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  1. Brenda, your new pillows look beautiful! I am going to check out this Etsy shop. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your new pillow covers are so pretty and cheery. I bookmarked the Etsy site to look at in further detail later.

  3. Laura Biegel says:

    Hi Brenda,
    Your pillows are beautiful, so bright and cheery! I will have to check out Twisted Bobbin and since you mentioned Greenville, NY maybe I can check out the shop in person. I live about 15 miles from there.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I hope you don’t feel that you need to “get over” mourning for Gracie and your beloved doggies. It’s natural to grieve for lost loved ones including our fur babies, who are as much part of our families as our human relatives – well, for some of us anyway. People either get it, or they don’t, there doesn’t seem to be an “in-between” type of person when it comes to the love of pets or dismissing them as “animals” and they don’t understand the deep pain the loss of a pet can cause. I love red and white. My house on the outside has bright red doors, black shutters, and white trim. Red planters, white planters, and a red, white and black checked rug on the front mini porch. Red Drift roses out front and red and white annuals are planted across the front planting beds. The red and white floral pillow cover is especially beautiful, I have a thing for floral prints.

    1. Even if I wanted to, I can’t stop grieving. It will be one year next month since I lost my Charlie boy. Your place sounds beautiful!

    1. This morning we watched a rabbit lay in the grass while eating it. A bird was near it picking seeds out of the grass. They were companionable.

  5. Annette Tracy says:

    The pillows are lovely. Red is such a fantastic color and always makes me smile.

    I finally finished Ozark. Do you think they left it open for a comeback?

    We also watched Candy. It was good I just don’t like films that have such a dark background. Makes me want to turn lights on somehow!! Jessica Biel
    was great in it. You might like it Brenda.

    Ivy is such a beautiful girl. And she loves you lots. ❣️

    1. I finished Ozark a few weeks ago. I’ve been reading about it, and doubt there will be a comeback. What would the show be without Ruth?

      1. I agree what would Ozark be without Ruth. She was such a spitfire! Just read an article where Jason Bateman said he thought it was a good time to finish the show and he thought Marty and the Byrde family would go back to a “normal” life. I was heartbroken with Ruth but I liked when Marty’s son saved the day at the end. Isn’t it crazy that even with all the evil things the Byrde family did we kinda wanted them just to be normal?

        1. I guess because we got to know the characters and liked them, over time they “normalized” what they were doing and we bought it.

      2. Annette Tracy says:

        Absolutely!! That was my thoughts too!!

      3. About the pets…I understand.
        Your mention of Ivy’s routine reminded me of coming downstairs every morning to be greeted by my flock of six cats, mewing and leading me to the feeding station. It was like those 50s comedy tv shows (Green Acres, for example) with fake farm backdrops and a gaggle of squawking chickens scattering at the base of the stairs any time an actor stepped out into the yard. Now I’ve three cats left, old age has taken the rest of the from me in just this past year. I think of them all every single morning at breakfast time, not daring to start the day until they were served first! I miss them, and grieve them, yes. What has helped is the thought of what a good, safe, happy life I gave them.

  6. Love the new pillow covers. I use yard sale pillow shams to cover my wicker chair cushions. I look for placements that have a front and back and use a seam ripper to open one end. Just pop in the pillow or stuffing and hand sew it closed. Easy and makes it so easy to add color to my neutral sofa.

  7. The pillows are so lovely! I especially love the tropical print one – very Hawaiian and so fun! Great choices!

    1. That is the one that first caught my eye.

  8. I’m so glad your lovely new pillow covers put a spark in your summer days. The continued grief over Gracie is so overwhelming, isn’t it? It’s just going to take time, but you already know that.
    It’s exciting to me that you’ve come to love your new home. Enjoying your days with Ivy and your friends/neighbors.
    Thank you for the links to vintage cupcake pans – I placed an order and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fun package. 🙂
    Enjoy your Friday, Brenda!

    1. I was hoping you’d come back and see those links!

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