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  1. I don’t share your positivity about shipt. I pay a monthly fee for this service. The shoppers are great. My problem is the price u see online when ordering isn’t the price you will pay.. it could be higher or less
    The shoppers dont know the cost either. They email you the receipt and the amount is Always higher than the site prices! .I’m very sick n on disability. I budget every dollar I spend bc I have to. In my area they offer this from 3 stores n they claim that’s why the prices are so different..very very exprensive! Every order is missing something but I am billed for it. For example butter. I ordered it n was on my receipt so I paid for it. I have to call them each time n they have worn me down. I’m too sick but I have to go without bc the prices are so much higher than my budget..I haven’t eaten bc of how much higher it goes over my budget. Now I go over my budget n once the food I ordered is gone I can’t afford anyone food and it has gone into my medicine budget. I hope another service comes to my town.

  2. I love using our local grocery service. Not actually going inside the store saves me from making those impulse purchases.

  3. Hi Brenda!

    I came across your article just now while Googling a local to me topic about Shipt.

    Let me first say that I am a full time personal Shopper with Shipt! I left my utterly awful management career to do this full time, and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner!

    I LOVE that you’ve posted your experience and shared it with the world! Many people are curious, and sometimes skeptical, of these kinds of services because their shopper is essentially a stranger that you’re trusting with l your money and the food you eat! Members like you are the reason why I love this “job” SO MUCH! I consistently deliver to those who are in great need of such a service, and it truly warms my heart to know that I am providing such a needed, and often personal, service to so many who might otherwise have great trouble doing it themselves (many are disabled, some too sick to leave their home, and others might be without a car–one struggle that I know all too well, as I did not have transportation for over 6 years and had to rely on a very unreliable city bus system all that time; what a headache and time consuming necessity that was!)

    At a time in our world when we see so much negativity online and on TV and even in person, your article was such a wonderful thing to read at the end of a long day of deliveries to some of my very favorite members, some who I even call friends.

    Lastly, I want to say I greatly appreciate that you tipped your shopper very well and rated her according to her excellent customer service! As with any other service we pay for (pizza delivery, haircuts, waiters/waitresses, etc), tipping appropriately is TRULY appreciated!

    I hope you continue to use the Shipt service, and that you and Natalia are “matched” up so that you both are able to have a greater member/shopper relationship!

  4. So glad you had a great experience I am going to check into it myself .
    We all appreciate the great ideas you share with us .
    Please have a cozy day in your cozy lil house .
    Hugs to the fur babies !!!

  5. What a generous tip you gave. I love that because I’m sure it will make a difference to her and I’m sure you made her life brighter that day. I try to be generous in my tipping. Lots of people are truly struggling and those tips are how they make a living. One restaurant I go to I always give my favorite waitress there $10. She’s a single Mom and she went without a car for over a year and public transportation in our town is almost nonexistent. So she relied on family, friends and walked lots too. She’s diligent though and now has acquired a car. She’s a brilliant young lady who should have gone to college. We talk books all the time. Anyway glad you had a good experience with this delivery service and hope it makes your life easier. You have such a good heart, Brenda, which is why so many of us devotedly read and follow you daily.

    1. I always try to tip well because I’ve known waitresses and such who get tips and that’s how they keep their head above water.

  6. Brenda, Reasors has actually had online shopping for over ten years, but no delivery. When my dad was convalescing in 2008 I ordered his groceries from Reasors from my home in OKC and a friend ran by the store and picked them up for him. That was a live saver! I kind of forgot about doing that, but my point is that this service has been available longer than most of us have taken advantage of it. I told you yesterday that I love using Walmart’s online shopping and I thought of another reason why. I’ve been trying to cut out sweets but I went into the store to pick up meds last week and decided to pick up a few things. Somehow a baker’s dozen of white chocolate macadamia cookies got into my cart! I thought I could ration them out sensibly by putting them in the freezer and thawing one at a time, then I found out they are also yummy frozen. Do I need to tell you where it went from there? I need to stay out of that store!!

  7. I love this review, I had not hear of this service until you mentioned i t. Our local Kroger also delivers now just in case some of your followers like and shop at Kroger.

    Another great source is BOXED especially for bulk items like garbage bags, tissue, paper towels and toilet paper, the stuff I do not like to lug home but do not mind having delivered to my doorstep. I have not compared prices but I do know that I typically use them when they are having a sale on Zulily and they prices are less than their regular prices and you get free shipping.

    Thanks for sharing Brenda!

  8. This is great for you. I’m glad this experiment turned out as expected. Do they only shop in certain grocery chain stores? I live 15 or more miles from major grocery chain stores here. This would be the perfect spot for Aldi’s to move into. I have emailed them about the area but got no response. Happy shopping to you.

  9. That is a great idea, sending you a photo of your personal shopper so you know that when a person comes to the door it is okay to open it! When I used it this past winter, the Insta-Cart service here did not have that. That’s another thing in favor of Shipt. Sadly, one can’t be too careful these days.

  10. Some car insurance companies will reduce your bill if you drive less than 12,000 a year.

      1. Wow you must pay so much because of where you live. A lot of cars and maybe a lot of people who don’t have insurance. ?

  11. Some car insurance companies will reduce your bill if you drive less than 12,000 miles a year. I’m pretty sure you do.

  12. What an informative post today…thanks. A few years ago, when we were without a car for several months, we used PeaPod here in Massachusetts and liked it (our older upstairs neighbor gets a large delivery monthly and shops locally in between deliveries). Services like these are great for people unable to grocery store shop. Sending a photo of the delivery person is smart and helpful.

    1. Her face cropped up as soon as I ordered. I think the delivery people monitor when someone puts in an order if they want to take it.

    2. Good afternoon! I am so happy to see your review.
      You see, I am a Shipt shopper and plan to link this to our group website.
      I had a crummy morning (sometimes the customers aren’t always pleasant) and reading this made me smile.
      Also, as an FYI, as a Shipt customer, you can get delivery anywhere they service. I have had groceries delivered when I am on vacation, and had them delivered to my daughter at college. It’s a great gift for Father’s Day and they have discounts on the annual fee at different times throughout the year. ??

  13. That’s a nice tip, I’m sure she’ll be very grateful!! I often wish we had a service like that around here….we only have a Tops market, and although they offer online shopping and delivery, that’s not an option at our tiny store. Oh well!!

  14. I live in a very small town and how I wish we could get this type of delivery service,maybe soon.
    It would make my life so much easier, especially in the winter months when I hate lugging groceries from the car to the house also with a fear of falling:(
    Do you also get your pet food through this service?
    Just curious,since the bags of food and litter are another pain in the you know what!
    Have a great day.

    1. I could, but I already get my pet products through Chewys. I can get Charlie’s most expensive heart medication through them about $30 cheaper per month on auto enroll. I’ll probably stick with that for pet products. Unless I need something right then. But Chewys is many times next day delivery.

    2. you should go to and check your zip code. the service is available in many small towns and semi rural areas. I live in a small town and we have three stores that offer delivery through Shipt!

  15. What a great post (today’s and yesterday’s). I will be sharing this information with quite a few of my friends and my mom’s friends. My daughter already uses the online grocery service with Wal Mart but she does pick up her groceries on her way home. I really like that the service you are posting about delivers and that you have different shopping options. Thank you so much for the information. Glad that you are enjoying this service.

    Have a terrific Tuesday.

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