I took some of the zinnias that had turned positively brown and put the heads into a zip lock bag to save for next year. I left the zip lock bag slightly open so they could further dry.

I brought them in and placed the baggy on top of my coffee maker.

Before I know it I see Ivy attempting to drag the baggy up the doggy steps to the couch. Of course I took it away from her, which did not make her happy in the least.

Later as I was stepping into the shower I saw that she’d also taken the baggy into the bath tub. There were seeds scattered around the bath tub.

That cat!

I went out searching for air purifiers yesterday to clean the air for Charlie. Went to various stores and was told by Best Buy that they were seasonal. I said “How could an air purifier be seasonal? The wind blows dust all over this state 12 months out of the year.”

I had looked online earlier and found a couple I was interested in. The one I have is a Honeywell. So yesterday afternoon I ordered two Honeywell purifiers.

I read the reviews pretty thoroughly. I got 2 for just under $300. They actually came two to an order, oddly enough.

I’m tired of dragging that heavy purifier I have all over the place several times per day. This should take care of the entire apartment and then some.

Even Ivy sneezes in here.

And my allergies have been awful lately.

You can’t believe the dust. I clean it one day and it’s back the next.

I remember when that couple lived next door and the wife was on oxygen. The husband told me that the windowsills in their apartment were layered with dirt and dust every day. And every day he had to clean them.

I hope where they moved things are better for her breathing difficulties.

At one point I taped up the front windows. Of course when I needed to open them for something the glue stuck to the glass and left an ugly mess. That’s about the time I put that film stuff up there from Home Depot and of course it peeled right off within days.

Too much condensation comes through the windows I suppose.

So now I never open the living room curtains or blinds. Too ugly.

Oh well. I can look out my patio doors and see “pretty.” There wasn’t anything nice to look at out front anyway.

While I was sitting at the table eating lunch yesterday I saw Ivy stretch out and reach up over the coffee bar right across from me. Then, she walked herself all the way across the floor with her paws holding her to the galvanized surface. Just like a baby does learning to walk!

She was searching for something to get into.

That was the funniest thing to watch. One step and she’d move her paw down a little. Then another step sideways and she’d move it down again. Maybe she’ll just decide to walk on two feet one day. I have no doubt that Ivy can do most anything she puts her mind to.

Oh my, that cat!

Above, Ivy watching light and shadows. And when she’s watching them, often her tail is tap-tapping against the wood. She expresses herself through that tail. Letting you know if she’s upset or frustrated or about to attack.

And now she’s watching them in the TV screen

Luckily there wasn’t anything close to the edge for her to grab onto at the coffee bar. But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

I’ve decided she can also tell time. She knows which time I walk into the kitchen, out of the dozens of times I go in there each day, that she’s about to be fed. I can’t figure out how she does that.

Last night she got into the closet and knocked a bottle over, but luckily it didn’t break. It was on the shelves.

Every time she jumps up on the desk in the living room it sounds like someone is banging the wall. It sometimes rocks under her weight, and then she jumps up on the craft cupboard to get near the shadows on the front door.

She loves to take her big paw and swipe things off surfaces. Right now my coffee table has nothing on it.

If I put something on the coffee table that doesn’t weigh much, Ivy will likely decide to swipe it to the floor.

Charlie has never in his life destroyed anything. Sweet boy. Ivy was born to hunt and look and get into things I suppose. I laugh at that cat multiple times every single day.

I would have loved to meet Ivy’s mother. Wonder what she was like?

And here’s a photo of Charlie. He doesn’t let me photograph him as much as Ivy does.

Charlie looking bug-eyed

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  1. Little Ms. Ivy sure is a little scamp. You may have to hang your little baggies up high in a closet. The pictures of Charlie and Ivy are so adorable. Charlie looks so sweet.
    Dust is a big problem, I hope your new air purifiers help.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. That Ivy is sure a -orce to be reckoned with! Good thing you are a patient cat mama! Seems like she just doesn’t miss an opportunity to explore something new. Like the seeds in the plastic bag. Now how did she know where to look -or them? Did she see you put them in the bag? Maybe, maybe not. It’s like she’s always scanning the territory to see what’s new or what’s been moved. One thing is certain: your li-e will never be boring as long as you have Miss Ivy.

    I hope the new air cleaners do help Charlie. He does look a little bug-eyed in the above photo. And like his -ur is on -ire! Must be the sun. But handsome, as always!

    Take care. Hugs and pats.

