The Sleep Number guys came yesterday and traded out my six-month-old bed base for a new one. I asked them if they’d ever gone out on a call for a problem like this, and they said no.

I said you mean you’ve never had a customer have this problem before where the bed keeps deflating, and they said no.

Surely I can’t be the only one. It’s a little lonely in the “only” camp.

One guy picked up the bed remote, and the batteries were dead. They weren’t dead a week ago. And double AA batteries were the one type of battery I didn’t have on hand.

I changed the sheets and so far, so good.

Under The Bed Storage Containers:

Monday I went to Target and bought four quite long under-the-bed storage containers. They fit perfectly under the bed so I can keep Ivy from scratching the bottom of the base. Plus I always need storage.

When I was in Target looking for them, I asked a girl working there where they were. She said she had no idea what I was talking about.

How could you never have heard of under-the-bed storage containers? Well, I was a good bit older than she was, so maybe that was it.

Ivy’s New Habit:

Ivy has a new habit. She loves to jump from one side of my chair to the other while I’m sitting in it.

Sometimes she just scraps that idea and walks across me.

I’d love to explain to Ivy that she is a big girl and it doesn’t feel so great to have her walking back and forth across me.

I guess she’s just practicing her cat skills.

Charlie Keeps Waking Up In The Nighttime:

Someone asked in the comments if Charlie lets me rest during the day since he’s up much of the night. For the most part he does. But he also has the habit of just wanting me to get up. What he wants isn’t exactly clear. But I go to the door and let him out.

The outside air seems to help his cough, so I’ll happily haul myself out of my chair to accommodate him.

I guess we’re not going to have fall weather. Last night it was about 26 degrees and most of my flowers outside already look sad and defeated.

I’ve always loved fall. The cool, crisp weather and the turning of the leaves into brilliant yellow, orange and red colors.

But we went from scorching temps to freezing ones. Hard to acclimate yourself to that.


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  1. We are on our second sleep number and couldn’t be happier , No problems here except to say that when we use the vibrate option, the loud rusty sounding noise isn’t worth our time. Far to loud to enjoy the little vibration you do get. We purchased the eastern king and we buy our sheet from sleep number as well as we LOVE their soft smooth feel. Nan, Southern California

  2. Well, the children Trick-or-Treated in the snow tonight! No actual Fall to speak of in Michigan either, Brenda! Is this part of the “warming of the planet”? Sure is different than the Halloweens I remember as a kid.

    Glad you got your bed fixed. I will make sure not to buy a Sleep Number bed! Can’t believe you would be the only one having the problems with the bed. Maybe the guys just didn’t want to admit that there were others. Company loyalty maybe.

    Guess I’ll head for bed. Take care.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Glad you got your sleep number bed fixed. We have over an inch of snow for Halloween! Crazy!!! Not even sure if I will get any trick or treaters. Feel bad for the kiddo’s. Leaving for Michigan tomorrow for a weekend away there and thought we would see the pretty changing leaves on all the trees on our drive. NOPE probably will be looking at the remnants of the snow. Ugh! This is way too early for snow for us. Hope it is not a sign of what is to come.
    Have a great evening.

  4. Your weather sounds much more desirable that ours right now – and you stayed warm for so long. The hard part to deal with though is that there seem to no longer be gradual changes in the seasons, all of a sudden it’s just BOOM and it’s in the 70s one day and below freezing the next! I woke up to about an inch of snow this morning and well below freezing temperatures with gusty winds, brrrrrrr! We’re in for 2 to 4 inches, caught in the northern-most area of a massive cold front moving from the west toward the east coast. We still have lots of trees that the leaves are still turning colors on and haven’t started shedding their leaves yet! But with the strong winds the past 2 weeks – like they think California is the only state that gets strong autumn winds? – what went from summer has turned toward winter with a snap of the fingers. Of course I’m not the only person in the city who is so not ready for this! Geez Louise, it’s cold and nasty, dank, west, sloppy and there’s nothing quite like having large blobs of wet snow blown into your face from seemingly all directions at once! I got up before 5:30 a.m. because I wanted to have plenty of time to get ready for a doctor’s appointment this morning, get ready and walk to the bus stop, etc. I was shocked to wake up to a weather forecast about snow. I couldn’t believe it when I opened up the blinds on the patio doors in the dinette/kitchen and in the still dark could clearly see the snow accumulating. UGH! It’s now 7 hours later and it’s snowing harder than ever outside. Looks like we may get the 4 inches of snow rather than just 2 inches. And yesterday I was outdoors raking leaves. Go figure.

  5. Our sleep number bed would deflate, but never completely, or all at once. We’d just adjust it to pump back up. We didn’t like the lightness of it, it would slide down so far over the foundation. Glad you got yours fixed.

  6. We have thought about the sleep number bed but we both like about the same firmness so we are okay with a good mattress. My cats always did that when I sat in a chair. It is like they are claiming you or something. lol
    Glad the outside air helps Charlie. Poor pup.
    Have a great night- xo Diana

  7. Glad you got your Sleep Number problem sorted. We are on our second Sleep Number Bed and the quality is not quite the same as the first one. We loved the first one until it finally became uncomfortable (about ten years). Your fur babies are so adorable.

  8. We tried that bed as well and my husband’s side kept deflating on its own. So I highly doubt that is unusual. He’d wake up in a hole. We had them come get it since it was under warranty. I also didn’t like the hard center it had as the king-size had two chambers. We ended up opting for a Tempurpedic – not a knock-off, and will never own anything else!! No burning hips! I’m finding simple is better.

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