I’ve never figured out just what it is with cats and boxes. They love them. They will abandon any toy when they hear someone throw a box to the floor.

Ivy is a perfect example.

She runs across the floor and makes a dive into the box, then scoots down where only her eyes and ears can be seen, as though she’s in a stealth operation down in a bunker attempting to locate the enemy.

She takes her toys into the box, then takes them out again. Such repetition makes me wonder what on earth the purpose is. But Ivy knows.

Yesterday it finally occurred to me that this might be her utter fascination with the bath tub. Really, it’s just one big box. Permanently there, never taken down to the trash. Ivy’s white porcelain box.

Cats amaze me the way they play with things. You can give her a toy and she abandons it for a piece of fuzz on the floor.

She hasn’t shown much interest in the LED rolling ball I got for her. She watches it warily, as if it might blow up or attack her.

I keep waiting for her to leap up and grab it, but that hasn’t happened yet. She skirts the perimeter of the room and keeps her distance.

Then after cavorting about she takes a nap. I mean she stretches that long body of hers out and she enjoys herself a good nap. Just look at her above.

I wish I could sleep that easily and that deeply. One minute she’s running around and the next she’s snoozing.

Ivy has been here with us a year now. She came to live here last October. I had no idea how having a cat become part of our little family would affect Charlie. It seems very little.

He doesn’t pay much attention to her. Except when she gets too close or dares to touch him with a paw. Then he snaps at her. She does not get star treatment with him. She is just part of the landscape.

Now it’s kind of hard to imagine life without Ivy.

She surprises me with her acrobatics and antics daily. Like when she is still one moment, then her body goes straight up like a rocket. I still can’t figure out how cats do that.

Or when she runs through the apartment like the devil is chasing her. I wonder what a cat devil would look like?

Ivy is a bucket of fun and laughs. She has brightened our lives and I have formed a deep love for her.

You don’t need to watch TV when Ivy is jazzed up and acting like she’s got a wild hair up her you know what.

And when it’s mealtime she goes into the kitchen and winds around my legs with her soft spotted body until I start walking with the bowl to her table in the bedroom. Then she runs ahead leading the way and then sits waiting for you to serve her.

Well, Charlie and I are off to acupuncture. I just wonder what Ivy does in an empty apartment?

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  1. I adore reading about little Ivy’s antics – what fun she must be to watch! My sweetie is still trying to introduce Luna to the queen of his house, Lucy – it’s slow going, Lucy isn’t thrilled to have another kitty in the house. She still hisses at poor sweet Luna – hopefully she will just get used to her so they can become the best of friends!

  2. Brenda, My daughter got a pet cam to watch her new puppy when she is at work. She can even hear the pup and talk to her while she is away. She got it from Amazon for about $25. It would be fun for you to watch Ivy when she is alone in the apartment.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Ivy! She is such a lucky cat to have found a home and family as great as you and Charlie. Her “forever home.” Looking at the photo of her with Charlie it looks like she is as big or bigger than he is. I bet she is definitely heavier. A good-sized kitty. The photo you’ve posted of Ivy is beautiful. A real portrait you should frame. It shows her brightness and her lovely green eyes perfectly.

    Hope your week is off to a good start with your two “house mates.”

  4. My cats keep me on my toes constantly, too – especially Clementine. Just from personal experience with having cats all my life, it seems female cats are much more active than the males. I tried some kind of LED toy once for my kitties and neither of them were interested.

    Happy anniversary to you and Ivy. May you have many, many more years together!

  5. My two cats love the rings off the plastic milk containers and paper bags better than any toys they have had over the years. Also one of them loves plastic bags to play on and really likes their smell. I watch to make sure they stay safe playing with the bags. They both have those running fits, too! They are so much company to me. You just don’t know what they are going to get into next.

  6. If you had a video camera inside your apartment that would be fun to see what Ivy does when you are not home. Then again she could be sleeping the whole time you are out and about.

  7. Happy anniversary for Ivy’s takeover of your home and life! For me, a house feels more like home with a cat or two. Our two cats are best pals. They don’t care for toys the way Ivy does, but they do love cardboard boxes and paper grocery bags.

    We finally have cool weather and a lot of rain in Central KY. I am getting out the flannel sheets. I love this weather!

  8. Yes, life is far more interesting with a cat. My two keep me entertained, and it seems they are always into something, but it keeps life interesting. Leo has decided he loves my queen bed, and he sleeps on it most of the day and then is up all night. I had to start putting a throw over my bedspread as he sheds a lot right now, I think they are shedding their summer coat to get their winter coat ready for the cold weather. My desk and computer are in front of my bedroom window, and every morning they sit on the sill and watch the birds fit around the trees right outside my window. Their tails swish back and forth in excitement when they spot a bird. I find myself making all kinds of accommodations for them which I think is probably good for me as living alone can make a person pretty regimented.

  9. I used to have two cats who were best buddies. Long story, but every day, twice a day they would do their romp. Chasing, attacking etc all across our upper floor, down the stairs and across that floor and back up again. One cat, huge, part Maine Coon would leap three feet in the air, tuck his head and land on his back ready to be attacked. They loved it. Twice a day every day. I think it was their exercise and their play.

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