My new microwave arrived from Walmart yesterday. It’s smaller than my previous one, so I tucked it into this corner.

my kitchen

There are always dishes in my dish drainer.

It might not be pretty to look at, but it’s my life and I see no point in moving stuff and dressing it all up just to take a photo.

The white plastic bin over by the refrigerator houses the items I use to make iced coffee. I haven’t had hot coffee in well over a month.

my kitchen

I first put the red microwave over here with the Breville oven where I had the other microwave. But the new one looked a bit odd because of its small size.

So I rearranged a few things in this kitchen corner.

I added another lamp that was stored in my closet. I won’t use the overhead light unless I absolutely have to because I just don’t like overhead light. I like lamp light.

I now have a farmhouse light fixture over my sink that I showed you a few months ago, but I like it more for the ambiance than for the light.


The vet’s office asked me to bring Charlie in yesterday, so we spent a few hours there while they did a blood test and a urinalysis. They said he had just a slight urinary infection.

Maybe the first shot didn’t fully take care of it. So they gave him another.

In the blood test they said everything looked good. His liver numbers were a little off. The vet had me get liver enzymes I’ve now started giving him. If it’s chewable Charlie loves it. And it is.

It’s near impossible to get a pill down this boy’s throat, even in the absence of all but two teeth. He fights like the dickens.

I’m going to look into cranberry supplements a reader mentioned and try that.

purple flowers

You know how Abi would go under the bed and scratch furiously? Then she would jump in the bathtub and do the same thing.

Often it was due to a flying insect inside somewhere. Then I’d have to get my pink bug zapper and track it down.

Well, Charlie must be channeling Abi, because he has started doing that. He’s not as agile as Abi so he can’t jump in the tub.

But I’ll be reading on the bed and suddenly hear him scratching underneath the bed in a somewhat crazed fashion.

I will get up and get my zapper and look everywhere to see if there’s a flying insect, but typically I don’t find one.

Why on earth is he doing this? He didn’t do it before.

Right now he’s asleep next to me and making weird sounds and jerking his legs like Abi would do sometimes when she was dreaming. I’ve never seen him do this before.



I keep meaning to thank those of you who sent condolence cards when Abi died.

You all are so important to me. And I certainly appreciate your comments, suggestions, ideas and well wishes.


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  1. Maybe Charlie never NEEDED to chase the flying creatures — Abi took care of that! Now the job has fallen on Charlie.

  2. I absolutely love the way you can put your kitchen accessories collections together and make them look so great! They don’t yell at you that “this is a collection”; they just look great.

  3. Love … love that kitchen !!! The area with the toaster oven is amazing !!! You certainly have an eye for decor …… so glad Charlie is better…. and maybe some of the behavior is just because he is the lone ranger now…. missing Abi like you do………

  4. You do such a nice job with your living spaces, Brenda – love what you did in the kitchen area. and if appliances can be called “cute”, that and adorable microwave!

  5. Hi, Brenda. I’m glad to be catching up with you again after spending ten days in the hospital on IV antibiotics for a bacterial infection in my nose, of all things. Was so bad and painful I had to have surgery. It’s healing very, very slowly. Anyway, I’ve missed a lot on all the blogs I read, so am trying to get current again.

    I love seeing photos of Charlie and Abi. I think Charlie is “channeling” Abi! If only he could talk and tell you what’s going on.

    The little red microwave is really cute. Your kitchen is so charming. The red accents really give it character and a happy vibe.

    It’s been since February since I had to euthanize my dear Tavi dog and it takes very little to make me tearful and sad that he’s not with me anymore. I was at the doctor’s office earlier this week and a woman came in with a service dog, black like Tavi but not as big or curly-furred and suddenly I was crying, missing my doggie so much. It just takes time to get used to not having your pal anymore. I took photos of Tavi the day he died but I haven’t even been able to look at them on my camera because I know I will fall apart.

    Well, I didn’t mean for this to be so long. It’s getting late and I will close. Glad Charlie is getting better.

