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  1. Maybe that Doctor needs to leave medicine. When you have no compassion it is time to go. I worked as an RN for 20 plus years. I am not an antivaxer. My children have been fully vaccinated. I took care of lung cancer patients who smoked their whole life, alcoholics with liver cancer and esophogeal cancer. I gave care to diabetics and heart disease patients who never followed their diet and the list goes on. I treated them all like I would want to be treated. The same as I would want my parent or sibling to be treated.
    The vaccinated are coming in to hospitals with covid just as well as the unvaccinated. CDC acknowledged it on video within the last couple days. Physicians in Florida and New York, just to name a couple, are holding back on early life saving treatment of Ivermectin. Look into It. There are physicians who have treated early and never lost a patient. My daughter lost an 18 year old friend to myocarditis from the vaccine and my brother developed Afib and has to be on blood thinners for life now due to the vaccine. There is an agenda going on in this country. Wait until you or one of your loved ones are injured and you will open your eyes. Take a look at the Vaers report listing deaths and side effects. Any normal person should be able to wait and see long term studies and make a decision for themselves. If you decide the vaccine is for you, by all means get it. Now it is the vaccine, what freedom will it be next?

  2. Love the cozy home post, and the mini Boston Cream pie. I had read that article about the doctor on the front lines. He’s got a point.

  3. I read the article about the Dr on the frontlines too and sent it to my son, who neither he nor his family have had the vaccine. I will keep after him, until they are so sick of me hounding them, hopefully they will get the much needed vaccine! I just love the throw which comes in a multitude of colors. I’m going to order one!

  4. Really like this weekly feature “New and Notable Mentions” a lot! Something to learn, something to see (eye candy) etc. Sort of like a carry-in at the church. You take what you like and enjoy! Especially like those mentions featuring blogs I don’t know about as so many I once followed, just sort of disappeared since the pandammit. Still a sucker for eye candy and reassuring to see others moving on in the new normal. Thanks Brenda for sharing!

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