I’ve discovered a new to me piano musician. He is Yurima.

He was born in Seoul and began learning the piano at age five. Then he moved to London when he was ten years old.

There he attended the Purcell School for Young Musicians and graduated from King’s College London.

After graduation, Yiruma returned to South Korea and released his debut album “Love Scene” in 2001.

Among his most popular pieces are River Flows in You, Love Hurts, Kiss the Rain, and May Be.

The name Yiruma means “I shall achieve” in Korean.

Yiruma has released 8 studio albums and composed lots of soundtracks for musicals, films and plays.

His music is so poignant and moving that I feel compelled to stop what I’m doing and just listen. I so admire someone with this much talent.

You can listen to him on YouTube here. Let me know what you think of his music.

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  1. I love Yiruma! His music has been on my office playlist for years. It’s so peaceful and calming. Since I’m a school admin, his music can be soothing when the days get crazy and hectic.

  2. I also love Paul Cardall and Yiruma. I am trying to learn ” A River Flows In Your” on the piano, it’s slow going!! Two of my other musician favorites are “Secret Garden”, pianist and violinist and Helen Jane Long, a pianist.

  3. Brenda, thank you for the music recommendations. I’ve been listening to Paul Cardall on my Amazon Echo, and now I have added Yiruma to the playlist. Beautiful music!

  4. I recognized the first song in your link as one I’ve heard played on a cable music channel called Soundscapes that I like to listen (and occasionally nap) to. 🙂 Thanks for the information on this artist.

  5. Beautiful music! Thank you so much, Brenda! It is so wonderful to hear about new things and you are always doing just that. And the comments from other readers are also instructive and helpful – well, most of the time, haha. I will check out Barbara’s suggestion – sounds wonderful.

  6. I found on you tube the other day another musician who I wanted to tell you about. His name is Shulem Lemmer and he has a beautiful tenor voice. He is a Hasidic Jew and he is the first Hasidic Jew to sign a record deal with Decca Gold. I knew of Hasidic Jews but not very much. So I started doing research on this very orthodox sect of Judaism and it was very interesting reading about their beliefs and culture. Because the religious laws they follow are so defined and stringent there are many confines this young man must follow when he performs. Everything he does must be approved by his rabbi. For example, he can not perform with a woman and the songs he sings can not be in the romantic realm. Nevertheless this young man’s voice is so magical and inspiring to listen to much like the tenor, Josh Groban. I doubt Shulem will ever go mainstream but in his interviews I found him so humble and very interesting. He made a point in one interview to stress how we are all more alike than we are different. Certainly right now that’s a message America needs to relearn and remember. Shulem Lemmer can be found on You Tube and has produced a few cd’s, as well, if anyone wishes to hear this new voice.

  7. Wow, he has a nice voice as well as plays well…both do not always go together as to the talents a person is born with, frankly. One of my daughters can play not only piano but many other instruments, however I find her best ability is the piano…and yes, she can sing on tune, but by far her playing is more talented. While I can play piano and organ, my singing voice (I was born with…some training in school choir is all later) is better than my playing abilities. My mom could play exceedingly well on piano, my dad on a trumpet. Neither had remarkable singing voices, but rarely have I heard others with their talents playing those instruments. It is amazing the different ways all humans are born able to achieve in different fields. I think I have heard some of Yiruma’s music as background music on some youtube channels. Music is indeed one of the biggest blessings in life and I am so glad that there is so much available for free online these days, for all of us to enjoy!! Thanks for sharing this artist!!

  8. omgoodness! so beautiful! I am going to order – so much needed peace in these crazy times! THANK YOU!
    But what is the title of the album that has these songs?

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