Welcome! I’m glad you’ve come to visit Ivy, Gracie, and me today.

When I think of the word cozy, I think of warm quilts and throws.

My two kitties playing or sleeping. Stew simmering. Muffins baking.

Cozy relates to all things home. It means hot coffee (or tea) in the morning.

And having a stack of books to read right next to my bed.

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Buried Deep

There are memories that are buried deep. Or maybe they aren’t memories at all. Perhaps they are thoughts I picked up along the way and I just think of them as memories. It rained all night. The smell was still...
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August Blooms

August blooms late summer flowers. The zinnias and other late summer blooms arrive. Eventually, they turn brown, dry up, and the wind blows them away. Zinnias In My Garden: The zinnias have only been blooming for about a month. I’ve...
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A Little Visitor

I had a little visitor today. This afternoon my granddaughter, sweet Ms. Marley, came over to my house while her mother took care of some business. They were on vacation in Florida for ten days, so I haven’t seen her...
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