I’m sure many of you are looking at the title and thinking, “um hm”, I think I know where this is going.

I’ve had several nail files, the ones that are metal with a plastic handle, for many years. I brought them from Texas and I’ve now been here over 9 years.

Somehow I’ve kept from losing them along the way. Which in and of itself, considering how often I lose stuff, is a bit of a miracle.

Lately they have been disappearing. l figured I was dropping them in between the chair and the arms of my recliner or something. Because I never just leave them out. I put them in a dough bowl in a table shelf next to me that is hard to get to.

But then yesterday Ivy comes and plops her big self in my lap, which she has only recently taken to doing. Like she’s finally, after two years of living here, decided that my lap is safe and sufficient for her needs.

Then she proceeds to turn to me and show me the nail file in her mouth.

Now the original two are still missing. So last week I’d ordered three more from Amazon. She had one of the new ones.

Then she put the nail file between her paws and started gnawing at the plastic handle part, like a dog would chew a bone. How many times did I see this very same pose with Abi and one of her bones?

I just stared down at her. Does Ivy somewhere down the line have a bit of canine in her DNA? I’ve never seen a cat do anything like this.

But then, I’ve never had a cat quite like Ivy.

I wonder where the other nail files are that she’s probably pilfered and hidden away somewhere?

And here is a photo of my sweet Charlie, my innocent little charmer, who never attempts to get into mischief. It just isn’t in him.

But then as you know, Ivy more than makes up for it.

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  1. Your Ivy and Charlie are give you endless hours of entertainment. Living creatures bring so much joy into our lives. Thanks for sharing your days with us Brenda…. it’s fun to be along with you through your days.

  2. So funny. I’m still laughing. I’ve had many cats over the years. Like people, all with different personalities. If only you had a baby cam you could see what Ivy’s up to during her nightly escapades. Maybe you’re better off not knowing 😜

    Charlie is so sweet. Love your blog.

    Take care. Margie in CA

  3. Just love hearing Ivy stories. She is such fun. I am so happy you have her. Charlie looks very laid back. Our little Norah is a night owl. In the morning we find things all over she’s gotten into. The other night it was yarn strung halfway thru the room. It was going to be tossed anyway so no harm.

  4. Brenda,
    such a funny cat of yours, that Ivy ! I had a cat, Muffin who loved my emery boards. They were purse-sized and if I left one out; she would love to chew on it. One of my current cats, Sweetie, is death on my rubber flip flops! I have them on my baker’s rack outside my back door. If they blow off or fall she likes to bite them leaving so many teeth marks in them. I now get them at the Dollar store.
    I meant to comment on your post about the oven disaster Kendra had. Poor baby, after everything with the store and then the mess! I hope she was able to salvage some of it. I also hope she has a self-cleaning oven. I had a similar mishap years ago with bar-b-que ribs in sauce. Of course, I had company over! Geez, what a disaster! Smoke alarm blaring , you get the picture. I now ALWAYS use a rimmed sheet pan for anything because of my paranoia from that day!
    Have a great day!

  5. Brenda, my Merci Kitty, leaps to the top of the front door and hangs out there; (when I have it open and screen door closed).
    She is different.
    They can access everything.
    She’s a clepto with nail files too!

  6. I have 4 cats and each one has a different personality and characteristics just like people do. The male is pretty calm most of the time, but get out a toy with feathers on it and all bets are off. One of the females does not appreciate the other 3 living in her house and lets them and us know all the time. The calico is a bit jumpy and twitchy but if she decides to come up on your lap, shes climbs up high on your chest, just like she did when she was a tiny kitten. (she’s at least as big as Ivy now, if not a bit heavier) and the 4th one is all mild mannered all day long, unless she’s hungry, which seems to be more often than any of the others. The calico chews on the corners of books and any paper or napkins, when she is in the mood. And the mild mannered one, will chew on the remotes for our TV, if you don’t keep an eye on her. Where I was going with this whole thing was I had a cat who loved shiny things and would take my watch, keys, earrings, etc and hide them in the open Pepsi case. This was when the cases were shaped like a cube, not the long shape currently. If we were missing something, we would check the pop case first. 99% of the time, you’d find what you were looking for.

  7. Never heard of a cat needing anything to chew on, besides food. She has a lot of energy doesn’t she? Looks like you will have to find some cupboards she cannot open to put some things inside.

  8. I love your Ivy and Charlie stories! I have two 9 year old Pomeranians who are brothers. When we first got them, we also had a cat. Phil the pom took up with the cat and often mimicked her face washing and perching on the back of the sofa. The cat has been gone for a few years but Phil still washes his face by licking his paw then rubbing his face like a cat. It still makes me laugh when he does it because he looks so silly. Have a great week!!

  9. Silly cat! LOL
    Brenda, the pictures of your old canning jars made me think about something. Recently I found five jars at the Goodwill for 99 cents each, three blue ones and two clear. I am a seller at an auction on Friday nights. I kept one jar and took four to sell. One of the sellers, who is an expert on antiques, informed me that one of the clear jars was from the 1800’s and very desireable. It had Presto on the front and made by Illinois Glass. He told me it was amethyst glass and would turn purple if placed in the sunshine. Very interesting. He also told me that if I ever found a jar with the number 13 on the bottom, it was valued at $2,000. It seems that during the times of moonshine making and stills being destroyed and jars being broken, it created a shortage of canning jars. The ones with the number 13 were the ones most commonly used then. Just thought that you would find this information interesting, as I did.

  10. All I could do was snicker and giggle at the thought of Ivy looking up at you with the file in her mouth. She’s a busy girl.

  11. If/when you move out your current apartment, you may find stashes of Ivy’s pilfered treasures underneath the fridge, the sofa, the bed, in between the mattresses – Heaven only knows!

  12. I wondered how I kept losing pairs of reading glasses until I spotted my cat with a pair chewing on the rubber part that goes around the ear. Now to find his hiding place!


    1. I caught Ivy with mine the other day. And I have all these things in that dough bowl in a shelf that is only about 5 inches high and I don’t know how she’s getting them out of there. It would take a lot of work.

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