Organization & Creating Kitchen Vignettes

In my kitchen, because I don’t have a vast amount of counter space, I have to organize well. I achieve this by trying to keep things I use a lot corralled in one spot.

Below I have a faux plant with various kitchen cleaners. Dish soap, hand soap and a baking soda mixture by Mrs. Meyers that I use to clean the sink.

I could arrange them on the counter without the tray. But it looks nicer grouped together in the galvanized container.

Below are my open cabinets I took the doors off of in the springtime.

People ask me whether I mind dusting the shelves. Actually I very seldom do. I don’t notice the dust so I’m not going looking for it.

Adding Decor With Faux Plants:

Another faux plant in a wooden container, which gives texture, are grouped with my utensils.

Lately wood has been what I look for as a vessel when shopping. The patina of the wood looks good paired with other materials. And I especially like to add wood in a white kitchen.

I’ve had the nested herb boxes for years. I use them all over my apartment. This particular one lost its hook, so I use it here for K-cups for my coffee.

Next to the wooden box is a little mortar and pestle set I picked up at Homegoods for around $6-$7. I’d been looking for a set for some time, but the ones I happened upon were always bigger.

I constantly rearrange things on the countertops. But the two boho style cutting boards stay in place because I think they good look together. So far they’ve stayed in this one spot.

Recently I added a little cow creamer to visually balance the wood tray.

Grouping Things Together Is The Key To Organization:

I keep my knives, kitchen scales and a red manual Kitchenaid can opener grouped together.

The red can opener was in the utensil pitcher, but it kept falling to the bottom. This way I can grab it quickly when I need it.

I love how my spices are right where I need them when cooking. Having them gathered on the wall is so efficient.

The wooden cutting boards I use on a regular basis are here on the counter. And the rest of them are hanging on the wall on the other side of the refrigerator.

I like to collect various shaped cutting boards.

If I happen upon some well priced little white pumpkins I’ll add them to the scales for fall interest. Trader Joe’s usually has them in the fall months.

The smaller your kitchen, the more you will need to organize and corral items you regularly use.

Adding small touches of decor gives your kitchen a cozy look.

I find lots of kitchen inspiration on Pinterest. Here is the link to my kitchen board.

Almost daily I work on my Pinterest boards. I like to make sure I don’t have duplicate photos by deleting photos regularly. And I try to make sure the links go somewhere you can actually click to.

By devoting a lot of time to my Pinterest boards the photos stay current and relevant.

Magazines have gotten very expensive, so Pinterest is where I store what interests me visually.

It helps that I just happen to be a very organized person in general.



  1. Your decorating tips have me changing some things up around my house. Your idea to corral bottles by the kitchen really helped me pull all my little stuff together on one tray and it looks loads better. I notice you also group “like items” together… whether it’s the red kitchen tools or cutting boards. Things are really more pleasing to the eye when gathered together. Painting the inside of your cupboards white is brilliant! It reflects light back out to you and makes the cabinets seem less cave like. Off to check out your kitchen Pinterest board.

  2. Your inspiration for keeping kitchen organized is really nice..thank you. Looks great. I, too, picked up a magazine in Walgreens last week while on vacation…it was $15!!! I have all of my old Victoria Magazines that I used to decided I would just stick with those. I thought when the magazines got up to $10..that was alot. But for me..I keep my favorite ones so guess if we look at it like that..kind of like if we purchase a brings a lot of joy. About your friend Melanie above and the dark cabinet inside…you could also consider putting lace or some type of doilies inside for lighter coverage. all would depend on if one likes that sort of decor. I love vintage ! I hope Charlie has a good and blessed day. I have senior citizen doggies, along with myself being a senior..its hard when not getting a full night’s sleep. Have a blessed day and thank you for the decor inspiration.

  3. I visit you here and your Pinterest boards specifically for your inspiration. I love your style! I wish I could relax, decorate and stop fretting about what others might think. Sadly, I suffer from fear of judgment and I seek acceptance. Big Sigh!!!

  4. Love your organization ideas and I really like your spice shelves/rack.
    I’m sorry you had a poor sleep night, but happy Charlie boy is doing well. Keeping you all in my thoughts,


  5. I love Pinterest! I do it for the same reason that you do – magazines have gotten so darn expensive! I used to subscribe to quite a few of them. Now the only one that I subscribe to is Country Living. A week ago I saw the autumn edition of a home decor magazine that I used to subscribe to. I thought I would buy it for old times sake, but it was $15!!! Mind you, it still looked like a magazine, not a book.

  6. I’m usually on Pinterest too, going through my boards, to clean them up, deleting things, and always adding new. I enjoyed your kitchen pins, and choose some of those for my kitchen board. Always fun to see what others are pinning, and more fun to get great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Bonnie in WI, where Summer is cooling down, and Fall is in the air.

    1. Charlie is okay. He did have me up nearly every hour last night, so I’m kind of out of it today. Otherwise he has plenty of energy, etc.

  7. Grouping things together, especially in some kind of container, makes everything look pretty and efficient. When you took the doors off your cabinets, were the insides of the cabinets already white or did you paint them? I have 1980’s oak cabinets and since updating those isn’t going to happen for a long time, I’d like to try at least taking a couple of doors off (where my plates, bowls and glasses are stored and going for the open look. However, the insides of my cabinets are brown and ugly. Thanks for any tips!

  8. I love faux plants and flowers. I have been looking for a small mortar & pestle set for a long time also. I’ll have to check in Homegoods. Enjoy your weekend !

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