After looking in every room and nook and cranny, it seems the camera and lenses were in the backseat of my car. In plain sight.

I recall now thinking if I put it there I’d have easy access to it and remember where it was. Of course, all that was forgotten.

I went out to run a few errands and you know what? For some reason, my ankle hardly hurt at all. Do you think the carpet here makes a difference?

Well, whatever the reason is, I’ll take it! Temporary or not.

Simple Joys In Life:

When I got back I got my red cart out of the coat closet (I have a coat closet; simple joys!) rolled it to my carport, and unloaded some sacks from the car. It was so pleasant to have that space and no ugliness around me.

I was so calm when I was out. Surprisingly calm. I guess I hadn’t realized how on edge living in that apartment with the potential of snakes falling from the ceiling vents was.

It was so nice. And as I was putting sacks in my rolling cart, I saw the cutest rabbit about 4 feet from me. It was pretty tame and fairly big with a white tail.

Gracie walking around in the living room
Sorry the photo is grainy. She wouldn’t stop walking.

Just wait till Ivy sees a rabbit!

I slept well. At ease. Tired but much more at ease.

The manager sent me an email saying she wanted to know if there were any problems she could address because she wants the tenants here to be happy.

I found out that there are 150 apartments. Twenty percent of the occupants can be younger than 55, but I haven’t seen any.

My Nextdoor Neighbors:

I met the people next door yesterday. A couple. I’ve forgotten their names. I’m not quick about learning names.

In I found my camera, I took a photo of my patio for you to see

Above is my patio. I actually have a small yard space beyond this, but it has a lot of rocks to walk around. So now that I’m parked inside the gate under the carport, I come in from the front door.

You can kind of see where I have two sets of patio doors adjacent to each other. That gives me lots of light for house plants. And good areas for Ivy to look out for critters.

That area with a door you see is a small outdoor storage space. It is where the garden stuff I brought is and a few boxes of Christmas ornaments.

My Japanese Maple In A Container:

The only plants I brought is the rosemary you can see in the photo, and I talked the movers into bringing my Japanese Maple. It’s at the end of the patio where you can’t see it.

Most everything else was dormant for the winter, so I didn’t try to dig anything up at the old apartment.

I’m considering taking one of those outdoor chairs and putting it in my bedroom. For a couple of days when the beige chair was in there, Ivy slept in it at night. At least part of the night.

Then I had Kasi move it to the living room, so no more chair for Ivy. I think putting a chair back in the bedroom might encourage her to sleep in there.

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  1. Oh I’m so excited for you and glad you found your camera lenses! Do you think some rock could be moved or removed if you wished? I can’t wait to see the rest! Is it nice to have the second bedroom space? Oh fun on a coat closet!!! You know, we don’t realize how much stress we endure until we leave it! I’m glad you slept well and have peace. And perhaps this place has good carpet padding? When I was younger, I got tile and it really hurt my legs. Makes a big difference what is underfoot. But whether that’s the reason or not, like you said, enjoy the lack of pain while it lasts!

  2. I am so happy that you are in your new home. Take your time and enjoy the process. I moved into my apartment in May of 2020 and still move furniture around, settling in. So much fun!!

  3. Already you sound like you are “home”. Things are coming together very well for the time. I’m happy for you. Putting things in my car when I move is something I’ve always done. I’ve had some long distance moves, so if I don’t do that I’ve had things packed that I didn’t see for many weeks! Live and learn. Have a great day.

  4. Brenda,
    I am relieved you are feeling better; even after all the chaos of the move! Carpeting is soft underfoot and easy on the joints. I hope you keep in touch with your neighbor and things work out well for her also. Pace yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day; and we (all your followers) just want the best outcome for and the kitties!

  5. Wow…I think your apartment is great and looks perfect with the cute patio to relax on..and all of the light. I hope you love it and will be very happy there. Can’t wait to see more exciting for you to begin a new chapter and acquire new decorating space. :0) … Stress can take a toll on our bodies…that is what I am sure you already know..and I know in my own really deteriorates me..but when I alleviate some of it..I very quickly feel better. So happy for you. Well deserved to find a great place to plant yourself and little Family.

  6. I know how much you loved Charlie and Abbie, but I wonder had this apartment complex become available if you would have taken it knowing it had no fenced in patio for the dogs? Maybe Charlie and Abbie sent this apt to you! And to think the patio has a fan on it, too. Wow, you can enjoy mid afternoons on it. Please take things slowly. Going to be a busy week for you.

    1. No, I wouldn’t have taken this apartment had I still had the dogs. It wouldn’t have been fair to them. And Charlie’s monthly bills came to quite a bit. So that would have stopped me as well.

  7. I am so happy for you! As for me, I am really better off health wise when I have a lot I have to do. You HAD to move at this time, you got busy, you forgot about yourself temporarily! I don’t know about you, but, I’ll take it, lol! Your place looks so inviting! What a wonderful time of the year, to be thinking about spring, Medicare, and just enjoying life! I hope your daughters live close by! Best wishes each and everyday!

