New Flowers To Plant

bottle collection

I know I photograph this bottle collection quite a bit, but I just love the old vintage blue and clear bottles from the past that were unearthed from who knows where.

female cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal getting a drink of water.


These little squirrel varmints will not stop digging in my pots. I’m always finding holes that I fill back up with soil.


I have no idea what this squirrel is doing standing up in the pot and sniffing the solar light. Guess he’s just curious.


While the pupsters were getting groomed yesterday, I went to my favorite nursery. Woo-hoo! I was so excited to get some blooms.

Lots of purple petunias. A pepper plant, a cucumber plant and a tomato plant. Also various daisies, which you know I love. Also a few herbs. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but you’ll see when I get them planted.


I hauled all this soil in. Four big bags. Like to have killed me it was so heavy. But it had to get to the patio.

I was so worn out after all that that I didn’t dare go out and start digging in the dirt to plant anything yet. Hopefully today.

passion vine

This is the only vine I bought. A passion vine. It is white with purple. I think this is the same kind I had at the little blue house. This time it won’t be in the ground but in a container.

Have you planted anything yet?



  1. Hiw fun it is to shop for flowers, herbs, and veggies. I’m glad you got to go shopping for flowers and veggies. I can easily lose track of time at any garden center or nursery!! I’ve been planting, too – tomatoes, peppers, lemon balm, lavender, marigolds, grapes, blueberries, impatiens, and more. It’s my first spring at our Texas cottage, so I’m excited to see how my garden grows here.

  2. The naughty squirrels – and chimpunks, too – dig in my potted plants, too. Drives me crazy! I’ll have to look up to see if there’s something natural that would repel them.

  3. I’m busy planting hostas and impatiens. I just love spring! I hope we get to see pictures of the Pupsters after their grooming day; I know they will look adorable.

  4. No planting here yet, we are due yet another snowfall tomorrow…..sigh. I am living vicariously through you these days, Brenda! I’m not even sure I’ll be able to clear any garden beds this weekend, unless that snow melts lickity split!!

  5. We just got 30 inches of snow. I gave up thinking about planting. Another 3-6 tomorrow night.

    1. Oh my goodness! I guess you’re thinking spring and summer will never arrive! Our southern weather is fickle this year since temp’s one day will be 50 and the next day 75. Today it was 83 and a little breezy and tomorrow will be 63 and breezy. One never knows how to dress for the weather here!

  6. Spring really is coming, Hooray! I think the squirrel was wondering if that may have been some kind of bird feeder and just checking.
    Before we had to have our big spruce tree cut down, we were overrun with squirrels. Be sure and pick up some chicken wire to guard your tomatoes from the squirrels next time you’re at the garden center. The squirrels we had used to take a bite or few out of my tomatoes, pull them off the vine and leave them on my garden bench so I would be sure it was them, or because they didn’t want to carry them up the spruce tree. They can be very naughty. Get enough chicken wire so you can make some kind of tops/lids for your squirrel protectors. Maybe the redder color squirrels like what you have won’t have such an appetite for tomatoes as mine did. We have gray squirrels in our neighborhood. One year we even had a white squirrel.

  7. Living in the mountains, we have lots of squirrels. Though their antics are cute, they can be destructive little guys. Over the last week they nipped the buds/flowers off my newly planted pansies. Sprinkling chili powder/cayenne pepper on the pots keeps them at bay until rain comes. The pot of the passion flower plant shows it came from Monrovia nursery which is about an hour from me here in Southern California. They have a good reputation for providing excellent plants – good choice.

      1. It is an excellent company and I believe is affiliated with the top-notch Armstrong nurseries here in Southern California.

  8. I had passion vines in Phoenix and they seem to survive anything! They grow fast, are drought-tolerant, and have beautiful flowers. You certainly worked hard yesterday–you need a little red wagon for hauling. Happy planting!

    1. I have a vintage wagon. Problem is I can’t get it through the front door without a dog getting out. Guess I need to put them in the bedroom and close the door but they throw a wall-eyed fit when I do that.

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