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  1. I sure enjoyed Wentworth! Now I enjoying Breaking Bad for the second time after watching Better Call Saul.

  2. I’m still watching Heartland on Netflix. It’s so good! I ordered a new book for my kindle, but after fully charging it, the screen stays blank when I try to turn it on. That’s not good. I guess it’s time to but a new kindle. Hopefully all my books will transfer over onto a new one. I’m sorry to hear you guys can’t feed the birds any longer. That’s a bummer! I know they bring great joy to so many of you. Would a bird bath be ok? Maybe they will still come for a drink and a splash. Then you could still enjoy them. Ivy’s so cute, switching up where she likes to sleep. The world is her oyster!

  3. Birds can be beautiful creatures and give a lot of joy. But after awhile when the squirrels would break the bird feeders to get the seed out, we stopped. The birds still came around and we could watch them in the wild very well. Sometimes we have to do good for the many in order to stop the few.

  4. That’s too bad that the residents have to take down their bird feeders, but I do understand Management’s decision if the seeds attract rats. We have two bird feeders and had up traditional feeders and the birds barely got any food – we had a lot of squirrels and chipmunks getting into our feeders. Then we learned about these this bird food that comes in a compact spiral piece. It slips right over the slim pole in the middle of this special feeder. The food is coated in cayenne pepper, which birds can’t smell or taste but rodents can – so they avoid it. We got both the feeders and the food at a specialty bird feed store. Yes, they’re pricey, but for us it’s worth it because we love watching the variety of birds in our yard. We only feed the birds in the colder months anyway. We take the feeders down in the summer, as birds have plenty of natural food and bugs to rely on then.

  5. I quit feeding the birds when a rat went under the house and ate a hole in the wiring to my central ACH unit. $1300 later it was fixed.
    I use those Bell & Howell plug in units to keep them under control (spiders too) and they work well. However they don’t last forever so I replace mine about once a year now. I just write the date I plug them in on the box. Clean, easy & not expensive. You can get a box of 8 or 10 for about $35.
    While I don’t keep bird seed in the back yard anymore I do feed the hummingbirds and l have several large bird baths that draw the birds on hot days.

  6. I like the sound of the book – have to see if I can reserve it at my library. Have you read any of Ann Pachett’s books? Hope I spelled that right. Bel Canto is one of my favorite books ever. Also her The Magician’s Assistant. Beautifully written, fully engaging.
    Did you ever read Pachinko by Min Jin Lee? Wonderful! Our tastes may be a bit different, but as you appreciate good books, I think you would like these.

  7. My mom ran into the same problem and had to remove bird seed around her house as it was an infestation spreading so better to end it now. Rats multiple very fast.
    I saw a preview of new series starting on ABC called Alaska Daily and thought you might like it. I am going to watch it come October. It’s a journalist/ reporter relocating there to uncover evidence on the murders on girls. I remember you have written stories on the same subject. Hillary Swank is the journalist so very serious and it will be interesting. I also see they just started filming this month season 5 finale of Million Little things so won’t see that till 2023.

  8. Very very challenging to get those rodents hopefully caught.
    A must because they will keep on growing and multiplying.
    A severe issue.
    Best advice,,,,,, stop with bird seed. Birdies 🐦 🦜 🦚 will be okay.
    Also important to set traps. They will click when caught.
    Best to always find hidden spaces. So one one gets injured, etc.
    Better quality r-traps also light up orange or yellow.
    Which means ,,,,,, you know what ,,,, (caught) !!!
    So important to set those traps.
    If not problems will increase rapidly.
    Best of to rid of the menaces.
    So love ❤️ seeing Ivy in her “houses” ,,,,,, a real phunny catty!!!

      1. Hi Annette.
        Marcee here.
        The traps we are using are older purchased from Amazon years back.
        They are made in Australia.
        “Snap-Traps” are similar.
        Our traps take 4-D batteries.
        Not advisable to use in rain.
        We bait with a little peanut butter.
        These traps are VERY powerful.
        Will definitely kill any pest that can fit into the opening if the trap.
        Best for you to Google.
        There is a “Rat Zapper” also.
        We never buy traps with the sticky stuff. Bad idea.
        There’s no way on earth I will clean a trap. Never ever.
        Sister or brother will do it.
        Then you just make sure batteries are still working, and set it up again in same position.
        Currently 3 are set up.
        You never know when another horrible visitor will show up.
        Aside from jokes, these rodents will do hundreds and thousands worth of damages to property.
        Many of our neighbors don’t even care.
        They want other ppl to do the work catching these rodents.
        There will always be problems if ppl won’t work together.
        That’s the grit of it.

  9. My daughter was feeding the birds regularly and I had a little mouse visitor I saw trying to invade. We stopped and he is gone. It is a shame as they are such fun to watch. Can they still feed the hummers? We were also putting out sugar water for the bees and they loved it. And we keep a big size water bowl
    for them. It actually looks like a big plant saucer. I’m pretty sure we found it on Amazon. It sits on a small old
    table in the garden outside of our kitchen windows! Fun to watch. The sedum aluminum joy is just turning pink. I’ve rooted some for you so let me know what you think.

    Brenda, do you get your books off of Amazon free from prime or where? I’m not interested in collecting a lot of books in the physical form.

    1. Best to never ever leave ANY type of food or nourishment outside.
      Just do not.
      Rodents will eat anything.
      That’s why very important to stop feeding birds, etc.
      Keep surrounding areas clean.
      No garbage/trash.
      A huge danger for attracting rodents.
      Countless states communities are having these horrifying problems now.

    2. I’d love to have so of the sedum autumn joy come spring! I get my books from various sources. Then give them to daughter Kasi to read or to Steve next door.

  10. Just finished a book .The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh…very good with great ending.Our cats loved their cat trees…we put ours together too.They fought over the top even though they were almost to big for it lol.We got our new kitty a new one from Chewey…really good quality.She loves running up it as fast as she can. I have a sister in law in Jenks Ok. They had a huge rat problem when the woods next door to her apartment complex was removed. The rats moved in and they were huge. I cannot remember the name of them but they are common in Ok. They got them under control finally.We are having beautiful weather here in S Wi. and it is apple season.Have a wonderful day💕

    1. Happens all the time with tear-downs and new builds.
      Rodents have no where to go. So they will invade neighborhoods quickly.
      Never leave your screen doors, or any opened.
      Always keep them closed.
      Garages can be dangerous also.
      With rodents, you always MUST be on alert.
      They are dangerous.

      1. I’ve seen one come out of my storage closet on the patio. The doors of it have a big gap at the bottom and they go in there. Ugh!

  11. Dear Ivy, she is such a lovely cat, well aren’t they all really.
    Its a shame the residents can’t feed the bird anymore but I know we
    have had rats come around when we have put things out for the birds and squirrels. I really have to stop, Simon scared me when he said they(rats) will be in the house next.

    1. Important to be scared!😨
      A must for eveyone to work together and keep areas free of all edibles and trash.

      1. You mention trash cans. I have more problems with raccoons getting into my garbage. The cans are on the side of the house. Now those critters are smart, and they always leave a mess. I also have problems with something digging holes in my yard. I have no idea what, and it drives me crazy!

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