New Pics Of The Patio Garden May 16, 2021

I just got in from watering my plants.

The sun is beaming down now. It hasn’t rained as the forecast predicted.

I guess Mother Nature had other plans. We know she has an intelligence that the human weather forecasters simply do not possess and can’t always predict.

The View To The Alley Fence:

The sedum I plucked up from various parts of the garden has certainly filled the various containers.

Just look at that top galvanized container. Now those beautiful little yellow blooms are sprinkled through the plant like little starbursts.

Gerbera Daisies:

The red and yellow gerbera daisies are growing and blooming amid all the pansies in their pots.

I love to watch the blooming process. The way each petal unfolds and loosens to spread out like the rays of the sun.

Mandevilla Vine:

The red mandevilla vine has begun to flower. Flowers look and feel like fine velvet.

I love to rub the leaves as they remind me of Lamb’s Ear.

Purple Clematis Vine:

The clematis vine is flowering as well. The old saying about clematis growth is, “The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap.”

This is its first year. I lost the white clematis I’d had for probably 6-7 years in the winter cold.

Clematis bloom times range from February or March until frost. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to clematis flowers. As cut flowers, clematis are long-lasting.

The fruit is typically a showy ball-shaped, “feathery” structure. The seedpods are used in dried flower arrangements.

I will have quite a few vines on this fence bordering my nextdoor neighbor. Mandevilla, clematis and morning glories.

Purple Pansies:

The pansies are still quite lovely, as it hasn’t gotten very hot yet. In fact it has been unseasonably cool so far.

It’s been a strange year weather wise.

Blue Raised Garden Bed:

The blue raised garden is full to the brim and then some. I love the many shades of green of the different plants.

The other day I cut back the English Ivy that was about to grow up the side of the blue container.

Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups Growing Among The Hosta Plants:

If you look closely you can see the pansies I planted in this bed growing up through the giant hosta leaves.

The Wicker Settee & Surrounding Potted Plants:

The tree above has leafed out and is now in its blossoming stage, which will not last long. A few weeks at most.

Then it makes a mess of the blooms on the cement as they turn brown and fall. But in the short time they’re there, they smell magnificent.

Purple Petunias:

The purple petunias have filled this green pot. I enjoy going out and deadheading the flowers.

It is a meditative process for me. One I enjoy.

Front View Of The Garden:

Here is a wider view of the garden just outside my French doors into my dining room.

It makes me smile to sit there at the table inside and eat my meals and stare at this beauty just outside my door.

Trailing Verbena:

The purple verbena is trailing and I’ve had to begun cutting it back to keep it from growing long instead of lush.

The Layered Galvanized Garden:

The galvanized garden is one of my favorite parts of the patio. But then I love it all.

The containers look more natural in the garden, along with the driftwood I planted voodoo sedum inside.

Then the lemon balm is growing quite fast through the crack in the cement. This herb seems to be indefatigable.


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  1. Your garden is way ahead of mine in Indiana although I do have all mine planted in pots and other things like you do. I would love to sit and look at your beautiful garden, too. You really have a green thumb.

    1. It is frost tender, so once it gets below 50 degrees you’d have to either move it in or it dies. So I treat it as an annual.

  2. Love looking at all this beauty, Brenda! Thanks for the show-and-tell.

  3. Dear Brenda,
    Enjoy your patio garden pics so very! I have a raised bed garden at our new home but I’m struggling with health issues to keep up! Your pics inspire me. Thank You and Blessings.

  4. Ohh everything looks so lovely Brenda!
    Gorgeous colors.
    Most all my favorites.
    We have very little growth in our garden.
    Just too chilly to plant yet.
    Soon though.
    It’s possible we might hire a gardening store to lay new sod.
    Everything needs to be raked with a nice load of new soil. A big job.
    Thanks for sharing your garden pics Brenda!

  5. Hi Brenda! If you remember, I have 5 acres to take care of and lots more grass than my two horses can eat. Seems like all I do is mow and weed eat. As I was shoving my beastly rolling weed eater around the barn and horse runs yesterday I was thinking how delightful it was back when I had a house in town and only had the house and yard to take care of. Seeing your garden makes me miss it even more, but my horses and I will be here until they drop or I do because I love those guys like I gave birth to them! They’re not especially old so I just hope I’m still young enough to have a garden like yours to devote more time to when they’re taken to horse heaven. You certainly are an expert at making the very most of a small space and that’s what I fantasize about, a small space haha.

  6. It’s all so beautiful and artfully arranged. Do you know offhand your patio dimensions? I have a patio I’d like to spiff up and trying to estimate how it compares in size.

  7. Your beautiful patio garden induces a deep breath and then I simply release a deep sigh! It’s the most beautiful patio garden I’ve ever seen.

  8. What a beautiful and cozy spot where you have the wicker settee, with the flowers and bird baths. I love your sun burst on the fence, love it all. I would be so happy to sit there with a drink, and just soak all the lovely in. I bet the fragrance of all of this is just as wonderful as looking at it all!. Wishing you well, Brenda, hugs from WI.

  9. The colors are a feast for the eyes, heart and soul. So beautiful, Brenda! Your garden is far ahead of mine in SE Wisconsin. Things need a few weeks of sun and warmer weather before they’re ready to bloom, other than the flowering cherry out front and the purple leaf plum. We’ve been below or about “seasonal” temps but after the early tease of late spring with temperatures in the 70s and even hitting 80 a few times, it was such a disappointment when the weather turned relatively normal again, and the plants thought so too. While my neighbor’s bleeding heart has been blooming and full height for weeks, mine is only 6 inches tall! However, my columbines that have spread willy nilly are nearly ready to bloom – all different shades from pale lavender to deep purple. We’ve needed rain and got some yesterday, but not an inch. We are at a water deficit right now. I went flower shopping with a friend on Thursday, and plants are slowly going in, but I can’t be on my knees too long and struggle to get up, and sitting on a little stool to plant is not optimum but is the only alternative. I will have to wait until the soil and grass dry up a bit to finish planting 8 more little annuals plus one tomato plant. Couldn’t resist having fresh tomatoes again, I missed them last year when I didn’t plant any. The big flower shopping date here is usually Memorial Day weekend. We sure don’t have the long growing season you do!

  10. Brenda,
    Your garden is lovely. I feel your peace there. One of the most beautiful patio spaces I have seen.

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