My Relax The Back Experience Yesterday

Yesterday Teri came over to bring the wool felt I nearly got rid of when I was moving last year.

I’m so very grateful she hung onto it.

The stack of wool felt Teri was kind enough to bring back to me that I left with her when I moved. In My Relax The Back Experience Yesterday, the remote wouldn't work on the Lito chair.

But I didn’t think I’d need it again, so I was ready to dispose of it, and Teri said she’d just hang onto it.

I will really enjoy using the wool felt that she brought back to me and am so grateful she isn’t as impulsive as I am!

Chair Problem:

While she was here, there was an issue with my new Lito recliner I purchased from the Relax The Back Store in December.

I had called before and let them know that the sleeve hanging down from the remote was exposing the wires a bit.

They said that had been a problem with the Lito recliner and the company was working on it. And there was no problem with the sleeve exposing a little bit of the wires. About a fourth of an inch of the wires showed beneath the sleeve cover hanging from the remote.

I said I wanted to at least wrap it in electrical tape, and they said that would be fine.

Yesterday the buttons stopped working on the remote altogether. Teri and I worked on eliminating any possible problems due to power, etc.

Greg even came over and tried to fix the recliner, and he had no luck. He said to get in touch with the store, and he hope they weren’t closed on Sunday.

Unfortunately yesterday I was in quite a bit of ankle pain. I’d probably done too much the day before.

I didn’t even have it in me yesterday to walk to the parking lot and drive to McDonald’s for my usual Sunday morning iced coffee.

This was not the first time this happened to me with the recliner, but before I was able to somehow get the remote working again.

I have begun to depend on the recliner to push me up to a straight position so I can get out of it with less back pain. And being able to raise my feet way above my heart has been invaluable for my ankle.

So Teri drove me to the store, as it was already 4 p.m.

At The Relax The Back Store:

The same man who was there when Steve and I went in and ordered the chair was there again. He is the same guy who sold Steve his recliner 20 years ago.

I slowly got up the few steps to the door and basically collapsed in one of their chairs. And we told the man (wish I’d gotten his name) what had happened.

He said I was the second person this had happened to in a month, and the problem was with the remote control.

When he closed the store, he said he’d come to my apartment and see what he could do.

If two people have the same problem that close together, he said, it is a feature of the design due to the way the remote attaches the wires to the recliner.

And it was indeed a problem that needed to be rectified with the design.

He told Teri and I that, after working so long with the company, he basically knew these chairs inside and out. And that he could probably put them together down to the last bolt.

I’m glad that he was so honest with me about this issue.

The Lito recliner by Relax The Back

Good Customer Service:

I was so thankful that he came to my apartment and attached a new remote to my recliner, because I have come to depend on its features.

He said I owed him no apology for having to come here, because this was a chair design problem, or rather a remote control problem.

And he said that the company owes it to me and whoever else has this happen to fix it right away.

But he said he was going to start charging them for having to go fix the problem himself if they didn’t take care of this problem soon.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, The Relax The Back company does not advertise. They depend solely on word of mouth.

And so standing behind their product is how they get positive reviews.

How many employees come to your home to fix a problem on a Sunday evening?

The Relax The Back store has certainly given me the “white glove treatment.” I’ll say that for them.



  1. What grand customer service!!!
    And look at all that wonderful felt and adorable fabric! WEEEEEE!!! 🙂

  2. Wow! What good customer service! I honestly can’t think of another company that would do something like that. Good for them. If you are still uncomfortable with the wires being taped, you should definately give them a call. Everyone here has a point.
    The chair wasn’t cheap, and you have a right to expect it to not fall apart. And Teri is an angel!

  3. Brenda, I am so happy Teri held on to your felt. She is a good friend.
    As for your chair, I concur with all of the other comments, your chair was expensive and it has a problem. You need to contact customer service and tell them they need to compensate you. You are an influencer, your blog has a lot of subscribers and followers, just writing about your experience has deterred me from suggesting this chair to my mother-in-law.
    Have a great night, relax this week and don’t over due it.

  4. I think u should be given a new chair bc that was very expensive to begin with Brenda! U only had it for a few months, it hasn’t been a yr when warranties usually expire.

  5. You are going to really enjoy using that wool felt. Beautiful colors. lots of bowl fillers d3signs in the making!!!

  6. I’m happy the salesman from the store came out on Sunday after work to fix the chair for you, but it sounds as if the company that manufactures the chair is aware of this issue and hasn’t done anything to fix it! These are not inexpensive pieces of furniture, they should have some kind of policy in place to replace the chair with a model that has a properly wired and protected remote so this doesn’t happen again. What if the store you bought it from goes out of business, or the salesman wasn’t conscientious and a nice person – you would have little option but to try and deal directly with the company, find a repair person, or buy a different type of chair, none of which are ideal or acceptable. For your sake I hope there are no further issues with the chair.

  7. If a company will not help its customers like you, they are certainly one to avoid…glad the man came through and went the extra mile. Those kind are so rare today…so rare!! But as we age and NEED those electric recliners (my hubby does need his just as much as you do yours as his strength is very limited and he can barely walk now)…and we paid so MUCH for ours, as you did yours…well, we SHOULD be able to expect a high level of service. It’s not like you caused the issue…your cat even did not cause it!! Glad at least you can rest again now!!

  8. Yes white glove service and it was nice of hime to come – but on the other hand this is a new and expensive chair that has a defect and the company needs to address it. Please do not settle for taped wires if this is the case. The wires should be where they were when purchased. If not, the company needs to stand by the product and either correct it or replace it. Did the chair have a written warranty?

  9. Customer service certainly isn’t like it used to be and I’m really happy to hear you had a great experience. I hope the company realizes what a prize they have in the employee that helped you out of a pickle. Employees such as that are worth a million bucks. By brother worked for the Art Linkletter chair company back in the mid 80’s and that company was a joke. So glad you were treated well!!!!

  10. That was very nice of Teri to bring you the wool felt and to bring you to the store to see about repairing the remote for your chair. It was also very nice of the employee of the store to come to your house on a Sunday to fix it.
    Great customer service! Great friend!

  11. Definitely white glove service! I’m glad it’s been repaired, and you can comfortably enjoy it.
    It’s so great that Teri held on to the wool felt – woohoo! Way to go, Teri.
    Happy Monday!

  12. Wow that is white glove service. You don’t hear of that often. I hope this fixes it for good. Can’t wait to see what you do with that felt.

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