! And I'm all for living real life and keeping it real.

  12. This is a very beautiful outdoor room, with a great peaceful atmosphere. I love the green – what a wonderful idea! Enjoy!

  13. Om my gosh Miss Brenda, what a surprise to see. I am so happy for you and the pup kids, they are going to just love going out there. The color is perfect! It doesn't need staging it looks perfect as is! Isreal and his son are forever friends and that is so nice Enjoy your new room! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty air

  14. Oh my! You have the prettiest outdoor room! I would love a gazebo like yours, but the West Texas wind would blow it away. You are so blessed to have a friend like Israel and he is just as blessed to have you as a friend. Can't wait to see the water feature. By the way, I log on each evening to see what you've posted, it makes my night. 🙂

  15. Brenda, you've created a beautiful outdoor room. I love the green color you chose for the cushions. You are going to enjoy that room so much! I would spend hours and hours there!! You are very lucky to have a friend like Israel!

  16. I am so happy for you Brenda!
    It is lovely, and the green color was the perfect choice.
    You are going to create all sorts of vignettes in your outdoor room.
    I can't wait.


    1. Israel was over here doing something earlier and he said: "Wouldn't that plant (an Asparagus fern) look better in that space where you had me take out the table?" I'm turning this man into a decorator! He's got great ideas.

  17. What a nice space, Brenda. Love that cover for it. We need to put something over the pergola this year to keep the sun at bay. So nice of Israel and his son to help your dream come true.

    1. I don't know the size of your space, but you could always do what I did. It's the cheap route anyway.

  18. It looks amazing!! I'm so happy your dream came true.


    1. Thank you! It's so nice when things come together and you feel like you're creating a little piece of paradise for yourself.

  19. What a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the outdoors with your sweet pupsters!

  20. That does remind me of your patio in Texas!!! That's going to be so nice for you and the pupsters! BTW, I was out walking around the garden center today. It's still too early to buy anything but pansies around here, but it was nice to see all the bright flowers!

    1. I'm waiting till after April 15. That seems to be a day in OK that seems safe to plant.

  21. Brenda,

    This is AMAZING!!!!! I mean I really I love this. You will get SO much enjoyment from this over those hot summer months. May I ask where you got the rug and what are the dimensions of the cover? I have a VERY small patio, and I rent a condo here in Houston, so I doubt if the Home Owners Association would allow for me to do this but it is really fabulous. Wish there was another option for me along the same lines as this. I can't tall you how great this looks. You, as always, did a GREAT job. Enjoy.


    1. I got the rug at At Home, a place that used to be Garden Ridge Pottery and sells pretty much the same stuff. It was $79. The dimensions of the gazebo are 10×10 feet. They also sell them 9×9 and 8×8 various places I checked into. I even saw one 5×8 to barbecue under. I didn't ask them here if I could do it. But I know Israel was talking with the manager about it. Because I know a resident at this complex had one at one time because it's in their brochure. I don't know why they wouldn't let you do it. It doesn't attach to anything. You can bolt it down to the patio or whatever or not.

  22. What a great color!! I love it. At our old house the backyard was super small. We could not sit back there during the day for fear of burning up. This would've been the perfect solution. Enjoy your space and you'll have to let us know if your gifted flowers really do smell like Kool-aid!! 🙂

    1. I will let you know about the flowers. I wouldn't go out there past about 10 a.m. because it was just too hot with the sun coming right down on you. This is really a cheap alternative to having a roof.

  23. I've always loved your patio and now it's even better. It's good to have a shaded area. You'll spend more time out there.

    I just love you found an apartment with a large and private patio. Around here most places have balconies/patios that are probably around 4 ft by 10 ft or so with waist-high metal railings so no privacy.

    1. Which is precisely why I went with this apartment, even though it didn't have washer/dryer connections and was built in the sixties with little updates. Because of that glorious fenced in patio!

  24. Brenda, your outdoor room is so beautiful! I'd love to sit out there with you and the pups tes and enjoy a cup of coffee.

    Coming from Canada I can't really imagine how hot it must get where you are in Oklahoma. Our spring sunshine has finally arrived and we're promised temps of 20°C on the weekend! Whoo hoo! Today is only 8°C and a few of the huge snow piles from snow-clearing are still trying to hang in there. They're definitely losing the battle! ☺

    On the weekend, I'll pull out my lawn furniture but it will be quite a while before our garden centres open up for the spring season. The weekend's temp is way above normal and we'll still endure many frosty nights.

    Your picture perfect outdoor room allows me to start dreaming about what is ahead for us here and it's exciting to say the least. My pup Bear, loves to lie outside on my patio couch and chairs to soak up the sun. I sometimes think he's more cat than dog!

    I 'think' and am hoping my first lot of daffodils may bloom this weekend. They've been close but 2 late but heavy snow storms have thwarted them. Here's hoping that their day is almost here!

