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It’s The Simple Things

There is so much joy you can find if only you open your eyes and look around you. We should remember to be grateful for the little things that put a smile on our faces every day.

That first brewed cup of coffee. Our pets looking at us with adoring eyes. The smell of something good cooking. A new bloom on a plant we’ve grown from seed.

The world is a wonderful place, and each day is precious.

Pause, reflect and enjoy it.

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Spring/Summer Care For House Plants

House plants like their conditions to remain the same year-round. Try to keep the temperature in the room consistent at 70-80 degrees and provide adequate humidity.

Grouping plants together provide more humidity for them.

To keep your plants healthy, keep the dust off the leaves. Also, take time to inspect your house plants for bugs.

If you’re having to water more frequently or see roots coming through the drainage holes or the water runs too quickly through the soil, your plant may need to be repotted to a bigger pot.

Repot in a slightly wider container.

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