My Patio Arrangement

yellow pansies

I’m taking muscle relaxers and a steroid to get the swelling down in my hands, shoulders and neck, so as soon as I felt a bit better I was outside doing. I love to be outdoors this time of year when it’s cool outside.

I went back to the nurse practitioner Tuesday and we think I have a pinched nerve just below my neck on the right side. He said the muscles there were extremely tight, so hopefully this regimen of medication will help some.

I know I will probably pay for doing so much, but I just can’t resist getting out in this weather and enjoying my patio while I tend to plants. I have to come back in and sit a spell and put an ice pack on my back from time to time.

I did a bit more work tending to my plants, cleaning up, which is something I do a bit of every day. I dug up clumps of dead plants and added potting soil where moles or squirrels have been digging in my pots.

yellow pansies

The pansies have come back from fall. So far I only have yellow blooms.

The squirrel dug in this pot pretty bad, so it may have uprooted some of the roots and damaged them. Still, I love to have those perky yellow pansies greet me when I go outside.

I think I have finally as of today nailed down the “look” for my patio, the arrangement of seating and pots. It isn’t a whole lot different from last year really.


These are the galvanized containers that were hanging on my fence. I contemplated planting water gardens, but I’ve kind of nixed that idea because I buy plants and then they die in the winter, so my money is kind of wasted.

Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to have a water garden, but I doubt as of now that it is in the cards for this year. I can’t afford to waste money so I have to be practical. I want to put my money in herbs and flowers and work with what I have.

I had an idea this morning and stacked the galvanized containers.

Then I came inside and dug out this thick 30 inch round piece of glass (Lordy it was heavy) and created a table between the chairs. What do you think? It’s the perfect height for a side table.

my patio

This is a bigger view of the patio. I’m thinking I will keep the coffee table off to the side instead of in front of the chairs. It is just something I run into at night when I’m out with the dogs when it’s out in the middle, and I didn’t actually use it much as a coffee table.

I have located it back in the corner where the tree overhangs into my yard and am using it for more shade loving plants. The dogs love having that whole rug to roll around on.

Speaking of that tree that overhangs into my yard, I can see that it is fluffing out to put forth those incredibly sweet smelling flowers. It never loses all its leaves.

my patio

I know this view is ugly with the back of the strip mall across the alley, but I’ve kind of grown accustomed to it so it doesn’t bother me much anymore.

If I’m unable to hide that view, I’ve decided that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a lovely patio that I truly enjoy and can accept that not everything can be hidden from view.

my patio

I still have the wicker chairs with the folding blue table between them right outside my patio doors, but I didn’t photograph that side because I have some things piled there and am not ready to finish up that area yet.

Below are plants emerging and I just can’t figure out what they are. Here are some photos. Please see if you recognize any of them.


This plant is growing off the old wood in two pots. I can’t for the life of me remember what I had planted.

But I sure have learned my lesson on how to get more plants coming back for me come spring. I was sick a lot last fall with bladder infections and never got around to cutting back the plants like I normally do.

Now I know that I have been cutting them back too much. I need to leave a bit more of what appears to be dead stuff, because much of that has come back. I’ve been gardening in Oklahoma since 2012, but it has been trial and error on learning what works for gardening in this zone.


I’m hoping these are black-eyed Susans. There are a lot of them.

lettuce plant

This looks like lettuce to me, growing on one side of my roses. But I sure don’t recall planting it there. And if it is lettuce from last summer, I wouldn’t think it would come back again, would it?

rose bush

My yellow rose bush is filling in nicely after I pruned it a few weeks ago. I got this plant last year and sure enjoyed the yellow roses.

I’m considering a climbing rose. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I tend to want more than I actually have room for.


This is the gardenia I got months ago that had buds but never bloomed. I have it outside now, hoping that with more sun, it might actually progress. The nursery told me it could act as a house plant, but it never bloomed for me, so I guess I just don’t have appropriate light for it indoors.

Maybe I just to get fertilizer for it. I’ve never grown this before, so I’m uncertain. Trial and error. Live and learn. That’s what gardening is all about.

chives in pot plant

This little clump of chives has served me well. It died back a little during the winter. There are lots of good reasons to plant chives that are beneficial for your garden. I’m planning on writing a post about that.

