My Patio Garden Is Fully Planted

It has been raining softly this morning. That peaceful kind of rain shower that soothes and relaxes.

A bit ago I cleaned out Ivy’s litter box and put new litter in, then walked the lawn bag full of old litter to the dumpster at the end of the four-plex.

blue pots

Yesterday afternoon I took Charlie over to Kendra’s again. I’m hoping to take him over there a couple of times a week for exercise.

She and I watched the dogs run about the yard and talked for an hour or so. It was nice and peaceful and there was a cool breeze.

Here’s Charlie chomping on a bit of lemon verbena.

Don’t you love the pattern on the big blue pots I ordered from Lowes?

Apparently the “chef” is going back to work, so unfortunately that will be the end of our prepared meals. However I still have some leftovers in the freezer I can thaw and eat.

I think Ivy’s cat tower is coming tomorrow and I’m anxious to see if she’s interested in it. I’ve ordered catnip to rub on it but that hasn’t arrived yet.

Maybe I’ll get a bird feeder and hang it in the tree branches where she can watch the birds from the patio door.

I’m really pleased with how the patio is coming together for spring and summer. The addition of blues has I think enhanced the purples scattered throughout.

I sit here and stare out the French doors, the tree leaves scarcely moving in the slight breeze.

The patio is a wonderful extension of my living space and I am ever so grateful to have it.

I originally thought this plant that came back from last year was a cone flower, but it’s looking like it’s probably salvia.

I bought several gallon containers of purple salvia this year to add perennials to the garden.

I don’t think I’ll need any more plants. I have seedlings coming up in various containers and I’m anxious to see how they do.

The vines of various kinds that I’ve planted are doing well and I have no idea what they’ll look like mixed together.

But then that’s the beauty of a garden, isn’t it? The inevitable surprises.

I guess I’ll go down and pay my rent for next month. I always pay a bit early because I’m always afraid I might forget.


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  1. Your pots of flowers are looking mighty pretty. I can’t wait until another week or so until it’s warm enough here to start planting in earnest. Still too cold and rainy here. The only thing I have is a hanging basket of pansies on the porch.

  2. Brenda your garden is gorgeous!! Love the blue pot I do think that is salvia looks like it I usually have some but I haven’t gotten any yet I’ve got some things still trying to peek through I know your garden is peaceful I enjoy sitting on my porch looking at my garden it makes all my worries disappear for a moment Take care

  3. Where did you buy that blue long planter ? I like the blue pots and pattern also.

  4. It looks terrific! I do love those blue containers. Still too cool for planting anything where I live, so in the meantime I will enjoy your patio with a smile.

  5. Have you tried growing catnip? I used to grow it when we had cats. The liked the dried catnip well enough but they went crazy for the fresh. I used to just pick a leaf and give it to them and they would enjoy it for a long time.

  6. Very pretty. The blue pots are gorgeous. I don’t have a view to my backyard garden beds from my den/office. It has long narrow windows that are higher up on the wall and you can’t see out of them when sitting (other than the sky). I will often work at the dinette table in the summer once my fountain is set up because I can look out my patio doors and enjoy the expanse of grass, trees, the birds, the fountain, the shrubs and the flowers. Today I had a a delivery of mulch and weed/feed for the lawns from a local commercial carrier service. The gentleman who delivered it was nice enough to unload everything for me and put it in the garage. I had to pay extra for the delivery but it was worth it since I don’t have my own vehicle and with social distancing I will not ask a friend with a car or truck to haul me around to do such errands, even wearing a mask. The garden beds really need new mulch and I used up what was left of my weed and feed from last season doing the front lawn a week ago. You must find the same thing with your patio garden – no matter how much you work at it, there always seems more to do! Charlie appears to be thriving, how wonderful!

  7. So beautiful! I have always loved seeing photos of your beautiful gardens! Blues and purples are so lovely…I’m looking forward to seeing it all grow! The grass is just turning green here and some leaves are just starting to pop out, but spring is definitely here now!

  8. So cute, the picture of Charlie checking out the new plantings. It all looks so pretty, and I too, can’t wait to see a wider photo that shows everything. Also, can’t wait to see Ivy looking out the patio door while sitting on her new cat tree, watching the birds in the new feeder. Bet she will love that, and probably Charlie will too. Hugs, from rainy WI

  9. Your garden is always an inspiration to me. I love your new blue pots! Thank you for sharing your garden and life with us. You are an amazing woman!

  10. The garden looks great with new flowering plants!
    I purchased a three tier cat tree a few months ago, and Merci Kitty, who is a bundle of energy, loves the top tier. She is about Ivy’s age and is always zooming around the house.That is her new napping place. While my 6 yr old, Baby, who is a more relaxed gal, enjoys the lower level. I am sure your Ivy Lou will be enjoying her new tree!

  11. Very pretty!
    Let us know how the cat tree works out,I had gotten one a couple of years ago,Bella and Bud never went near it,even with a “nip” infusion,I wound up giving it away.
    Then again,my cats just might be defective,they also pay no attention to boxes,hmmmmm:)
    Enjoy your beautiful flowers…it’s still snowing here in NYS,not sure if it’s ongoing April fool’s joke or a rerun of Groundhog Day,lol

  12. It all looks wonderful, Brenda!! Glad you have been able to spend time with your daughter. Some things we wait a long time for!! Some I am still waiting for myself.

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