1. I hope you love it! I’ll be eating the same meal in my cozy apartment in Chattanooga, TN.

  2. Brenda I have a story about critters that move inside and how my friend unknowingly brought a family of critters into her home, We are neighbors on the east coast of FL . Ian was due and everyone in our waterfront community were preparing for the arrival of this hurricane. You are given directions to tie down anything that can become missle like and damage your home or your neighbors. My neighbor lives accross the street right on the Halifax river and has a nice dock that had a patio table with an umbrella. The work of getting everything perpared is rather daunting. So she took the chairs inside and then proceeded to quickly snap the umbrella shut and lean it against her outside door while struggling to get the table into her sunroom, This was no easy task as it heavy and glass topped, She got evrything inside and reached out the back door and grabbed the umbrella, Thinking that most of her work was over she sat down and drank a glass of water and was almost asleep when ….her terrier pup began running around like he was on a mission to rid the house of an intruder, She thought perhaps the neighbors were making noise and upsetting Biscuit, OH NO there were small bats flying around the ceiling attempting to land on light fixtures and woodwork top of a doors etc, She quickly realied they were coming out of the closed umbrella, They must have been roosting there or sought refuge there. Somehow she got four of them to exit her home by opening the slider or doorwall and using a towel to swoop them down from their temporary roosting place , Thinking she had more than enough excitement she then discovered another tiny one on a lamp, She opened the door and the baby was not condusive to her towel waving so she opened her patio umbrella and he flew back to his home then she quickly closed the umbrella and tossed it out on her back lawn somehow the bat departed and she shared the story with me as we ate breakfast I did forget my welcome sign and it was on the walk in front of my home but dear neighbor said she is taking her welcome sign down from her dock because a bat family caused her to seek eviction notices . I did not use her name as I do not have her permission but this is a true story We just repeated the process in preparation for Nicole I would bet the umbrella underwent a visual inspection before being placed in the sun room Please forgive the errors and omission of punctuation I have low vision and adapting my lifestyle has not been easy,

  3. I’ve been debating about writing this but decided to jump in anyway. My sister became a vegetarian/vegan years ago. It is trendy and she enjoyed it for a number of reasons. She recently had surgery and her doctor cautioned her about healing well on such a restrictive diet. She was advised to begin eating meat again at least 6 weeks before the surgery and then the entire time she is healing. G was told it would increase her ability to heal. Because you have such a long healing time it might be good to check with your doctor. Everyone has a different opinion but I think if might be worth considering.
    Also, I’ve spent years (45) dealing with chronic MS pain & finding the best ways to deal with it without drugs. For the most part I know what to do now without taking drugs of any sort but I learned of one that I had only heard of on an infomercial so even though I knew about it I didn’t order the product. But one day I ordered the 2K Krill Oil from Amazon. The relief is quite impressive so I take 4K each day! Now I can pretty much do what I need without any pain. Krill is really good for you so it is a win/win.
    Also, if you find that your shoulders/neck are bothering you much you might need a “good” pillow. Now finding one that works for you can be hard to find but it is really worth it because it can make all the difference.
    I have learned all kinds of ways to deal with my aches and pains that work so well. Now can live with MS really well….well, except for the vertigo….I haven’t found anything to help with that!

    1. Thanks for joining the conversation. I do have a good pillow. Already gone down that road. I will check into the healing proposition with diet you mentioned. Thanks!

  4. Yes as Jan says, there are so many resources at our fingertips these days: Physical Therapists w You Tube videos online that cover every part of the body and also there are Chair Yoga for Seniors videos that incorporate good stretches/breathing (just pick the stretches that suit you of course). The massager should also bring you some relief. The Thanksgiving vegan menu, and esp that cremini mushroom roast, looks delish! What a great idea and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it:)

    1. I think they have a chair yoga class here at the complex. I haven’t joined anything because the whole time I’ve lived here, it was pain before surgery and rehab after surgery.

      1. Another exercise option for you may be the PBS program Sit and be Fit,
        https://www.sitandbefit.org/ You can do this in the privacy of your own home. Check with Greg to see if parts of this could work for you in addition to what he is guiding you through.

  5. Hi Brenda,
    your Thanksgiving dinner looks yummy. I love cremini mushrooms. My husband bought me a dehydrator from Cabela’s about 10 yrs ago and I use it to dehydrate fresh mushrooms and various fruits. I rehydrate them and then saute in butter/olive oil so they’re caramelized. With all the squash available now, I cut them up and saute separately. Topping a mixed green salad with a protein and drizzled with a good balsamic vinegar and goat cheese crumbles with a toasted baguette slice is heaven! It would be a nice touch if you could take a picture so we could see what a mushroom roast looks like!
    I hope you get relief with the new gadget. I recently bought a heating pad that has a vibrating feature for my lower back. We will see if it helps. The adage, “Getting old is not for the faint of heart” has never been more true!
    My husband recently had a total knee replacement and I drive him twice a week for his P/T at our local hospital in Elma, Wa. He prefers to work with the same therapist.
    Wishing you a pain free day!

  6. Good to know you will have some new to you menu choices this Thanksgiving. I am all for trying something different for a meal and also good for you. Plus supporting businesses trying to vie for your dollars helps keep them in business for us who want to support a good one.

    1. The various dishes look and sound appealing.
      I love ❤️ eating vegan.
      Never have been a meat person.
      Growing up mom never made it often. Only once in awhile.
      Mostly we had broiled chicken.
      My only concern with prepared food is the huge amounts of sodium/salt put in these meals. Way too much for me.
      Hopefully Whole Foods can make fresh portions.
      I would ask the chef to do it for my family.

    2. I’ve been trying to place my order online, but the Whole Foods website is down. Luckily I’d already gotten my grocery order scheduled an hour or so ago.

  7. The vegan meal sounds great. I have never ordered one, I usually seek out recipes and make them myself. neither of us like anything highly spicy nor smoked! I really can’t stand smoked and that seems to be in quite a lot of vegan stuff. I usually make a vegan version of a beef wellington for Christmas dinner which we always enjoy.
    Glad you will be staying with Greg for your therapy. I showed the neck massager to Simon as he has problems in that area. It looks good and a good price too.

  8. Your vegan Thanksgiving meal appears to be very yummy. The cremini mushroom roast has really piqued my interest. How soon before Thanksgiving Day will it be available for you to order, and have it delivered?
    I’m sorry you’re experiencing pain in your neck and shoulders.
    Take good care and have a wonderful day.

  9. I hope that neck massager works Brenda! I pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade a few days ago bc I was picking up something that was too heavy for me. I’m stubborn to ask for help. Lol
    I’m sooo happy for u that Greg will still be your pt.

    1. Me too. He’s a great physical therapist with 23 years of experience. He’s younger than my oldest daughter. Actually, his birth year is right in the middle of both of my kids’ birthdays.

  10. For relieving aches and pains without medicines, I have become a fan of Bob & Brad online at Youtube. They are experienced physical therapists and they show different exercising and stretching techniques that can be used to relieve most any kind of ache/pain. The stretches/exercises I have adopted from them have worked for me. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds intriguing. You may be freezing quite a bit of left-overs.

      1. I agree with Jan! Bob and Brad are wonderful and cover many topics for all areas of the body.

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