Creating A Cozy Home

My mission is to help you learn to love where you live. No matter whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, it is vital to your mental health to feel good in and enjoy your space.

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Hi, I’m Brenda. This blog has been a daily part of my life since 2009. Writing and photography are what I love to do. My skills are in small space living and gardening.

outdoor living and gardening

So many people merely go through the motions. But it’s important to notice all that surrounds you. The birds in the trees. The flower growing from a crack in the sidewalk. Mother Nature provides us with a beauty that is there for the taking.

It’s time to bloom where you’ve been planted

Do you want fresh veggies from your container garden?

You can garden in containers and design a beautiful garden. Get creative and start growing.

I grow veggies, herbs and all kinds of plants and flowers on my patio in various types of containers. You can too. I’ll show you how.

Because of COVID-19 entertainment at home has become more important than ever




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Wax Melt Electric Warmers

Good morning my friends. I hope you were able to figure out the new blog layout yesterday. If you don’t want to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Home page to get to the blog, just click on Blog at the top of the page and you will be taken directly here….

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Bewick Wren Nest & Bits Of News

A silly little Bewick wren seems to be attempting to create a nest in my mailbox just outside my storm door. I do love these funny little birds. They are very interesting to watch. Here is more information about these birds at Bewick wren making a nest in my mailbox I’m Listening To: Today…

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Why Won’t People Wear A Mask?

Just got back from taking Charlie to his acupuncture appointment. Unfortunately his doctor/vet was not there today. So he only had a laser treatment on his neck and back. I made an appointment next Tuesday instead of Thursday because she’s going to be there twice next week. And he’s missed two weeks in a row…

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Ivy’s Funny Ways

Ivy has been at the French doors, still as a statue, watching a leaf blow in the wind. Occasionally it will be in one spot for a time, but still she keeps her eye on it to be ready when it blows again. She’s so funny. I was eating my oatmeal at the table when…

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