This newly renovated home in Austin, Texas was just about to be put on the market to be sold. But first the Frank family opted to call a designer to come have a look at their current home.

Lieve Saether from Turnstyle Interior Design met with the owners of this neo-colonial home. They explained that they didn’t like their current house’s layout and design.

The Frank family had just about decided to start from scratch with a whole new residence.

The Living Room:

Yet the designer knew that she could give them the fresh look they wanted right there in their own home. She would give this existing shell a stunning second life.

The final result were airy spaces and unique details. The house ended up with light-drenched rooms and a soothing color palette.

The living room has lots of house plants on a stand next to the couch.

Lieve gave the living room new artsy furnishings. The neutral furniture and rug were combined with dark wood floors and house plants to soften a corner.

A round mirror hangs over a distressed cupboard

The kitchen now opens up to the family room. These rooms are distinct, yet there is a natural flow.

The Entryway:

The stairs in this newly renovated Austin home now has a black banister

The colors in the entry area were chosen to balance the staircase with the black banister.

Tulips fill a vase  next to a clear lamp base and a boho container

Instead of a traditional painting, Lieve hung an antique nomadic blanket on the wall. It was originally used by Inca travelers and gives the space a sense of history.

The Kitchen:

The designer changed up the kitchen back splash in this newly renovated Texas home
Flowers were added to give a special touch to the kitchen counters.

When picking vases for flower displays, Lieve suggests looking to the past: “Pick a favorite vase or ask a parent for one you remember from childhood and build from there.”

The chosen kitchen hardware is gold

For the kitchen hardware Lieve chose gold Atlas drawer pulls.

Her tip on choosing kitchen hardware?

Always hold hardware in your hands when choosing pieces for your kitchen to “make sure it’s comfortable once it is installed. Because the weight and shape of hardware is incredibly important to the process.”

The kitchen is white with black counter tops and now feels light and airy.

The Dining Room:

The dining room in this newly renovated home in Austin, Texas

For the dining room, Lieve selected a sturdy zinc-topped table and graphic Riviera chairs from Serena & Lily.

Little blue ceramic butterflies add whimsy to the table

Tiny ceramic butterflies give the table a whimsical feel.

After the renovation was complete, the Frank family fell in love with their home again. They now have a house that fits their needs and is kid-friendly as well.

{The photos and details for this home tour came from Cottages & Bungalows online.}


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