New Console Under My Boho Mirror

Yesterday a big box was delivered. It contained a glass and gold console/bookcase that caught my attention on Wayfair one day last week.

But what really caught my attention was that this particular one was $110 cheaper than the other colors it came in because they were closing it out. So of course that’s which one I chose.

I went online and looked at it again today on Wayfair and they’ve marked the black console down to $219.99 and the rest of the colors are still $249.99. The satin gold I purchased is still $139.99.

I could already visualize the books and decor I could layer on these shelves, though I haven’t had much time to play around with the placement of things yet.

Here is a new console table I found on close out prices for my living room.

I’m sorry the photos aren’t lighter. It is very overcast outside and has been raining.

So I wanted gold, and if they’d all been the same price, I would have chosen the shiny gold that is more like my coffee table. But this girl was not paying that much extra for the shininess of the metal.

I had the guy here bring it in for me from the front porch when it was delivered. It weighed over 60 pounds and I wasn’t going to even attempt to lift or pull it inside myself.

He put it together later yesterday afternoon.

If you’re wondering where the piece of furniture that was here is now, it is just down the wall behind the couch.

I love that boho piece of furniture that I found at Tuesday Morning before I moved here. I’m going to use it in the dining space to store all my cloth napkins and placemats and things for the table itself.

I’ll show you that at another time.

Decorating Tip:

Always check every color of something you’re interested in unless you’re deadset on a certain color. They sometimes phase a color out and reduce the cost to a much lower price.

In New Console Under My Boho Mirror, this is one end of the console.

I love to shop online. More than buying online, I just like to shop and look.

That’s really the fun part to me.

I’m one of those people who like to compare prices from a bunch of different stores for virtually the same item. And I have the time to spend hours doing this.

I don’t buy until I’m fairly certain I won’t find a better price.

Buying Console/Bookcases:

Here is the photo of this console on Wayfair. It is called the Mistana Damon 59.4 Inch Console Table. I bought it in Satin Gold for $139.99.

This satin gold console on Wayfair

I’ve said recently that I don’t mind buying console furniture because I’ll always find a place to put it. Storage-type pieces are usually worth buying because who doesn’t need storage and places to display things?

The boho piece of furniture that was along this wall just didn’t seem to be long enough in size to be the connective wall object that virtually joined the couch and my chair in front of it.

I had more than enough space on this wall for a much longer piece of furniture and that’s why I chose this console.


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  1. It looks even nicer in your home, than in the ad. Very pretty. I’m enjoying all you have done in such a short time. Glad you are enjoying the neighbors too.

  2. That’s awesome! Love the way it’s a great display for your “pretties” and so easy to change up for the seasons!
    I love Wayfair, there’s 2 chairs here that came from them and they’re both very comfy.
    I have a maintenance man that’s always willing to help me,in the last 2 weeks,he hung my TV on the wall and put up my curtain rods! I’m absolutely useless with tools,take after my Dad I guess.
    Anyway,great find👍

    1. I’ve been considering putting my TV on the wall. Still don’t have a tall toilet yet and use the insert you put in the toilet I got from the medical supply store. Wondering how this insert is going to work after surgery as it moves around a lot and there’s nothing behind it to hold it in place.

  3. When I saw the photo of it I was reminded instantly of your beautiful coffee table. I think the pieces coordinate together very well. They’re not right on top of each other so it’s hard to tell that the gold finishes may not be exactly the same. The elegant curve at the top of the console corners perfectly echoes the curves of the legs on your glass topped coffee table. That’s a great price for this lovely piece of furniture.

    1. You’re right, Jan. I hadn’t thought about the curves resembling one another. You’ve got a very observant eye!

  4. Yes, “shopping” online is a favorite pastime of mine, too. Or should I call it time-waster?? I don’t often buy anything significant either but it sure is fun to look. Especially when you don’t have your own wheels anymore. It’s also less tiring than trudging around several stores! Just sit back and relax and scroll through a million options!

    Glad you found a nice piece for displaying all your pretties.

    1. Yes, I wanted to display more pretties and I couldn’t find more places to put them. So the console table takes care of that.

  5. Wow, this console table is beautiful! And perfect for your apartment and the spot you chose for it. You got a good deal on it, too. How nice that your neighbor not only carried this in for you, but put it together for you, too. You are really blessed to have such kind, caring neighbors.

  6. It looks great! Don’t you just love a bargain? One of the pleasures of shopping.

  7. That is a great piece and I think I like the subdued gold better than the bright one. It is perfect for your spot and I am glad you found it. I am on the lookout for some sort of open storage for my fabrics in my craft room. I haven’t been able to find the perfect fit yet. Have a great Wednesday.
    ps. I thought your blog was set up to link to the bloggers that left comments. I guess that changed or I’m dreaming. lol

    1. Sorry about that. Think I fixed it now. It may not work on today’s post, but think it will for tomorrow. It was a plug-in I really didn’t understand and was trying out.

  8. It’s a beautiful console, Brenda and a perfect spot in your living room. I like to shop around, as well. I put things in my shopping cart and call it faux shopping until I find exactly what will work for me.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. I do the same thing. Put things in the cart, take things out. Until I find exactly what I’m looking for. It’s fun to “faux shop!”

      1. Oh my so there is a tribe of us shopping online, adding to cart, and happily clicking on the next site. Never really buying until the email that says “something in your cart has been reduced.” Even then it’s a major consideration. Reminds me of the days of perusing catalogs and clipping out my favorites for my scrapbook!

  9. This console goes perfectly with your gold and glass coffee table. And such a steal! Good for you! It looks great.

  10. I love this new addition. I like the glass as it adds an airiness to the space and I also agree that the longer length is more visually appealing. I love buying online too. I recently bought 2 lamps and they arrived in about 100 pieces. There didn’t use any packing material whatsoever! Just the naked lamps tossed in a box. Very frustrating. I’m glad something similar didn’t happen to all your glass.

      1. Brenda,
        I think she meant they were both smashed into tiny pieces because they didn’t wrap them. The same thing happened to me once. I was so disappointed. Have a great day!

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