New Fall Painting For The Dining Area

I’ve been so disappointed that the heat has virtually killed my garden that my mind has rushed right into fall.

I managed to do this by ordering a new fall painting for the dining area.

When I happened upon it while browsing Amazon, the scene was so relaxing I felt my worries over the garden dissipating a bit.

I knew I wanted this painting to look at every day.

New fall painting for my dining area from Amazon.com

Fall Season In Oklahoma:

Lately when fall arrives here, it’s after intense heat all the way into October.

Then when the leaves fall we’re right on the cusp of cold weather and winter.

So fall and fall colors here are brief. As it’s one of my favorite seasons, it is always a little disappointing.

My dining room in shades of gold

This painting is my way of making fall linger.

I can still gaze at the gold leaves that are scattered beneath the tree after the fall season here has come and gone.

Nature Provides The Best Wall Decor:

After buying the painting for my living room recently, I realized that nature scenes are the most relaxing decor to have on my walls.

And everyone needs a little more relaxation in their lives.

View of the dining area from my living room

The yellow Aspen leaves create a carpeted path into the woods of this painting. The imagination must take the story from there.

Here is how it appeared on Amazon.com against a gray wall. Since it’s so hard to get a good photo in my dining space, I wanted you to be able to see this painting in detail.

The fall painting as it appeared on Amazon

Canvas On Demand Store:

Amazon.com provided this painting from Canvas On Demand.

The canvas is handcrafted and made to order in the United States using high-quality artist-grade canvas and archival inks.

The painting also comes with a finished back.

Leaders in wall art since 2005, Canvas On Demand makes buying art easy.

Canvas On Demand painting for my dining room

The colors are rich and vivid, and I’m going to enjoy this scenery hanging above my table when I eat my meals.

My wood dining table with three yellow-gold modern chairs

After seeing the finished product, I will likely order more from Canvas On Demand in the future.

Have you ever bought a painting through this company?

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  1. Love your decorating choices. You really have the knack for it. Some of your beautiful photographs would look nice too!

  2. That’s really lovely, Brenda. And the colors compliment your dining chairs so nicely. I’m glad you gave yourself this little mood booster. Anything to raise one’s spirits is a good investment. I am so sorry about the heat decimating your garden. I have had a similar experience with some lush pots of geraniums and petunias that I was too under the weather to keep watered and tended for several days of hot weather here in Michigan. I am trying to revive them but I know they won’t probably get back to what they were before my neglect. Couldn’t be helped. I can only do so much these days. My African Violets are all starting to bloom since I’ve repotted and re-rooted some of them. I love them so much and it cheers me no end to see them blooming. Life would be so dreary without plants to nurture and enjoy.

  3. Being an Okie, I know how hot it gets there in the summer. On top of that heat, you have the ambient heat from your cement patio and apartment that adds to the stress of the plants.

    I remember how short fall seemed. Same as in Texas where I now live. Love your fall painting; makes me feel cool.

  4. I love the painting, the colors and the relaxing natural appeal. I am a huge fall lover and after moving to South Carolina from the northeast, I miss the glory of fall, so I need to add something like this to my house also.

  5. Brenda your lovely nature painting has inspired me to order a small Bluebonnet Field Landscape painting to display on the bookshelf beside the engraved wooden box containing my Capo’s ashes. When my time comes our combined ashes are to be scattered in a field of Texas Bluebonnets and this painting will serve as a reminder that one day we will be together again.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    This wall art is beautiful! Something pleasing to enjoy and matches your home so well! Great choice!

  7. What gorgeous fall colors! This is very tempting for fall this year!!! It is also my favorite season; I am an October baby and I think I just prefer cooler weather, always have. Though I did love the beach but as I have gotten older, it is just too hot for me now as I no longer have a thyroid and I just don’t regulate heat like I used to, lol. I love autumn colors, always loved wearing those colors and ‘winter’ colors the most (though I am still a lover of vivid colors like bright lime green, bright orange, bright yellow – just the brighter shades of the autumn colors, lol). I love canvas art; I just bought ‘purple willows’ from icanvas myself and I have also purchased from Canvas on Demand as well. I love both companies and think the quality is great.

  8. It’s a beautiful piece of art and looks perfect in your dining room. Can’t help but wonder where that path might lead.

  9. I’m in no way ready for fall…summer is my favorite season and I hold on to every day that I can. But that painting is so pretty! It goes well with your yellow chairs.

  10. Ohhhh Brenda, The painting is amazing. How perfect it fits right where it is. “PERFECT”!!

  11. I love, love fall … and I love your new painting. Very much my taste as well. I will check out the site you mentioned. Thanks!

  12. It’s beautiful. I haven’t bought any art online. I’ve purchased an occasional poster online.

  13. Lovely painting, Brenda! I visited the link and enjoyed it very much. Especially like the idea of having one of one’s own photos done on canvas.

  14. Your apartment looks so cozy and inviting! Love the way the colors in the painting pair nicely with your dinning chairs. Beautiful!

  15. Oh, Brenda, that painting is beautiful, and it’s in the perfect spot! I love Fall too. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but the cool days of Fall are so welcome and refreshing after a long, hot summer. And you can’t beauty the beauty of all the Fall colors at their peak! Stunning! This painting will bring you joy for many years!

  16. Have you looked into sail cloths? They might work great on your patio. Although I’m not sure how tall your fence is in the back. They are pretty cheap too. The painting is wonderful. One can only imagine where that trail takes you.

  17. Gorgeous painting and you have it in the perfect place! I think growing season (at least
    here in Virginia) began a month earlier than usual. Gardening started out beautifully, but it has all fizzled, or should I say fried, earlier than usual. I too am ready for fall… but not the long winter.

  18. Love the new the painting and how the colors in it go so perfectly with your dining table, chairs and dreamcatchers. Just lovely!

  19. Brenda~
    Having lived in Denver for many years and experiencing fluttering golden leaves against the white and scarred trunks of Aspen trees, this canvas captures the beauty of Autumn in Colorado exquisitely!
    I’ve not ordered from this company altho i have had many of my personal photos from Colorado printed on canvas..
    I agree.. this canvas will bring you many hours and years of viewing pleasure! Excellent choice!

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