1. I love, love, love calibrachoa! Thanks so much for additional information about it.

  2. Colorful vintage cottage style…my favorite link! What beautiful, inspiring decor ideas. And that guest cottage in Maine – wow. Thanks for the links, Brenda!

  3. Oh those peonies are are such pretty flowers. I love how big and gorgeous thr blooms can get. They really do look like a romantic flower. I thought thr rainbow room was interesting, especially since it was more neutral looking. I can see how that would be really cute in a kid’s playroom.

  4. Quite a lovely mix of links to follow. My favorite thing though is the quote by Victoria Erickson. Thank you for taking the time to collect all of these articles.

  5. New and Notable Mentions is a great addition to your blog, Brenda. I appreciate the time you spend researching what’s out there for us to peruse. I hope the powers that be in Blogland take note of your readers’ positive regard to these posts as well as the weekly ones. We, your readers, love what you post for us!

  6. I really enjoy going through New & Notable Mentions, there is always something that catches my eye. I’m not really that much into cooking, but I love seeing what people do the insides and outsides of their homes, apartments and condos and all of the other interesting info out there on the internet these days. Today I enjoyed reading about the 10 most walkable cities in the USA for women over 50. Two of my favorites were included – New York and Chicago. I LOVE New York and if I was a millionaire I’d move there in a flash. Alas, I can’t even afford to rent somebody’s closet in expensive Manhattan, LOL! But it is very true that you can walk around New York and I never felt endangered, even took the subway and the regular city buses to get around when a destination was a little too far to walk. I could spend an entire week just exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and then there is the Museum of Natural History, another several days type of museum with exhibits and treasures to explore. I’ve been there twice for a week each time and barely scratched the surface of what there is to see and do. I also love Chicago, which is just a 90 minute comfy train ride from where I live. I’ve been there many times over the years and it never gets old. IMO, it can compete with New York for quality of museums, theaters and great restaurants, for starters. The book about the couple that broke up and is pretending to still be a couple (one last time) sounds interesting, too.

  7. Wonderful places to graze today, Brenda! Thanks for all the time and effort you spend in doing these posts. I too was drawn to the Maine blog as that’s one of my favorite places. And the books look like entertaining and good reads.

  8. Love everything you’ve shared today, Brenda. I’m especially drawn to the summer cottage in Maine. I’d enjoy spending time there. It looks especially blissful.
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Brenda, I love your Saturday New and Notable Mentions posts and appreciate all the hours of work you must put in to search for and organize them for your blog. I’m at home most of the time, so it’s like taking a little vacation. Thank you for the treat.

  10. Glad you were patient and let your healing happen with patience. That is so hard to do. Love all the recipes and the reads sound so good. Happy Weekend. Kris

  11. It was wonderful to read your heartfelt words yesterday. I am so glad for you and Ivy to be in such a nice home and neighborhood. Your health is everything and I while like the Dr. said to give it a year which sounded and felt like forever, you are getting around better. Glad your garden is fixed the way you want it so you can enjoy it all season. Looks like another great batch of interesting reads. (For later this evening!) I always check in early then I hang clothes and putter in the garden! You know how it is! The farmer’s markets and yard sales are enticing but I’ll pass. I do my little bit of running errands during the week and try to stay home where all is right in my world on the weekends. I have been wanting to do a declutter and I have started with switching out silk flower arrangements with live plants. I have been taking my time washing the fairy sprinkles (dust) off and I will see what doesn’t make the cut when they are all washed and ready to be sorted. Always something to keep you busy. Have a great weekend.

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