My Patio Garden June 6, 2021

Here is a look at my patio garden this Sunday, June 6. It is warming up. Some of the plants that like cooler weather are beginning to die back, such as the pansies.

Others are blooming or are about to bloom. I saw that the Shasta daisy blooms in the galvanized garden are just beginning to open. The zinnias are forming their little buds and should be flowering within the week I think.

The Mandevilla vine is beautiful right now. There are lots of big green glossy leaves and soft velvety red blooms.

The Vines On The Fence:

As you can see the morning glories and the new clematis are growing up tall. There are new buds on the clematis.

Something seems to be nibbling on my morning glory leaves, along with other plants.

Mr. Cement Man, stoic as ever, has longer locks of golden pennies hair and looks quite handsome now.

The Galvanized Garden Update:

I have been cutting back the lemon balm and various mints. They were getting out of control as they are wont to do.

Soon I’ll have to cut the sedum back that you see up top. Right now it has glorious little yellow flowers that are so pretty and petite.

You can see the Shasta daisies, just forming buds, in the middle to the left of the yarrow.

Blue Raised Bed Update:

The blue raised bed is spilling over with all the lushness inside it.

There are Lamb’s Ear, wild violets, various hostas, mints, irises along with zinnias. Wild violets are growing at the base.

That round little middle bud will be a zinnia flower, though I can’t recall the color. I planted various colors among the many pots.

And I keep gently plucking them out of the soil and replanting them in other parts of my garden to thin the seedlings.

Gerbera Daisies:

The red and yellow Gerbera daisies are rising above the ghostly remains of the Johnny Jump Ups, showing what they’re made of.

I’ll need to dig out the yellowing remains of the pansies and maybe I’ll transplant zinnias there.

The yellow yarrow has many blooms. If you look closely they look like tiny little flowers inside of bigger ones.

The colorful ceramic sun has Mandevilla vines growing across its face, obscuring one eye.

And so those are the photos of my patio garden today.

Charlie & Ivy:

Here is a photo of Charlie and Ivy on this day.

If you have a day planned in your garden, happy gardening! It’s still a bit cool here so I enjoy being outside.

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful in every spot. It does not seem to take it long to grow like that.

  2. That Mandevilla vine with the red flowers is gorgeous!

    We had weather in the 90’s the past few days here, but the humidity was very low and there was a breeze, so it actually didn’t feel too bad out there. Today is only 76 but very high humidity so it feels awful. I’ll take the hotter dry weather any day. I just hope it rains because we desperately need it. We’re in a drought right now.

  3. Beautiful photos. Ivy and Charlie are so photogenic and I love the closeup of Ivy’s face. Your patio garden is lovely and doing so well. My flowers are starting to look worn out with this heat. I have been deadheading and carefully watering, so it must be the heat.

  4. Just gorgeous, Brenda!! You certainly are talented!!

    I’d like to get some of the sedum and yarrow like you have, both with yellow flowers. What are their names?

    Thank you so much. 😃

  5. Ivy and Charlie are looking pretty spiffy today. Looking their Sunday best for taking a photo.
    Always love your patio. Your Mr. Cement Man is a favorite with his golden pennies hair. I had never heard of that plant before. Also, Your Sun on the fence. Just so much color, makes a person happy just to look at it.
    Going to be 90 degrees today, or close to it. Hoping my flowers don’t have heat stroke, it was 92 yesterday, so two days in a row, is unusual.
    Have a nice weekend, Brenda, Hugs from WI

  6. Wherever you move to in the future, make a small patio garden and a pet friendly home a priority.

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