I’ve begun my usual almost springtime tradition of going out on the patio every few hours to look for green pushing through the soil.

It’s raining today, so my typical forays out there may be limited. I know my burgeoning plants will appreciate the rain though.

It’s kind of silly I suppose to think things might have changed in a mere few hours. But you never know, do you! And I often do see something different than I saw just a short time ago.

Every Bit Of Green Is Progress:

Every time I see a bit of green, my heart beats a little faster. There is green on the branches of my container Gingko Biloba butterfly tree. Nothing yet on the Japanese Maple though.

Those fast growing hearty herbs are doing their best to beat out the others in the race. Although I don’t think my oregano made it through the last bad winter spell.

The sedum in places is looking a little worse for wear.

The Conundrum Of Lamb’s Ear In Prior Years:

When I trimmed the Lamb’s Ear the other day, there were stalks that stood a few inches above the ground that weren’t there when I planted them last year. I suppose this means the plants are now somewhat mature.

I’ve been planting Lamb’s Ear plants for decades and never had any luck at all.

Then I planted what I believe was a gallon container and that thing spread like crazy. The fuzzy leaves are so cottony soft.

Status Of The Daisies:

I don’t know if the daisies I planted in the blue container bed made it or not. I’ve seen no sign of them. But in the other containers, a different form of daisy I planted never quite died off.

Should I Go Get Johnny Jump Ups?

I’m thankful for the color of the pansies among the drab landscape. And wondering if I should go back and get the Johnny Jump Ups. I love their petite little faces.

The day is gray, but every day is one day closer to springtime. When I will be spending a lot more time outdoors.

Sitting in my chair out there and gazing over my garden. And enjoying the view through the French doors as well.

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  1. I love Johnny Jump Ups and they do add quite a punch of color early on in a garden… they’re so petite and also press well if you’re in to that sort of thing. K also think they’re edible and oh so pretty in ice cubes. Trick is to boil the water before making the cubes then letting it cool because that creates clear water rather than cloudy. Perfect thing to add to a summer beverage.

  2. I have given up on real plants. Could I be arrested for murdering so many plants?????? I have silk plants now and am very happy with them. I just pulled them inside as we are receiving an “historic” snowstorm tonight and the next few days. I feel better knowing my silks are not flying all over the state.

  3. I love to read about your passion for your garden. Everyone should have an interest they truly enjoy.

  4. Ah you are a true farmer at heart…as in one that grows things. Thanks for the reminder of my darling Grampie who spent all of January and February and most of March getting all his seeds ordered in time for planting his huge garden. It not only fed us too, but it fed many neighbors and friends all over town…all for free!! He just loved plants and growing things. That was in his retirement years. He farmed big time before retirement…grew acres of food and cotton etc. I hope your garden does well. I am interested in whatever you plant…I had hoped to do more here but this apt does not get enough sun for more than pansies etc.

  5. Hi Brenda
    You inspired me to clean up our patio area. I worked hard all afternoon digging up plants and cutting back. Washed down patio furniture. I wanted to beat the rain. Now I have to figure out what to plant. While cleaning up I found lambs ear growing at the tree line. Living in Florida I’ve never seen it before. Now we live in Virginia so that was a cool finding today. So thank you for taking the lead I appreciate it.

  6. I sure look forward to seeing your garden..its always so colorful and pretty. That Lamb’s ear sounds fun..I shall look for some of that this year. I planted some tulip bubls in the Fall..and their heads are peaking more upward each day. I am hoping they will be ok..we are most likely not done with cold weather…. But so glad Spring is around the corner. Hope yall have some good weather like we are haing in NC, right now. Thanks for sharing.. :0)

  7. I envy you your warmer weather this time of year, although I don’t envy your hot summers (way too hot for me), but isn’t it wonderful to see the first signs of stubborn will-not-be-denied life popping up in our gardens again. I was shocked this morning when I opened my side door to the driveway to check on how much snow had melted overnight to discover that the last of it had entirely melted, as the temperature had hovered in the 50s until around dawn. We’re going to be headed back down to “seasonal” for this time of year in SE WI, in the 40s during sunny days and dropping below freezing at night, for at least the next week to ten days. But a week-long streak of unusually warm weather for this time of year plus nearly every day having hours of sunshine melted all the snow away. If I had not witnessed it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. I can’t remember having witnessed such a fast melt-off before, except the year my city had a bad crytosporidium outbreak, but that was in late March-early April, 1993. Even more shocking, though, was seeing sprouts already above the ground where day lilies poked up above the soil. Yesterday that area was still covered by nearly a foot of snow! I also noticed that my large sedum on the south side of the house (gets quite a bit of sun) is showing green sprouts too. That garden bed along the side of the house flanking the driveway is usually one of the earliest areas to have a melt off of snow and there was a LOT of snow to melt off this year. My irises in that same flower bed are also sending up lots of leaves. The miracles of Mother Nature, she never ceases to impress me!

  8. I love hearing about your beautiful secret garden. You have such a love for your plants and it shows in every photo and post. I am looking forward to learning from you as you plant and add to your space. Have a wonderful day

  9. Oh, my goodness Brenda. Thank you.
    Your first sentence made laugh out loud!
    I can imagine your love of looking, your excitement when you see a new bit of green, and your absolute enjoyment of it all.
    It’s like you are writing about me.
    I’m sitting watching the rain nourish all of nature, and looking at the pictures of my patio from last year. Dreaming.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I say you should get the Johnny jump ups. They are so pretty. I bought some last year at the end of the season, they were in bad shape but perked up once I planted them and lasted a long time!

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