As I sit here typing I’m enjoying watching the birds hopping around on the front shrubs through my window behind my chair. They are clearly in nesting mode and I see bits of white fluff in their beaks they’ve found somewhere to build their nests with.

Have a lovely weekend. I am seeing my daughter and Andrew tomorrow. He will be four years old!



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  1. Love that you are able to get out on the patio and tend to some of your plants. Although there is no snow where I am in Canada it is still cold, too cold for anything to be peaking thru the soil. Yes I like your patio layout and of course one has to think about the pupsters. If they prefer more room on the rug then so be it!

    Have a great time tomorrow with your family.

  2. Did you have any hydrangeas in your back yard? Those green leafs on the bark kinda look like mine do in the Spring. Just a guess.

  3. Brenda have you ever thought about using a half patio umbrella in your patio? Maybe on the fence where the tree was removed. It might hide the view of the strip mall.

    1. I was just standing there and thought: Wait a minute. Maybe use as a table base. I like it too.

  4. Your patio is outstanding already! We are covered in snow…ugh. I need some sunshine, flowers and green grass! Hopefully it shows up soon. Feel better!

    1. I’m hoping to start planting and filling in the pots in about 3 weeks. So excited!

  5. Here’s a thought…maybe turn the galvanized tubs right side up,fill them with something lovely that grows{even if just seasonal),then put the glass on top.This way your glass is more stable because its on top of a larger circumference,and you have something pretty to look at when sitting in your chairs. Something to think about.

  6. First, please be careful with a large piece of glass on your patio. The squirrels love to run and jump, as do your pupsters, not to mention the Oklahoma winds, and if that glass was to be pushed, it could be a terrible mess and Abi and Charlie (or you) could be hurt. Just a thought. And please know that I’m NOT trying to rain on your parade at all, just wanted to mention!!!!

    Second, that first pic of the single pot w/ the new growth coming on the old “wood” surely looks like a geranium to me. I winter-over several geraniums in the house every year, and that is what they look like.

    We are at least 6-8 weeks out before we will be really working in the gardens here, although clean-up will start when (if) it gets warmer by mid to late April, I hope! Have fun!!!!

    1. You’re right. But the glass is so heavy I don’t think the wind would move it. Also, I didn’t have any geraniums!

  7. Love how big your patio is. Looks like you are ready for everything to start growing and filling in.

    1. I love this patio. It will get hot in just a few months, so want to enjoy it as long as I can out there.

  8. Brenda, I can’t believe how much green is in your area already, holy smokes!! I have taken the first steps towards spring, despite the MOUNTAINS of snow still outside my window, and took my fig tree out of the closet downstairs, where I had overwintered it. I can’t believe all the new growth on it already! I also placed an order for my container booster mix from Gardeners Supply, and I’m working on my seed order from Jonny’s Selected Seeds. I’m super excited for spring, but first we need a big warm spell to melt all this snow and ice! I wonder if you got some roll out bamboo type fencing could you attach it high up in that corner and conceal that strip mall? Then you could have a climbing rose and a tall trellis right in front of it and make it a beautiful corner rather than an eyesore. Just a thought!! Love your patio, I’ll live out my gardening dreams through your posts for now! Enjoy your visit with your daughter and Andrew tomorrow!

  9. I had a pinched nerve like you are experiencing and suffered with it for years. Finally, a doctor I trust recommended taking calcium lactate. There are several types of calcium, but this one allows your tight muscles to relax and ease that pinched nerve. At first, I had to take 3 at lunch, 3 at dinner, and 3 before going to bed. I was amazed at how effective it is and I’ve had no problems since then!! Check with your nurse practitioner.
    I really like your galvanized table and I see your Dog Helpers are on the job.

  10. WOW.. Love the arrangement ….Your idea for the table is perfect!!! I…… like you … love this time of year … Here in Florida , summer time is brutal out in the yard….. unless it is really early am or late afternoon !!So .. this time of year is perfect!! Working out on my deck and planting in my containers is such a joy!!!!

    1. I kind of like a big open space, though I know that seating arrangements situated closer together has a cozier look to it.

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