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  1. Pinned both the chicken and green bean recipes – yum!

    Enjoyed the blog with the ideas for using empty frames. I just picked up another empty frame at a vintage store the other day.

  2. Love today’s blog. Interesting ideas to do with photo frames I would never have thought of. 10 herbs to grow in the shade, I like that as we have quite a bit of shade now the trees and shrubs are growing.
    More books to add to my list, it sure is growing as I don’ t read as much in the winter, I like to sit in the garden with a good book after I’ve done a bit of weeding etc.

  3. I’m going to find “Charming Falls Apart,” sounds like something I will enjoy reading. The article on the refresh/makeover/update of the old trailer was interesting. I so admire women who take up and learn how to use power tools and take on what I consider overwhelming DIY projects.

  4. Books look Like I I need to see if the library has them. Might make that Tuscan chicken sometime and love the Brooklyn Herbs garden.

  5. So much wonderful eye-candy today, Brenda! Thank you
    Put both books in my cart. Appear to be my kind of reading.
    Again, thank you!
    I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

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