Nature In Motion: A Cardinal Takes A Bath

“Sure is hot.” 
“Maybe I should take a bath.”
“Oh, that feels good!”
“I feel much better now.”
“I’ll just let the sun dry me off a bit.”
“My lady love will be here soon.”
“Let me just fluff my feathers a bit before she gets here.”
“Hello, you handsome devil you!”





  1. These are wonderful pictures! I loved them and they made me smile. Thank you! I bet they made you smile too.
    I sure hope you are feeling better, Brenda. My oldest daughter had a bout with shingles a few months ago. It took her awhile before she felt good again too.

  2. How cute and funny, Brenda! You are really good with the camera to capture all those images of the cardinals. Great job! Very entertaining.

    Hope you are doing better every day with those old shingles!

  3. He's still a fierce little dude, even when he's all wet. I can understand why his lady friend is interested in him! Thanks for this lighthearted and well-executed post.

  4. Gorgeous captures! There is something just so beautiful and soothing about watching birds bathe, something I never tire of. And the captions made me smile. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  5. That was neat and sometimes I think the female Cardinals are just as pretty as the males. I like that birdbath too it's nice and deep, something I'd like to make down the road at some point. Thanks for sharing this, needed that..

  6. ha,ha, ha ….. amazing post. Now I know what a red cardinal looks like after his bath and a gorgeous pic of a female cardinal. Thanks Brenda, well done.

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