  6. I wanted to add that I also put my dish drainer in one side of the sink. We just don’t have enough counter space to put it on the counter. I hate overhead lights too. And I think your counters that you painted still look great. I hope they are holding up well. Finally, I remember the first time I had iced coffee. It was back in 1980. My sister and I were in our early 20s and went on a little vacation together to Virginia. (We live in Kentucky so it wasn’t a terribly long distance.) We stopped at a coffee shop near the University of Virginia campus and saw iced coffee on the menu and thought it must be a mistake! But we decided to try it and fell in love with it. I don’t put sugar in my coffee, but sometimes I do add some Ovaltine to my hot or iced coffee to give it a bit of a chocolate flavor. Looks like you have something there to flavor yours too.

  7. If your apartment is not built on a concrete pad, maybe Charlie is hearing something in the crawl space underneath – like those pesky mice you have dealt with. Sounds like he is definitely feeling better.

  8. I love the new microwave, in red of course! I hope Charlie feels better soon. Maybe Abi’s spirit is there with you both and he is picking up on that? They say animals and very young children can pick up on things like that even though we may be unable to, I believe it and I have seen similar situations with my cats. Take care Brenda!

  9. I am so happy to hear that you and Charlie are doing better today. I know in time, you will be able to think of Abi, without tears, and with a smile on your face..One day at a time. Love your kitchen, always have, but didn’t know microwaves came in red…LOVE, love it!!!!1 Have a wonderful day.

    1. I ordered a photo of Abi and the one of Charlie next to the gardenia I showed last week in 4×6 from Walgreens. Should be getting them soon. I think by the time they arrive I’ll hopefully be ready to have her framed photo where I can see it.

  10. You have an amazing sense of color. I love the red accents, especially the red hanging quilt. It’s no wonder your quilts are so lovely. Do you have anymore quilts to show us? I never learned to quilt but I used to do intricate restoration work mainly, antique dresses and antique beaded purses. Now, my hands just won’t cooperate but my green thumbs still work hard in my garden and for that I am extremely grateful. So many of my friends don’t have green thumbs like us. They missed out on being able to express a love of color and beauty in planting and designing a garden. Have a blessed day and may all your colorful flowers bloom profusely.

    1. I am so thankful for gardening, because arthritis keeps me from doing fine work like quilting. I think I’ve shown you all my quilts. I’ll have to look.

  11. Wondering if Charlie could be having an allergic reaction to something, perhaps an insect bite, or one of the medications/supplements he’s received? When I get bit by an insect I get a big swollen welt and it itches like the dickens and won’t stop until I make it bleed. In many ways dogs have similar reactions to the same things humans do. Maybe ask your vet if that’s a possibility.

  12. Glad Charlie is not seriously ill. I know you were terribly worried, and understandably so. Your new microwave looks right at home in your cute kitchen. XO Crystal & Dixie.

    1. Yes, I was terribly worried, Crystal and Dixie. I feel better about things today. He seems to feel fine now.

  13. I’ve never seen anyone utilize space the way you do! I know you have to but you make it look charming as well.

    It sounds like you and Charlie are developing a whole new relationship. I know I’ll be doing that with Layla soon. Milo is not doing well. Layla also had something out of the ordinary with her liver, but the doctor was treating her with antibiotics for an intestinal thing so we are waiting to do the test again in a few weeks. Milo has something going on with his kidneys so he’s on a prescription diet for that, Layla can have it, too. They love it! It helps with the muscles and joints, too, so any dog past the age pf six would benefit. Pricey though.

    Sending love as your heart heals.

    Jane x

    1. Both my dogs were on prescription food for years. Charlie still is. Hills ID diet I believe it’s called. Both canned and dry.

  14. That microwave is perfect. Love the color. Hope Charlie is feeling better soon. I didn’t know they had cranberry meds for our pupsters. Enjoying these stories about the pets.

  15. I have the same microwave!

    What kind of liver enzyme supplement are you giving Charlie? My Lucas’ were a little off but they didn’t tell me to put him on anything. I know when mine were off my doctor put me on milk thistle.

    One last question. How do you make your iced coffee?

    1. It is Vetri Science veterinarian formulated vetri liver canine chewables. The ingredients list GlutaSyn, Milk Thistle, DMG and a synergistic blend of ingredients for advanced liver support…verbatim from the front of the package.

