It’s The Simple Things

There is so much joy you can find if only you open your eyes and look around you.

Sit outside and breathe the herbs in the garden. Lift your head and catch the scent of mint or lemon balm the wind may blow your way.

Each day is precious. Pause, reflect, and enjoy it.

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Winter Care For Your House Plants

During the winter months, the surface of your house plants will dry quickly. But that’s not necessarily a sign that the plant needs water.

To check, stick your finger into the soil and see if it is dry an inch or so below the surface. If it’s dry to that depth, that’s when you water.

Obviously, some plants prefer being moist. If you aren’t sure if your plant likes more even moisture, Google the name of the plant to find out.

Water thoroughly and allow the water to drain completely.

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Life Stew

Life stew means a medley of different things all going on at the same time. Fear and joy and grief and happiness. All mixed in a pot that makes up each day. Yesterday I found out that my third grandchild is a boy. My younger daughter, who has been married…
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Six De-stressing Techniques

Here are six de-stressing techniques to practice when you are constantly stressed and in need of relaxation. As you already know, stress not only keeps us upset and irritated. It also affects our overall health. Stress hormones are the same ones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response. Your…
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Why I Color My World

You might say I like to color my world. Or at least sprinkle colors about my home to make the rooms feel brighter and happier. I know that many bloggers love the muted colors and tones to decorate their homes. And I think their homes are elegant and beautiful. But…
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Melodious Birds…

Melodious birds are often the sound of perfection. The notes are always right. Never too high; never too low. They sing to one another, messages we don’t understand. Nor are we supposed to. It is bird language. I love bird quotes and found some of my favorites to share with…
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