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I hope springtime comes soon for you! Abi and Charlie can get in those lower back chairs and they love to lay there and snooze.

  25. That really looks great! What a wonderful place to read, relax, or take a snooze! Anxious to see the water feature too! Enjoy! 😉

    1. We're thinking of going in one direction, then we veer off into another. It will be interesting for me to see what we come up with too!

  26. Oh, Brenda, this looks wonderful! I'm so happy for you and the green is so restful and look so nice with your chair cushions. Now does your awning just cover half of your patio? I was wondering because of how your plants would get some sunshine! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see you water feature!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. It covers almost half the patio. There is plenty of room for the plants to get sun. And Israel is going to cut some of the tree branches to let more sun in. Israel hangs out here some on his breaks and sometimes I feed him lunch for helping me, so he gets to enjoy this stuff too. I'm where he goes when he needs ice for his water.

    1. I like how the light looks on the bottles at night with the string of solar lights (again, a freebie for my review) strewn around them. I can see that from inside.

  27. Brenda, it looks wonderful! Such a nice place to sit and relax! I would be lost without my covered porch, I spend all of my free time out there from May until it gets too darn cold! I love how you keep it real…

  28. You go girl! I love that you are embracing your apartment and patio. I'm glad you've made some good friends there too. Love your patio!

    1. I don't think young Papo understood quite what we were trying to achieve. But he seemed quite pleased with himself once it was up.

    1. We're not sure exactly how this water feature is going to turn out. We'll all be surprised! I only have electricity out there if you take a bulb out of the outdoor light and plug it in there.

    2. We found a pump, and Israel is going to rig it into the outside light and run it along the wall. I looked into solar powered pumps but the reviews were varied.

  29. When I first saw the above picture of "your" patio, I thought it was from another person's blog that you were going to show us, and my first impression was how lovely. Well, then I read, and saw it is your patio. Wow, it looks so fantastic, and I am so happy for you. I wish I could sit out on our deck, on a drizzly day, with a gazebo like this. Your patio was so nice before, but now it is just perfect. LOVE, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm so excited too! When I ordered it last week, Wayfair had it here in less than 48 hours if you can believe that. I just couldn't wait till the weekend when Israel's son would be out of school to help him.

  30. Brenda, I am so happy for you…a wonderful outdoor space of your own! I love it and know you and the pups will enjoy many hours out there! Pam @ Everyday Living

    1. You know, even living in a one-bedroom apartment, I've managed to get practically everything I want here. Didn't have a washer/dryer hookup, so I give up my stove and get a European one that hooks up to the kitchen sink. I chose this apartment complex because of that fenced-in patio because I so love to garden and be outdoors with the dogs.

  31. This is a wonderful space! The green looks so cool and inviting, and I am sure it will be a welcome respite in the hot summer.

    1. I love greens to fit in with the color of Mother Nature. And this shade of green just pops.

  32. I LOVE IT!!!! I think your patio is even more beautiful with the addition of the gazebo! Are all of your pots of flowers on the other end?

    1. Yes, moved them down. Trying to keep the fact that I water them from streaming water under the fence to the guy next door. So moved them further away.

  33. Yes, I got the gazebo from Wayfair, where I get a discount because I'm a Wayfair Homemaker. I already had the furniture.

  34. Brenda,
    I love what you did with your outdoor room! Did you get the gazebo from Wayfair as well? We have a similar past story and you're right when you say you don't have to be rich to live well!?

  35. Brenda,
    I love what you did with your outdoor room! Did you get the gazebo from Wayfair as well? We have a similar past story and you're right when you say you don't have to be rich to live well!?

    1. The pupsters have always loved those low chairs because they can get up in them and snooze.

  36. I'm so happy for you Brenda, that is one beautiful place to hang out. I remember the beautiful setting you had before and it was gorgeous too…this is going to be your happy place!

    What a wonderful neighbor you have, can't wait to see more photos of the water feature when it's all done.


    1. Yeah, it was something else, that place in TX, wasn't it? But life moves along and we have new dreams, huh?

  37. Oh it's just beautiful!!! I love it so much. I wish I lived close to you so I could come over and enjoy it with you. I really like the green color you chose. It just looks like it belongs outside. I love the furniture and rug too. You will probably never want to come back inside now! Congrats on getting your dream outdoor room. I can't wait to see the fountain that you'll be building.

    1. DIYs in motion. Never know how those will turn out! I wish you could come have a cup of coffee with me and enjoy the blooms and birds.

  38. The green is perfect! I can't wait to see what colors of Iris you ended up with as they were so overgrown that I didn't know one from another when I dug them up. 🙂 I can't wait to set up our outdoor room on our back deck. I love sitting out there in summer and typing up my blog posts. I want to see that galvanized tub water feature. I have several tubs I collected to make one but have yet to get it done. Seeing yours just may spur me on to get to it!