  3. I used to have a cat that fetched a ball. I lived in a small studio apartment and it was hard for her to get enough exercise. I got a small rubber ball, big enough so she couldn’t get it stuck in her throat but small enough for her to get her teeth into it. Thought it would be fun for her to chase. She loved it immediately and started bringing it back to me to throw again. Could play for hours with it. She didn’t get into much trouble after that because she’d get tired!

  4. She is a character! So full of life, even on the dreariest of days, they always manage to make me laugh.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Do you have access to your air conditioner/furnace (if the AC is blowing through those vents) for the apartment so you can change the filter? That might help some with cutting down the dust/impurities in your home.

  6. lol..Ivy looks so innocent ..while sleeping. I have a Cocker Spaniel same thing..looks angelic when sleeping…but she is a tissue monster..and can find those out of nowhere.. lol What would we do without their love. Sounds like you know your environment pretty well, and know how to deal with it….Have a blessed day.. and Charlie said: “Are you talking to me”? lol

    1. You learn quick. I’m lucky that Ivy won’t jump on the counter or the cart in the kitchen. Plus she won’t scratch anything but her scratching post.

  7. Brenda,
    I enjoy reading about Ivy. Our cat, Junie, is the calmest cat we’ve ever had. However, she lives with Tippy, who runs, howls, and is quite the acrobat, even at age 16.
    Have you thought about buying Ivy a tall piece of cat furniture, the kind with various heights and places to sit? It might become her favorite playground and hangout.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

    1. She has one. I spent over a hundred dollars for it around Christmas. It’s a tall cat house/scratching post. Kind of shaped like a two story house. It’s blue and I’m sure 3-4 feet tall. She won’t have a thing to do with it, except to use it to jump up on to get to her food table.

      1. Brenda,
        I should have known that you had already bought one for Ivy. They never do what we would like them to do. Typical cat. I guess that she’s using it in her own way.


  8. I think that you will start to see the difference in the air with having more air purifiers Brenda. You’ll be able to breathe better and so won’t Charlie and Ivy!

    Ivy is such a handful and way too curious! Charlie is laid back and peaceful. He’s just the opposite of her! Lol.

    My dog hates his pic taken, he will turn his head sideways. One time I was taking his pic and he stuck his tongue out at me…brat! Lol. The reason why I took him out of the 5 others is when I took a pic of all of them, he turned around and smiled at me! I didn’t take the sister I wanted bc my brother wanted the one that looked like the mother, so I thought. It works out bc we see each others dogs regularly. His dog loses it, when she sees me and mine does the same, when he sees him! Lol.
    Have a great day with Charlie and Ivy! ☺

  9. Hi. Who would think that small appliances would be seasonal? But we ran into that issue this past spring when looking for one of those paraffin wax warmers for softening hands and feet. The physical therapist told my husband that such a device could provide warmth to relieve pain in his arthritic thumb. Two different stores said they didn’t carry them that time of year, but would get them in the fall because people buy them for Christmas gifts. What in the world? Who comes up with a plan like that? We did find them online, and we also finally found them at a store called Meijer’s. I realize they aren’t items that just fly out the door every day, but still, what an odd thing to just sell as a Christmas gift.

    Our smallest cat, Binko, is quite lively but nothing compared to Ivy. She is one of a kind. Thank goodness our little cat spends a good part of the day curled up asleep with our other cat, Calvin. Our big accomplishment in life could be that we rescued those two guys and gave them each a buddy cat.


  10. Awww those sweet babies, I love hearing about Ivy’s crazy shenanigans!!! My sweetie just had a sweet kitty adopt him….this sweet little black fluffy angel was hanging around under the bushes outside his house….he saw her a few times, and had begun feeding her out there and giving her water. Finally he went around to the neighbors to see if anyone was missing her….the folks across the stream (weekenders, up from the city) had a litter of kittens under a bush in their garden. She was one of them. The boy came and got the kitty and brought her home….and next thing she was back again! Sweetie went back to their house, but they were gone back to the city….there was a bowl of food and water outside, but no sign of the other cats. Now she’s in his basement, in a finished room he has down there, with a scratching post, bunch of toys, a cozy bed and blanket, and plenty of food, water, playtime, and love. He’s introducing her slowly to his cat Lucy, who is very territorial….wish him luck! This new kitty is such a sweet angel, if he didn’t adopt her I was seriously considering it myself! We’ve named her Luna, and hopefully I’ll get some good pix some day to post on the blog. When the family comes back this weekend he will go over to them and let them know he will give her a good home….and if he has to give them money to sweeten the deal, he will. He already has an appt at the vet for her on Monday!! 🙂

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