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  1. I had the same model and it lasted almost two years. About a year longer than the Kitchenaid I had before it. The longest lasting coffee maker I ever had, was a Bunn, but the flavor wasn't good. I just replaced it with the new model Melita. Only difference is the control panel is on the side. Same price. I'm sure you will be happy with yours, and now you have a backup.

  2. No wonder you seemed baffled when I said the thing about boiling water. I did not know they made electric coffee makers. Mine has a cone that sits on top of it's pot, and you put the coffee in the cone, pour boiling water over and then move the cone and put on the lid! No electricity involved. I will have to look into this one when my Braun conks out.

  3. By the way, I just love the cosy and colour coordinated look of your coffee station. Very nice!

  4. That sounds like the next coffee maker I will use. Can you program it to make coffee at a certain time so that it is ready when you get up? Currently I am using a very inexpensive coffee pot. I believe it cost less than $15. It can be programmed but one thing I don't like about it is the water reservoir is a little small and I tend to drip water. I also like the look of yours a lot better but mine just seems to last and last and last. LOL. I think it is a Black & Decker machine.

  5. I know you probably miss not having the red, but the black melitta looks great too. It picks up the black in the poster and the cups on the shelf :).

    I have two coffee makers also. When we consolidated two households into one, I kept the spare. I figure eventually the one I use will break, or I'll use the extra for our RV if we get one, meanwhile, we have two coffee makers on the countertop because hubby likes using an espresso maker for his cuppa joe. I'm not a fan of that, but I pick my battles.

  6. I have such a small space in my kitchen now that I just bought a 10 dollar one at WM for 4 cups. that fits my space and it does ok with making coffee. My Keurig quit in about a year too.

  7. I didn't Melitta made a coffee maker such as yours. I thought that theirs was one where you plced the filter over a container and poured the hot water over it. Good to know.
    A few months ago I splurged and bought a Bunn. My mom had one and it lasted 15 years. Our neighbors had one lasted about 10 years. We were going through 2 pots a year so I figured why not try it. So far so good, and I like having instant hot water available.

  8. I want to add that I think your kitchen looks even more charming than when you revealed it to us a few months back, if that is possible. I love the subtle little Christmas touches you've added, like the berries in the parsley box and the silver tree in the utensil box. I'm so glad I spotted the little house in the enamelware pot, because I've been meaning to do something similar with an old enamelware cup. I'll get right on that!

  9. Thanks for this review. In the next few months I'll probably be looking for a new coffee maker, and this one looks like a possibility. The best maker I ever had was an old GE percolator, because it really got the coffee hot. But, it eventually conked out, and for several years we've tried different ones, and the issue for us too is if it gets the coffee hot!

  10. Glad you like your new Melitta. I never use the "keep warm" feature, as I find it cooks the coffee, and the taste changes. I have a 12 cup carafe (The brand is UPDATE) that I pour the coffee into after I rinse it with HOT water, so the coffee stays hot. It has a pump on top and a spout the coffee comes out of. This way, my second and third cups taste as good as my first.

  11. Thinking about buying a coffee maker, so the review is timely.
    I ordered something from the other night. Somehow, they are so sorry for the inconvenience of making me wait. They are RUSHING the comforter IN JUST 3-5 days to TWO DIFFERENT walmart stores. AND I was gratified to see that UPS says it will be at the store I didn't want it to go to BY DEC 24th. DEC 24th is 13 days away!

  12. Thanks for the review. I love your red chickens and the chat noir poster. What fun!! 🙂
    Have a wonderful evening.

  13. I agree. The simpler the better. I recently bought a coffee maker with just one button. So far so great! Those higher end machines may be somewhat better, but not $100 better! It's the actual coffee you use that will make the difference. I love Gevalia! Your coffee bar is darling!

  14. wunderschöne inspirationen, danke und liebe grüße von angie

  15. I really like the looks of the Melitta…I have a Hamilton Beach, that I bought about 4 years ago, and it brews 12 cups of hot coffee a day,…after it dies, I think I will look at the Melitta. Glad your able to enjoy your hot brew in the morning!

    1. It's a simple pleasure. But one I love!

  16. Your Melitta fits right in with your cute coffee station. Hopefully you'll get longer use from it than your other coffee makers. I think simply made coffee makers are the way to go, fewer things to go wrong!

    1. I think you're absolutely right!

  17. Great review! I just started drinking coffee after 12 years coffee free and I need a good coffee maker so I might look in to this one!

    1. Well, looks like I'll be using this brand for awhile since I accidentally ordered two!

  18. That looks like a nice coffee maker. I'm glad that you like it so far.

    1. I also like how it looks. Just a simple design.

  19. Nice review! Glad you like it because now you have TWO of them. I have returned things directly to a Walmart store that I purchased online and it is a very simple return should you choose to do that. xo Diana

    1. Not on this ankle it wouldn't be easy!

  20. Sounds like a good coffee maker. Reading this made me want a cup of coffee-guess I'd better go make some!

    1. I use to make more each morning. Once in a great while I will have two cups, but rarely.

  21. I had to chuckle when I read you ordered 2, I did the same thing. I was ordering a budget item and also hit 2 accidently. Too hard to do the return so I kept it, eventually gave it as a gift. Is that regifting? ha. I hope you enjoy the melita

    1. Taking up room in my closet, but so it goes…

  22. I have an inexpensive one too, for some of the very same reasons you mentioned. I won't feel bad when it breaks. It fact it will probably look bad before it breaks. I've found simpler machinery lasts longer, because there are less parts to break. xoxo

    1. I agree with you. I don't want anything fancy. I have fancy things (or so it seems to me) in my paid for eight year old car. I don't even know how to use them! I just want one consistently good cup of morning coffee.

  23. Glad to hear its working for you and was simple to set up.. Looks good as does your beverage center set up..
    Those chicks on the shelf are adorable~!

    1. It looks like the big chicken is giving the small chickens the what-for!

  24. I don't know anything about Melitta as a coffee pot, but I can vouch for the coffee in this brand. It was the one I was using before my Keurig. I often found it on sale and we thought it was very similar to the Gevalia we are using with the Keurig now. The Melitta ground coffee was consistently good.

    1. I didn't even realize they made coffee. I will have to order some.

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