1. All three of these books sound really good and ones I’d be interested in reading. I saved them on my Amazon wish list, but will get them at my library when they’re released. Thanks for the suggestions.

    PS – I’m reading The Girl Who Smiled Beads right now and it’s fantastic. It’s a true story of a young girl who had to flee from Africa because of war.

  2. I am reading the Lost Summer by Viola Shipman and it speaks of sewing notions, particularly buttons, and losing a loved one during Covid. It made me realize how sad people had to be in the early throes losing loved ones and being told they could not have a funeral for them. I know it happened to so many but now it’s hitting home to me that so much of the lockdown in it’s early stages was not only frustrating but very sad.
    I have quite a few books to read in fall and winter.

    1. I specifically recall reading about one man, I think he was in his 30s, and both his parents died and had to be kept wherever they put bodies because there was nowhere yet he could bury them. I felt so sorry for him.

  3. Some very interesting books, Brenda. You’re right living in lockdown is something we had never endured. It won’t be forgotten and will be talked about for many years.

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