Newlywed Couple’s First Apartment In San Francisco

The newlyweds have done an excellent job in their first apartment in North Beach, SF.

This apartment boasts 850 square feet.

Probably many newlyweds start out with a card table for the dining room. And this one looks vintage.

The hardwood floors are a nice touch.

A small bathroom, customary for apartments.

They have given their space a dose of both their personalities.

Do you think you would like to live in this apartment?



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  1. Absolutely!! I love the apt and their decor…I LOVE San Fran so much! Had I won the lottery when I was younger…or now, really…I'd love to live there.


  2. Cute apartment. San Francisco is a very expensive place to live! I couldn't afford a shoebox to live in there….

  3. Hi Brenda, just love that shade of green with the brown in the living room. Yes I would be very comfortable in this apt. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  4. I love how bright it is. I like the trim, the built-in… Yeah, I would like to live in this apartment! I wish as a newlywed I'd had this kind of decor. The vintage dining set is very charming!

  5. To me, this apartment seems bigger that 850 sq. ft. Nice use of color. After a few decorating adjustments, I would love to live here. Also, the countertop and backsplash are lovely, just not my personal taste.

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