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  1. What is the name of the quilt pattern? I think it is just gorgeous!

  2. I’ve got the book on my next to read list! I used to finish books in one sitting but now that I am retired, I find it takes a long time to sit still and finish a book.

    My car will be 20 years old next year. I keep up the maintenance and other than a few bumps (and a new transmission), it is still reliable. But I do worry about it since parts are getting more difficult to find. I’m trying to find the rubber weatherstripping for the rear cargo windows since they have shrunk and don’t want to stay in place anymore.

  3. I did finally find your email and I sent an Amazon gift card. Brenda, your readers and I appreciate all your efforts in publishing your blog. I feel like there are fewer places online where I feel so comfortable visiting. Thank you.

  4. I LOVE your blog and read it daily and I’d miss it terribly if it was gone. I actually would love to send you an Amazon gift card to help supplement your income. All one needs to do that is an email address. I have a hard time finding one on your site so if it was more prevalent, I’d be more than happy to send you one. Some bloggers also have a “tip jar” which I’ve used at times, but I don’t know how that works on your end. The new Substack newsletters drive me bonkers.

  5. I love that first picture! The two pictures hanging next to your quilt, along with the yellow pillow, all go so nicely together. They’re really so pretty. Regarding your ads and making less money, is they’re anything we can do to help?

  6. Brenda, I heard the same from my ad network. In fact my revenue dropped 50% this month. Oh well, as they say it is always good to diversify. Make sure that you are adding links to the books so that if people purchase you will get a few cents from Amazon.
    Also, apply for the Amazon Influencer program and set up the little storefront, that way your readers can “support” you whenever they make an amazon purchase.
    As for blogging, I think most people do not realize how expensive it is to write and host a blog, you need to let your readers know that. IT is exactly why many former free bloggers have moved to Substack and subscription services.
    You deserve and should enjoy any and all that you treat yourself too, including the trip to McDonalds. YOU have worked hard all of your life, and raised two girls and work now everyday to post and grow your blog. I am happy that you are on Mediavine and at least earn something to supplement your social security.
    Sadly a large % of US women over the age of 50 live below poverty. It is very sad.
    Take care my friend, you are in my prayers.
    xo Elizabeth

    1. I am on the Adthrive network, not Mediavine. I do put Amazon affiliate links in posts when I write about books. I can’t join the influencer program because I don’t have enough social media followers. My income this past month was down about the same. Thank goodness I have Social Security or Ivy and I would starve! I feel terrible for women my age who live below the poverty line. I am blessed for sure.

  7. Brenda do you know why advertisers won’t be spending as much on blogs this coming year? I wonder why when everyone jams their advertising no matter where you turn , read or watch now a days. I don’t think some businesses that do enormous advertising seem to be hurting that much when you read the revenue they are making and what their CEO’s bring home for pay. That’s why it’s nice you support as local as you can with your take out meals. Many of our restaurants in my area are doing take out meals more than sit down in their restaurants.

    1. I think the future is with take-out meals. And some fast food restaurants are changing to no contact meals where delivery services pick up food through something like what they have at the bank drive-thru. Food packages shuttled down from a separate floor, is what I read. I don’t know why advertisers are spending less money. It’s a fickle business and we are at their mercy along with Google. Just the way it is. Last year at this time I made considerably more. Which is why I save money. You can be sure CEOs won’t be hurting. What’s a million here or there for them?

      1. You are a frugal person Brenda and I applaud you living within your means. You deserve to treat yourself as it’s not like you are out shopping like many woman do frequently or go out to lunch with friends. Or even smoke which is a very expensive habit. Thank you for continuing your blog as it’s my social media enjoyment reading them.

  8. I am going to have to treat myself to a Caramel Iced Coffee from McDonald’s. Every time you mention it I want to jump in my car right then and there. LOL On occasion I do take a drive to McDonald’s to get a large sweet tea. In my humble opinion I think they have the best sweet tea.
    Some interesting books, Brenda! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.

    1. They do have good iced tea as well. But try the caramel iced coffee. You can get a medium size for $1.99. I have no idea what it would be at Starbucks, or what it would be called. But I’ve never wasted my money there, because I’ve heard the prices are quite high. For me it’s a treat to have the caramel iced coffee for less than $2.

      1. I think Starbucks is very expensive and I don’t care for their coffee and other fancy drink. I’m quite content with McDonald’s sweet tea. Next time I go out I will drive through McDonald’s to get a caramel iced coffee.

  9. I thought of an author you might enjoy. Her name Is Hank Phillipi Ryan.

  10. These books sound like something I would like to read. I just finished These Silent Woods by Kimi Cunningham Grant. I think we are all watching our money these days. I am trying to visit as many blogs as I can to help my blogger friends. Not sure how much it helps but it’s something little I can do.

    1. Dora, that is a very kind thing to do. Bloggers work very hard and it’s nice to know that people that read our blogs appreciate and support us. As for the help, it helps a lot!

  11. Both of the novels sound like good reading. The kind that keeps you guessing until the end.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.
    Oh, and your iced coffee sounds delicious!

  12. I love this type of book also and I will keep my eye out for it. Sounds like your ankle may be feeling a bit better since you were able to go out. Hope you are feeling better and I enjoy reading your blog-been here for quite a few years.

    1. I was wise enough to wear my walking boot. I tried going it without it last week and it didn’t bode well.

  13. Good thing you are getting half of your late husband’s social security to supplement your blog income! Have a great Sunday 😊!

    1. I think Brenda also mentioned annuities from her late husband as well! She is a lucky lady in her golden years. Many of us Seniors on fixed incomes can not afford to shop on Amazon and get take out several times a week. But oh well I’m glad our Brenda can show us her lovelies, her blog is an escape for many of us.

      1. I thought you are entitled to all of a spouse’s social security after they pass. It’s only half?

  14. Thank you for yesterday’s New and Notables, I really enjoyed it. I nearly always read your blog daily but don’t always comment.
    I have made a note of the book review in today’s blog, its just up my street.

    Do we have to click on the ads for you to get a commission? That would be easy enough to do.

    1. No, you don’t have to click on anything. I get paid when you visit the blog. You may be about the only reader who likes this type of book. So I’ll think: I bet Wendy would like this one.

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