My spoon rest broke last week. Broke right in half when I put a hot spoon in it. I use one a lot so I went online searching for another one.

So I was looking on And guess what I came across?

I found a red kitchen scale as well as a red spoon rest. The spoon rest is made of cast iron with a rooster in the middle of the handle. And boy, is it heavy!

The spoon rest was under $10.

The 22 pound kitchen scale was very affordable too.

The kitchen scale with the stainless steel tray was $21.99. And it looks quite retro vintage I think.

I just love finding red items for my red and white kitchen.

I think the red and white items look so cheerful against the “faux” white subway tiles Kendra put up, and the shiny white kitchen counter I DIYed.

The scale came in three pieces. The scale itself, the stainless steel tray and the red piece that attaches the two. Simple to put together.

I’ve always wanted a red scale for my kitchen.

I have found a few other useful red items for my kitchen lately. The other items are not here yet. But of course I’ll show them to you when they are delivered.

When I walk into my little apartment kitchen the red and white just makes me smile.

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  1. Hi Brenda, love the new found red treasures! I am a red lover myself. I have had that scale for a few years and love it! It does have a vintage feel.

  2. Your spoon rest ans scale are both really cheerful. I love a spoon rest and the oner you got will last a lifetime and I love that too. I also love the 2 “cutting boards” you show in your pictures. They seem to be pretty “fancy” so I’m assuming you use then as serving boards or simply decor. I’d have a hard time cutting with a knife on their lovely patterns. Thank you for sharing. I live in a small space and all you’re ti[s help!

  3. Love your new red items. The scale is delightful and the spoon rest too. I love a red and white kitchen. The faux subway tiles look so good. They truly look real. You’ve done it again… bowled us over with your creativity and decorating.

  4. Brenda,
    how are you so lucky finding such chic/farmhouse items? They’re gorgeous! Your red scale begs to feature some of your garden’s tomatoes and maybe a pepper! The red spoon rest is going to be indestructible! I love them… sigh. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. sending prayers for your body/back issues. There is nothing worse than dull pain that we have to drag around…

  5. Love it!
    I have some red in my kitchen and a little pink too(slowly transitioning to a “girly girl at 65,lol)
    Definitely keeps the space bright even on dreary days!
    Enjoy your finds😻

  6. It was meant to be for your spoon rest to break so you could find the red scale. The spoon rest is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I looked for a spoon rest not too long ago and if I had seen that one I would have bought it !

  7. I so enjoy coming by your blog each day. It is a moment of quiet respite in this chaotic world we live in today. When I leave I am inspired to work on things in my own home to make it my “fortress of solitude.”

  8. I love red accents in the kitchen, and you sure do know where to find the “Best” items. The scale does look vintage, and the red spoon rest is something I need. I’ve been using a paper napkin, so I think it’s time I go shopping. Your kitchen inspires me. Hugs from WI

  9. If you smile when you walk into a room, then it’s a place that feeds your soul, I would think. Your red items are quite perky and pleasing. Oh, I noticed I have some cherry tomatoes, finally, but they are far from ripe. Can’t wait to taste them.

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