    1. Our paths never would have crossed had he not worked here and his maintenance shed is right in front of my apartment. This means if he sees something wrong with my car, he tells me and helps me take care of it. Months ago I put the little tag thingie on the wrong side, covering up the month, which he told me I could get ticketed for. (I didn't know!) So last week he came and got the car and took it to the tag agency to see if he could take care of it. They needed to watch me fill out the paperwork, so he took his lunch hour to come back and get me, since I'm still in the boot, and take me to get it legal.

  39. It looks so nice!!! Love the color too. It is so nice that you have a good friend to help you. I am sure he feels the same. Enjoy your new outdoor space. Janie

    1. Well, I don't always understand what he's saying, but I usually get the gist of things. And I do provide him coffee and oftentimes lunch. Plus I pay him for big jobs like that.

  40. Brenda, I love your outdoor room, it is pretty and looks like an area for spending a lot of summer time. You are always so creative in putting rooms together, always look forward to you next project. You are great with gardening, many new ideas from you. Thanks for sharing with us, so happy you have this beautiful area to enjoy the flowers.

    1. A person does not have to be rich to have a beautiful space. It's a matter of priorities I guess.

  41. It is so wonderful, Brenda, I wonder how much you'll enjoy it during the hot season !

    Hope you're doing well I'm sending blessings of joy to you


    1. Oh yes, I'll really enjoy it on hot days when I'm resting from gardening or out with the dogs.

  42. So I wish I had a unlimited budget like you . I cannot even buy any plants for my empty garden area that will remain empty due to lack of funds. To have so much extra money for such things must be nice. it looks like it cost a small fortune. How nice to have free labor! Enjoy the spoils of abundance

    1. I already had the chairs and coffee table. All I needed was the gazebo, which was less than $200.

    2. Maybe you could check with neighbors and see if they are dividing plants and would share with you. You can often get plants from local garden clubs also. Sometimes if you're just walking around your neighborhood and see someone out in their garden and you walk up and compliment them on it, you can start a friendship with them and they will quite often share plants to get you started. This has been my experience anyway.

    3. Lexie, you may want to start with some seeds for your garden – they are very inexpensive. And Brenda's right, most of us gardeners start with pieces from other people's gardens. The same with my houseplants – I have about 10 spider plants right now, all started from a tiny bit my friend gave me years ago! Good luck with your garden, Lexie – there are many, many things you can do to make it wonderful without spending a bunch of money. Yard sale season is coming and that's a virtual treasure trove!

    4. Thanks for the suggestions. My neighbors do not talk to renters, they barely talk to each other, they are rich trophy wives, snobby home owners who think they are better then renters. They would have me kicked out of my home if I started asking them for free plants, that is just not done here. Here in CA no garden club would give anything away, they charge a lot for everything and are known for being expensive. Even their memberships are so high they are only for the rich. I can do without a garden because I have to keep a roof over my head and eat, that is more important then luxury items. A garden is beyond my means. My Mom said gardens are for people that throw away money and have money to burn . Not a necessity at all and therefore a waste. Seeds cost money so does the soil to plant them and containers. Its a highly expensive endeavor as shown here by how much Brenda has spent on her "outdoor room". 200 for me would be a dream to have that to throw away on the outside. aS Ginny said, no money so we cannot have a garden.

    5. Lexi, so sorry for your sadness in where you live and not having anyone around that is kind like Brenda or so many of these wonderful women who share comments. Wishing you PEACE and HAPPINESS!

    6. That's too bad, Lexie….gardening is good for both the body and the soul. It's great exercise (and cheaper than joining a gym by far!) and it's very therapeutic for your mind, to be out in nature and creating beauty. The sun on your face, the wind in the trees, the birds singing their sweet song. It's amazing how it quiets your mind and makes you smile for no apparent reason. Much of what I grow is vegetables, which fills my freezer for the winter months, thus saving me a lot of money in the long run. Do they have community gardens near you? You could volunteer at a community garden – that might be just the place to find some tranquility, peace, and friendship without having to spend a dime. Wishing you much peace and good things in your future.

    7. These women are right Lexie. Gardening is one of the least expensive hobbies you can try. Dirt is free, you just have to find a source – plants will grow in dirt, they don't need expensive potting soil – and seeds are very inexpensive. If you attend fairs, they're often given out for free. I am just shaking my head at what your mother has told you. Gardening is hardly for those with 'money to burn'! Gardens feed families. If more people gardened, we could wipe out much of the hunger in this country. Many areas have community gardens that let volunteers take free produce. Maybe if California is so prohibitive to your happiness, you might consider moving to a new state where not only the job opportunities might be better, the cost of living lower, but also people more willing to share. I don't know what i would do if I couldn't garden. It really IS a necessity for me honestly. For my soul.