  8. Just the small bit of your home I’ve seen so far already looks comfy and cozy. I think you, Ivy, and Gracie will be very happy here, Brenda!

    1. Yes yes!!! It’s so cute. I forgot about those black chairs. Looks real nice Brenda!
      Have a relaxing dinner. Get some extra welcome rest tonight again!! I’m telling you, things will change for the better as time goes by.
      Our environment is everything to good health.
      Here’s 🍸🥳 🎉🎈 🎊 to the coming days of being comfortable and happy again Brenda!

      1. Oh Brenda I’m so happy for you! Your patio is cute and I would find myself sitting out there with a good book and enjoying watching the bunnies and birds.
        By what you have posted here, it sounds like you are happy. Your apartment manager seems to be 100 times better than what you had. Best wishes to you and the kitties.

  9. A lot of potential for loveliness from what I can see, Brenda! So glad you found your camera. You are such a good photographer you would really be lost without it. I think you are going to be so happy and relaxed here and that will be so good for your health. No snakes falling from the ceiling–Yay! And the office calls to see how everything is! A-mazing! So glad for you.

    1. So happy for you so deserving to finally have peace and comfort after your last apartment! I am a long time reader and so enjoy everything about your blog! Those kitties will be trying to follow you outside so maybe get a gate if needed so if they happen to venture alongside on the patio. I only say this as my niece’s cat did get out once when she moved to her new apartment. But, so far not again after it was away overnight, it learned its lesson. 😊 My brother lives in Tulsa at 51st and Yale, so I know Tulsa well. Sister in law lives near 81st and Sheridan. We love eating breakfast at The Savoy. Wish I could meet you sometime but we only come in fall to visit. Ok enough rambling. Enjoy Brenda and can’t wait to see rest of apartment. 😊

  10. The patio area looks lovely! I can see the plants already, some hanging from hooks in the ceiling, some on tiered stands. Maybe one of those “live wall” hanging garden pieces to hang on the outside of the door to the storage area on the patio, or a home-made version of one, I’ve seen plenty of them that people have put together online – there are so many creative people in the world, I never cease to be amazed. Are they big rock in your “yard” area? Could they possibly be moved (say, to make sort of a rock-wall fence), or planted around? It’s a whole new world when the stress is gone from where you used to live, always wondering what would break next, what might fall out of a heating vent or chew its way through a wall. UGH! Sounds to me like that entire complex where you used to live will be condemned and torn down. I hope your older neighbor will be able to find a nice place to live. She may be on a fixed income and can’t afford a nicer apartment, and I figure that in Tulsa, as elsewhere across the country, the waiting list to get into subsidized housing for the elderly is years long if most of your income is provided by Social Security, with a chunk of that each month going to pay your Medicare premium.

  11. Brenda
    I do believe your ankle probably is better with the carpet. My apartment doesn’t have carpet in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. The rest is carpeted. I, too, have a bad foot and when I’m in any of the rooms that don’t have carpeting I have to have my shoes on or I can barely walk. The carpet acts like a cushion. It will be interesting to see how your ankle does.

  12. Brenda, that patio looks perfect to be screened in to give the kitties a safe outdoor place to sleep in the sun and fresh air. Wonder if they would allow that?

  13. Your patio looks lovely. Very inviting. Imagine sitting outside, drinking your coffee and enjoying a good book, when the weather is nice, of course. Can’t wait to see more pictures as you continue to unpack, arrange, and rearrange, until you get it just right for you and the girls. It sounds like you are going to be so much happier here. Good management can make all the difference. Congratulations on your new home, and may it bring you peace and joy and comfort for many, many years.

  14. You would be surprised what stress can do to your body, that’s why I’m staying away from negitive ppl as much as possible! Lol
    It’s only going to get better Brenda from now on!

  15. Brenda, I just had a thought. If you want to decorate with your quilts you might consider purchasing a quilt ladder. Amazon has a nice selection. Just food for thought.

  16. Sometimes that’s the way you find things. never was lost so to speak..Love your three photos, Brenda. Thanks for posting again today. Happy your ankle is feeling better. Things are moving along on the “right” track…

  17. Oh Brenda, it is so nice! I too have two patio – in my case, balcony – doors that are adjacent just like yours. One is the bedroom, the other is the living room. I too have a nice storage closet on the balcony. I have lots of plants out there in season – especially herbs.
    So glad to hear that your ankle feels better – maybe it is somewhat because of the carpet.
    And yes, put a chair in there for Ivy girl – she likes to be near you.
    Love that your new manager actually asks you for any suggestions – what a contrast to the old apartment!

  18. I’m glad you found your camera! I chuckled to myself when you said you put it in the car so you would remember where it was and you couldn’t remember your neighbors names! That is exactly how I am !
    I can not, for the life of me, remember peoples names and especially the first time I meet them! Your patio looks nice and cozy! I’m so glad to hear your ankle is feeling better. This was a very good move for you!

  19. The patio looks so inviting and peaceful.
    Your ankle may not be hurting as much as it was because you’re not stressing like you were!

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