Friday night I went outside to scoot other big plants around Jade the butterfly tree. I knew it was going to get down in the twenties overnight. Just as Jade is putting out green leaf buds I sure didn’t want to take any chances.

Then I went back inside and stood at the patio door and watched dusk casting shadows over the patio. I knew I was going to worry all night long.

So I went back out and rolled Jade up to the step going inside and then lifted her up into the dining space.

Jade the tree

Jade spent the night inside. And last night too. I’ve come to understand that once you name something its significance grows exponentially.

But I’m very glad I brought Jade inside because yesterday morning I woke up to snow on the ground. I slept peacefully knowing she was safe and warm inside with me and the pupsters.


I realize I’m biased, but aren’t Jade’s little green leaf buds cute? They kind of look like rosettes. Or maybe wadded up handkerchiefs.

I fell in love with Jade the first time I set eyes on her at the nursery last October. I’d never heard of a Ginkgo butterfly tree. But I knew she would be perfect on my patio.

Gardening is in my blood. I come from a long line of gardeners who toiled in the hot sun every summer to grow vegetables and berries. To put food on the table and can up jars for the winter months.


I think we’re almost out of danger for freezing weather here, so I think I can put Jade back outside in a few days. But I want to keep her and her pretty little baby buds safe.

I took these photos with my new camera. The Canon Rebel t6i. The newest is the t7i, but I was told the only real change between the two was that the newer one had more refined video. I’ve never even attempted video.

I know many swear by their phone cameras, but I have no desire to change things up. I like a camera in my hands, and I’ve had Canon Rebels long before digital came on the scene.

With Canon I can use the same lenses. I have three and they’re interchangeable.


I’ve had many years with my t2i and I’ll be keeping it. If you’ve been reading very long you know that I broke both sides of my right ankle nearly six years ago protecting that camera. Two ankle surgeries.

If I had known then what I know now, I would hope I’d protect myself first. But my natural instinct was to cross my arms over my chest to protect the camera strapped around my neck.

After all that, my Canon t2i has a permanent place in my heart. Right up there with the pupsters and Jade.


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  1. I can completely understand why you brought Jade inside – I’d do the same thing!! Looks like the end of the week we may get a bit of spring weather – I’m so excited, and can’t wait to get outside and get started cleaning up my property!!

  2. Your pics are wonderful, Brenda.
    I’m glad Jade was indoors staying warm and loved…
    I really do think that when we name something we give it a personality and our instincts to nuture and protect just come to the surface.

  3. MY GOSH! Has that been six years ago that you broke your ankle? I would have guessed three. Where does time go–and it moves faster to me as I get older!
    I love your Jade plant. It is lovely and I protect my plants, too.
    I wish I had a good camera. I have been using my iPhone and it is better than the cheap camera I used to have. I am so glad you found a “new” one that you like…an upgrade from your old one but still has the same basic operating system.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Brenda. xo Diana

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