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  1. Well, if I were in that situation I would go get in my car and drive it down the road aways. Then I would stop and get out and sneak back to the van and see if I could release the little girl and take her to my car and drive, unable to see much, because of the storm, I would just keep driving to get as far away as possible with her. But, then the police would learn about the child's abduction and eventually find me with her and arrest me and send me to trial for kidnapping and then to jail. Drat! That didn't work! How come none of the other folks had working cell phones? If they did, then I would call my sister and tell her to call the police and give them my location and they would come and release the child and arrest all of us. Oops, that's not so good, either!

    Geez, I might have to read this darn, scary, nerve-wracking book just to see what the guy actually does! And you know, Brenda, how I hate these scary stories!

  2. I am jotting this down to request it from the library. I love a good page turner like this. Thanks for the review. xo Diana

  3. I am with Vikki! I would never read this book. I, too get caught up in the fear and hopelessness of a situation like this. I also do not watch murder plots or movies on TV or in theaters-I just think, "Why should I scare myself to death and then have nightmares at night?" I am a sensitive soul just looking for happy tales and stories to make me smile.

  4. what I would do is….never read this book! (ha) I could never stand all the suspense and fear–I get into the plot way too much.

  5. Sounds like a page turner that will keep me up all night…can't wait to read it! I have one that I couldn't put down until I finished it at 5AM. It might not appeal to you…I didn't think I would care for it, however it was fascinating. The Radium Girls tells the true story of young women in the early 1900's who work in a "studio" (as opposed to Factory) painting luminous dials on watch faces and instrument dials with paint that has radium mixed in it. The pay and the working conditions are above average and they enjoy the added glamour of the glow that covers then, head to toe, in the luminosity. Fast forward several years and they start falling ill with the same mysterious symptoms. I downloaded this to my iPad from Kindle for $3 through Amazon. I highly recommend it!

  6. oh my this sounds like a book I would definitely read, must look for it. Thks for this Brenda. Have you read any James Patterson? Some I like very much and others eh not so much.

  7. Sounds very good. Right up my alley. Just put it on my Amazon list and can't wait to read it. I appreciate your book recommendations.

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