Saturday morning, and the tree branches outside are all but still. The sun is beaming down and the birds scattered in the front bushes are chirping away.

Dark overcast days have meant lighting candles and putting my little Duraflame stove in front of my spot on the couch to warm my feet.

It’s only January, and I already miss having my hands in the dirt. I miss the dead-heading of spent flowers and tidying up the patio. I surely miss the color when I looked outside.

The patio looks a bit sad and lonely.

On another note, we residents have high hopes for the new apartment management.

They are much friendlier for one thing, and are trying to put us all at ease that things will be much better now that the owner in Texas has sent his own people in.

They are getting lots of feedback from the residents about how this place was actually run under the management company that presided over this place for years.

It seems sad that a 1960s-built complex with so much potential, that has many elderly residents that have been here for many, many years, has been allowed to deteriorate.

There are few halfway affordable complexes in this town that are one level with large fenced patios.

This place could be a little jewel in the middle of the city due to its great location, close to most everything you could want.

Those trees that were such a problem, I think finally got taken care of once the management company found out that the owner was coming in to take over.

Remember I complained for three and a half years for naught?

I think the same is true of the electrical work that was done the very same month, in October, to bring outlets near water up to code.

The very same month that pest control began to come around regularly.

The new people tell us that they will make this a much better community. At least we are seeing a lot more activity since they took over January 1.

Shrubbery has been brought down to size and trimmed away from where they were pushing in the window screens.

We see maintenance men out and about trying to take care of all the work orders that were never closed out. It will take them awhile.

So for this new year, we are hopeful that the tide has turned. We have our fingers collectively crossed.

Note: Do you like the bigger font? Is it still too light?

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  1. This new font is really good. Much easier to read.
    So glad that the management is
    Actually getting things accomplished
    for all of you.
    Stay toasty and warm.


    1. I can’t afford much more than I already pay. The people next door pay less than I do and have lived here one year longer. Guess so far it’s depended on when you moved in. They have 20 out of 100 units empty. If they raise their rates they’ll likely lose even more.

  3. The look of the blog is fine with me. I hope it was not a difficult transition. I love the winter, actually, even the kind of wet winters we get in Kentucky. We try to get in a hike in the woods somewhere at least once every weekend because we usually have the woods to ourselves — everyone else is inside watching TV. We can see the bones of the trees and see a lot of wildlife. Of course we really have to bundle up. My husband likes to quote a Norwegian phrase he heard somewhere — “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Since getting outside isn’t as easy for some, then looking out the windows on a nice view is important. Maybe you could get a little boxwood or a type of holly that would do well in a pot and put it on your patio for a bit of green this time of year. Boxwoods smell a bit musty like old houses, which some people like and some hate. But they are useful for a touch of green.

  4. The new font is fine and the color is good. I am so happy that the new managers are getting things done. I know you love your place and you certainly have made it a wonderful home.

  5. Good morning Brenda, The size of the font is perfect,I try to use that size in my e-mails, but for some reason, when I send it, it goes back to small?? I either don’t know what I’m doing, or maybe the pc isn’t paying attention to me. It is 6 years old, and my son told me “Mom, that is old”..It has a few bugs, but I can get by for a while. Last night I saved all of my photos to a “stick” is that what it’s called? Just in case…Anyway, the book sounds like a great read, I have added it to my list. And Yea!!!!!!!!!!, for the new management at the apartment. 2018 is beginning to sound better and better. Have a nice Sunday, Bonnie in WI

  6. I am eager for them to see your adorable little apartment. No doubt it is the best decorated in the complex. Hoping with you that things will change for the better.

  7. Brenda if I were looking for a place like yours what to I Google? I own my home but my children think I need something smaller so I don’t have to rely on them. Also here is a web page 10 hacks for small rooms.‘ve+Never+Seen+Before/articles/Z1XncvKUE7h/Best+Small+Space+Hacks+2016 . Rainy over here in nwa…northwest Arkansas. I like your font. Take care!

    1. I sent that address to your email. Trying to delete on here but don’t see a place to. You can if you want.

  8. I hadn’t been able to comment on your blog for the longest time because google wouldn’t let my comment go through for some reason. Everything looks great, including the print size.

    1. I know the font is a little big. But the next one down was too small. So I’m erring on the side of bigger may be better?

  9. Out of curiosity is there rent control where you live? Having your enclosed patio is such an asset. I rarely see that available around here. The first day of winter was December 21 so we have several months here before there will be the start of spring. I lived in the south for several years. I actually don’t care for summer so I’m not in a hurry to rush through this season. I love the way the birds look in the snow and seeing the bones of all the different trees. Sounds like 2018 is starting off well for everyone in your apartment complex!

  10. Dear Brenda, I thoroughly enjoy all your post and look forward to them every evening. I have followed you since before you left your little blue house. I am so happy they are finally fixing your complex and hopefully it goes well. Everyone needs a safe haven and warm surroundings to call home! I always learn new things from you and enjoy your photo’s too. And let’s not forget Abby and Charlie’s antics. Thank you for your writing and insightful post.

  11. Like the bigger font and the darker color is much better for my eyesight.

    So glad to hear about the management of the apts improving!

  12. I like the bigger font and even the lighter color is easier to read. So glad to hear your new management is on the ball to fix things. I have been so lucky where I am that they do take care of things in a very timely manner. It makes such a difference when they management cares. I love your little place and your fenced patio area, one of the things I do wish I had here, but other wise love my duplex! Hugs!

  13. Font size is excellent, thank you.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that work being done in your complex doesn’t mean a rent increase but will entice a good quality of new resident.

    1. It’s sure about time we got someone decent managing this place. It’s been going straight downhill since I moved in nearly 4 years ago. But I could never find anything with that wonderful patio.

  14. I really like the new font, and for my old eyes, the size is perfect!
    So glad to hear things are improving in your complex ~ may these continue to improve!

      1. Just glad I found you again . I so like to read your daily blog . I missed my Brenda fix this week .Everything is looking good . Thank you for including me …

  15. I love the new look and the font is perfect for these old eyes! I hope the owner will now take care of your complex! You take care of your home so beautifully.

    1. Same font. I just made it bigger. I think my theme doesn’t allow for the switch. So I just enlarge each paragraph as I write.

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