1. It’s always a thrill to see perennials come back to life! Hopefully, your hostas will, too. I think it would be money well spent to hire someone (maybe even a teenager) to come and clean up your yard.
    It’s amazing how well those indoor planted are packed!

  2. Loved this post! I’m impressed with how much care Rooted puts into making sure their plants are transported safely and securly. I agree with everyone else… please let someone else do your yard work. It would be a shame for you to get hurt again.

  3. Brenda, do not go outside and try to clean this yourself. You have come to far to go backwards. Ask the management to send someone to clean up, isn’t that part of their job to keep the grounds looking good? Or do you own your apartment?
    I do not have a green thumb and have one of those meters for water, it is very helpful because I always over water everything and end up killing it.
    Have a great weekend !

  4. Good for you just looking instead of clearing. That is difficult for you and you have done well by waiting. Do yourself a favor by having your patio cleaned this year. It is safer for you and will be a good a foundation for later.

  5. Your mystery plant looks like coneflower leaves in that photo. They are very tough and cold hardy. I have ordered plants online for years with much success. I order directly from Proven Winners, Monrovia and a couple other breeders. But I’ve also been happy with orders from Mary’s Garden Patch, Plant Delights, Wayside Gardens, Sooner Plant Farm (near you), and more. The only bad shipments I ever received were years ago from Springhill nursery, and I’ve never used them again since. You might enjoy Double Coneflowers, they are one of my favorite perennials. The blooms last for months even in Texas heat, and they return even after ice and snow. Gorgeous colors.

    1. I have NEVER had a cone flower come back after winter. I wish they would because I love them.

      1. I think it may be a Blackeyed Susan…relative of the cone flower

  6. I know where you live in Oklahoma it warms up much faster than where I live in SE Wisconsin. My hostas are nowhere to be seen yet, although the day lilies, irises, and sedum have shot up greenery. Right now our temperature is like a yo yo and from one day to the next we’re either getting snowed on or rained on, and today we may even get a tornado warning and it may get up to 60 degrees F. There are buds beginning to appear on some of the trees, but I’ve got a ton of snow mold damage to deal with (and some left-over mounds of snow) – the soil is too soggy, squishy and cold to try and do much yet. Your hostas may just be taking their good old time before they pop through. If you have to hire somebody to clean up your garden bed, I recommend they use a leaf blower rather than a rake, unless it is a very tiny rake that can get into the very small crevices and spaces caused by the rocks in your garden area. I hope you will be careful when out on your patio – I know how tempted you will be to try and get out there and clean up some of the winter debris, but you could end up injuring yourself from over-reach. As tough as it is, you have to be super-cautious to not re-injure yourself. The “rooted” plants are beautiful, they do a great job packaging and protecting the green babies. I was skeptical but I see they do a great job of packaging the plants.

    1. I am tempted. But I go out on the patio and just look at that upper level and I’m telling myself to go back inside.

  7. Brenda, the mystery plant looks like Rudbeckia, Black-eyed Susan.

    1. Someone said that last year. But it must have just come up on its own. I don’t think I bought that kind of plant because it’s so shady there.

  8. I love everything you’ve shared today, Brenda! If our summer sun wasn’t so brutal, I’d consider outdoor plants on my patio. I love the aguja plant only because aguja means needle in English. My life is filled with needles.
    I’ve decided your outdoor plants are not revealing themselves at the same time so they can have their time in the spotlight with you.
    Enjoy your Fri-YAY, Brenda.

  9. I’m sure the front office can recommend someone to clean the flower beds up. You might really like the look of the plants among the rocks. It is a very natural look. How big of a pot do you have your Japanese tree in?

  10. I see nothing coming up in our garden as yet. I keep on looking but nothing. I usually leave clean up until May because I don’t want to disturb the bees and insects that may still be overwintering under the leaves etc. We are always the last people to clean up on the street, I always wonder what the neighbors think of us.

    1. Oh, what a great idea. I didn’t know about disturbing the insects. Thanks for letting us know.

    2. Wendy thanks for reminding us about how important the insects and especially the bees are. Dandelions are the bees first food in the spring. Sad we just don’t let nature run its course and use so many pesticides.

  11. All the perennials and the Japanese maple look great! Are you kidding, everyone’s flower beds look bad this time of the year! Mine usually all yearI am sorry to say. I am all in to plant, weeding not so much! It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or acres there are always leaves, weeds etc. And there is always a troublesome area to deal with. I only see the beautiful Japanese maple you have that I wish I had. I just repotted my parlor palm this morning and I love that plant. I am still on the hunt for a snake plant, I killed the first one I had. I am not a shopper so when I do get to the store it is hit or miss as to what is in stock. We are getting some rain this evening so I am going to scout the garden for volunteers to plant somewhere else. I have been finding purple muscari in the lawn. ( I think I spelled it wrong, and Alexa was no help!) Enjoy the beauty of the season!

  12. Yes for perennials that come back year after year! I love your Japanese Maple and also the sedum. Ajuga looks great too & I personally love seeing plants grow between rocks and stones. Your lovely new indoor plants look very healthy and I hope they bring you much joy! My vote is to hire someone for a few hours to clean up your yard.

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