  43. I love this! I wish I could do something like this by my patio, but the wooden fence that is there is my neighbor's, so I can't attach anything to it. And trust me – she would NOT let us do this. Oh well, at least we have some trees overhanging the patio area to give us some shade. Enjoy your new space!

  44. OH Brenda! This is wonderful…functional and beautiful…it looks like a little oasis! With your wonderful garden and your new water feature, it is going to be a perfect place for you and the pupsters to relax! So happy for you!

  45. Brenda, this is gorgeous! I am so happy that Israel and son were able to help you and make this outdoor room come true. Israel is a true friend as you are to him. I know you and the pupsters will enjoy this so very much!

  46. Brenda,
    Your patio looks wonderful and I know it will bring you many hours of joy. Just to have all of the cheerful and pretty goodness to look upon is a beautiful thing!
    Happy Wednesday,

    1. It is a truly beautiful thing. And just goes to show you that you can make any place unique and loved and reflect your personality.

  47. Looks great!!! I am very glad for you!!!
    As a gardener, I find it so cool that you got those Iris from northern California…I used to have them, and I know exactly what the blooms look and smell like!!! I love the fact that we both describe them as scented like Grape KoolAid!!!

  48. Good morning Brenda!
    What a wonderful, beautiful and amazing outdoor space you have created. I would live out there, if I had one that nice. I love privacy and cozy ~ just what you have created. I am glad that you & your pupsters will have that wonderful space. I am so happy that you shared with us. I'll be waiting to see your water project too. I also love galvanized. It is nice that you & Israel have become friends. I am sure that means a lot to him too. Have a wonderful day!

    1. I just dried out the rug yesterday in the sun. And now it's raining cats and dogs. Oh well. Israel's been drilling holes in the patio flooring trying to keep the water from collecting in corners. He is a wonderful friend for sure.

  49. Brenda, I can't even tell you how much I enjoy each and every time I read you blog, you ABSOLUTELY AMAZE me!!!! Love, love, your outdoor room. LIFE IS GOOD and so are you!!!!

  50. Oh, now you have me dreaming! This is beautiful. I am inspired to do something like this on my small patio. You and Israel are lucky to have each other as friends. Enjoy your beautiful space!

  51. Your new outdoor room looks fabulous! You certainly know how to make the best use of a space–you turned this one into a very inviting rain-or-shine-nook. I can imagine you and the pupsters will spend lots of time out there enjoying your plants, flowers, and your soon-to-be water feature–looking forward to reading about!

    1. I'm just so excited. I'm starting to get things somewhat like I had them many moons ago. On a much smaller scale. But that's fine by me!

  52. I love your new space. What a great place to spend time during the summer admiring your lovely garden. Have a great day.

  53. Just before summer too! Is it secure enough for the damaging winds? Isreal is a good man and you see it. Not all people will see him not as a person, but just a maintenance man.
    Relax with your little ones under the shade.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. We had some pretty high winds and nothing happened. But there are little holes to drill the poles into the concrete and I think he's going to do that anyway.

  54. Love your new outside room. Pleasant and beautiful and very calming. I would love some of the irises from Pamala. I just subscribed to her blog and so love it. I am a true gardener, even when I rent as a snowbird in Florida. I have added to my English landlords gardens. Lovely, lovely, and more lovely meaning your room.

  55. Absolutely in love with your new outdoor room! Simply gorgeous space! Very happy for you that you have a place to retreat and enjoy. Also, very glad that you have such a wonderful friend. Israel is the best. Thinking of you…

    1. He is so kind and giving. Thoughtful. With him here, I have someone to help me take care of things.

    1. His 16 year old son was a real trooper. I was out with my daughter and grandson some of the time and they were working away here.

    1. They say a woman needs her own room. I think a woman needs her own outdoor room as well!

  56. Brenda…absolutely beautiful and so serene. A great place to go just to relax and enjoy life. So happy you have this place to go to.

    1. I had one similar in TX right outside the front door in the courtyard. And then a big wooden pavilion out by the waterfall. But you make do. And I've moved on with my life. This makes me so happy!

  57. How wonderful to have your own private sanctuary right out your back door! Now you can enjoy the space in any kind of weather. Lovely space!

    1. I can write my posts out there while listening to the birds up in the two trees in my yard. I can just sit and enjoy the outdoors and relax.

  58. Brenda it looks absolutely amazing!!!!! I am so happy for you, to have this lovely peaceful home for you and the pupsters to enjoy!! Love, love, love your new outdoor room – I can see you spending many hours out there reading and enjoying your container garden! Xo

    1. I can see from looking at these pics that the round table needs to go. It's not really serving any purpose, just makes it look over-crowded. Now: where to put it? I'm so happy to have found a friend who is willing to help me. I pay him. But he does so much more.

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