Welcome! I’m glad you’ve come to visit Ivy, Gracie, and me today.

When I think of the word cozy, I think of warm quilts and throws.

My two kitties playing or sleeping. Stew simmering. Muffins baking.

Cozy relates to all things home. It means hot coffee (or tea) in the morning.

And having a stack of books to read right next to my bed.

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Morning Darkness

My bedroom is shrouded in morning darkness longer, a natural occurrence this time of year. My clock on the opposite wall is in shadows until close to 8 a.m. if I happen to stay in bed that long. But I...
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Cat Spats

We’re having some serious cat spats this morning. Ivy is on her usual perch looking out the front window, which she does every morning after they eat. Then here comes Gracie wanting to join her, and Ivy is far from...
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