  16. Maybe Charlie has always wanted to scratch like Abbi did, but was too timid to do it with her around. He might be spreading his wings a bit more and is trying new things.
    I’m glad he is on the mend! My Lois hurt her neck a few weeks ago (still gave no clue how), and she still isn’t up to par. It’s hard to worry about our little ones, but their unconditional love makes it all worth while.
    I’m glad you are feeling a little lighter, too. ❤️

    1. I know. I think he’s quite handsome even though his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth because he only has two teeth. Part of his charm.

  17. Brenda,

    I am so happy to hear that Charlie is feeling better. It is funny that he is under the bed scratching like Abbie. I wonder why.

    I love your new red microwave! Such a happy color.

    Have a great day!

  18. Brenda, I’m so glad it’s just a slight UTI for Charlie; he’s just so adorable. I love the red microwave. When you have a chance, please tell us how you make iced coffee? I might want to try that.
    Your kitchen and it looks LIVED IN, so don’t worry about picking up before you take photos to share.

    Carol and Molly

  19. Brenda, your home always looks so neat and pretty. You are very organized and have such a good eye for doing entailed placement of items. Glad Charlie is on the way to mending. Hope your days just keep getting sunnier.

  20. I love the color and size of the microwave. I also love that farmhouse scene. There is a spot in my kitchen where it would fit nicely. It is weird hearing that you and others have pets who are behaving like a previous pet. We are experiencing that same thing right now! Our big orange cat Mickey died in November and we got Calvin, our little tuxedo guy, six months later. So we’ve had him four months now, and in the past month he has started doing some things just like Mickey did. If we leave a tote bag or back pack or purse sitting on a surface Calvin can get to, such as the floor or the bed, he will lay down and use the bag as a pillow, just like Mickey did. He also has started hopping up on a stool to watch us fix breakfast, something Mickey always did. Our female cat, Hattie, who is Mickey’s sister, has never, ever done these things, even though she lived with Mickey his entire 15-year life. So, it is very strange! But maybe not all that uncommon!

      1. Hi. I was wrong on my months — we got Calvin three months after Mickey died, not six. And we have had him for four months. I think these stories are fascinating too.

  21. I have lamps in my closet I can switch out. I love new lamps, but I several more in the closet and don’t need any.

  22. Liking your new kitchen arrangement Brenda. I am glad you got little Charlie taken care of yesterday and that he likes his new “treat.”

    I too like ambient light only and have a :”thing” for cute little lamps from the thrift store!

  23. Hi,
    I am glad you are going to get the D-Mannose. I find it to be most effective for me. My mom and dad gave it to their kitty, sprinkled over his food. I just order it from Amazon but you can get it at health food stores or vitamin shops. I am glad Charlie is on the mend. You seem to be better as well. Enjoy a happy day!

      1. I, too, finally found D-Mannose after having a series of UTI’s. It seems to work great. Check with your vet to see if you can give it to Charlie; it might help him a lot.

  24. So glad to read that Charlie only has an infection and I pray that it will heal soon. I know you were terrified. It’ funny how he’s taking on some of Abi’s habits and behaviors. I tell you – I don’t know how you believe on these things – but let me just explain what has happened with my little guy WInston.

    Winston is a Shitzu, 5 years old and has been with us for about 16 months now. We had two little Peke’s before Nash and Mister, they both lived to be 14. Since coming to live with us I have to tell you that Winston has taken on personality traits and behaviors from both of my little guys. It’s the funniest thing but true! We always start the day with who will Winston be channeling today – Nash or Mister.

    I believe and know that my little Nash and Mister are still here in our home. I often will see one of them walk by or feel them brush against my leg. Or sometimes I’ll even smell their very distinctive scents. It was so hard at first, but now it’s such a comfort to know they are still with us. And I like to believe that Winston is aware of them and they all play together when I’m not watching.

    What a blessing our fur babies are! Have a blessed day Brenda, you and Charlie both.

    1. I got it at Kirklands several years ago, Debbie. But I’ve seen that same size in there a few months ago.

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